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I sat back on the couch while reading my book. It’s very quiet here, I couldn’t concentrate. I peeked at Adrian from the top of my book. He was staring at his computer screen. When I gawked at him, he looked me in the eye and said

“Done checking on me ?” He smirked.

I lifted my book and cover my face with my book. I’m so embarrassed to be caught staring at him

“Come here, Arie” He called me

I put my book on the table and walked over to him.

“What’s wrong ?”

“You wanna see what I’m doing ?”

I nodded then walked behind the table and stood by his chair. He stood up and said

“Look at my computer screen. Suit yourself. I’m making a new game. Me, Terry and Gale built this company together. We wanted to make a game that many people could enjoy”

I sat in his chair and ran the cursor. I was stunned to see the players in the game he just made. Adrian is really a master. I never thought he could make a game like this. When I was busy admiring his game, I heard him say

“What do you think ?”

I turned at him and said ” I like your game. Your game is different from any other game I’ve seen. If other games kept the player’s outfit to a minimum, then you are the opposite. The players in your game look polite. This indicates that the maker did not rely on it to attract people attention”

He nodded while sipping water in his glass then walked over to the couch and sat there. I gasped and asked him

“Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you. Why at that time you said that it was complicated regarding the sale of our video copyright ?”

“Our company has recently entered into a partnership with an online game company that we play”

“Why don’t you take care of it ? Wouldn’t it be easier ? Right now you’re working with them”

“You take care of everything related to the sale of the video copyright”

He decided without listening to my explanation.

“But ... ” He raised his hand telling me to stop continuing.

“OK. I’ll sell it then we will share the money”

“No need. Think of it as a gift from Terry and Gale to welcome you”

I’m speechless. I squeezed the handle of Adrian’s chair. I was going to ask him how about his share. But what if later he says that his share is our marriage dowry. I shudder when thinking of it.

“When your game launches ? I want to play the beta version” I change the subject.

He raises his eyebrows while staring at me

“It depends”

I wrinkled my brows “Why ? Can’t I play the beta version ?”

He sipped his glass as he said “It depends on where our relationship will be”

I know Adrian started teasing me again. I can’t loose again this time from him

“Then how can you measure our relationship ?”

He winks his eyes and says “I will make a game to measure it”

I gaped at his answer. This person is really annoying, he likes teasing me. I saw the glass he was holding. I just realized the picture of his glass is a player in our online game. I turn to the glass that he had put for me on the table. It turns out that it’s a picture of my player

“Ermm .. This is the player from our online game, right ? Aren’t there 25 players ?”

“I got a set. I only took two, the rest was taken by Gale”

I take my glass and look at the glass. Is this his way of telling me that he knows I’ll come here one day ? It reminds me of when he sat next to me in history class. That’s why he came. I’m the one who realized it too late. I was touched thinking about it.

I got up from his chair and sat in front of him

“Tell me honestly, How do you know that I’m Arie, Adrian ?”

“Adrian ? ... ” He smirked and raising his eyebrows. I smile shyly

“I saw you for the first time in an internet cafe in March”

“At an internet cafe ?”

“You played very well. I love seeing your finger playing”

So Adrian has know for a long time if I’m Arie, but why did he never tell me ? In the game he never said that either.

“I really want to compete with you”

“It is true ?” I nodded excitedly

“All right. But be kind to me, my dear wif- .. I mean women”

I giggled, I’m sure he meant to say my dear wife. He stood up and turned his head

“You continue your studies. I still have to finish my work”

He returns to his chair and I take my book again. Instead of studying I daydream. So Adrian has known I’m Arie for a long time. Even in the game he already intended to chase me. No wonder he was not surprised when he met me for the first time. He already knew and planned it all.

I didn’t realize I was daydreaming while looking at him. He stared at his computer screen as he typed and said

“Arie, if you keep staring at me like that. I won’t be able to hold it”

I choked and immediately looked down embarrassed. My face flushed and my heart was pounding.

Finished from his office we stopped by a restaurant near the campus. I sat opposite him. I pondered while looking out the window. Today I got nothing. I have to study, it’s better after this I go back to the dorm. I looked at the table, apparently the waiter had put the food on our table.

I take the food and eat immediately. Adrian just silent while staring at me. Suddenly he said

“Do you want to compete with me ?”

With food still in my mouth, I nodded. Adrian really knows how to distract me. He just smiled seeing my act. When we’re done eating, Adrian shifts the rest of the food. After the table is empty, both of us took out our laptop. The match this time I won it.

“You gave in to me, huh ?”

I frown while closing my laptop. he leaned back in his chair and looking at me. He chuckled

“My dear, you think too far”

I stuck out my tongue at him. He laughed at me.
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