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Today I have an appointment with Susan, She’s who contacted me regarding our video copyright sale. Last time when we met, Adrian told me to take care of it. So when Susan called me again, I agreed and finally we promised to meet to sign the contract. Once my class was finished, I went to the place we agree on.

When I got there, I see no one is sitting alone. It means she’s not here yet. I looked of a seat and ordered ice coffee for myself. The waiter came with my drink and put it on the table. When I was about to drink it. I heard a woman’s voice talking near me

“You Arianna .. ?”

I immediately turned my head and saw a young woman wearing a black skirt and blue top looking at me. She has short hair and dimples when she smiles

“I’m Susan” She holds out her hand for me. I stood up and shook her hand

“Nice to meet you, Susan. I’m Arianna. Please .. sit. What do you want to drink ?”

“Just coffee ... If you don’t mind”

I nodded then stood looking at the waiter and waved my hand

“Please give me one more iced coffee”

He just nodded while taking my order and then left us.I sat back and looked at her

“So what about the copyright of the video ? Can you explain to me as much detail as possible ?”

She smiled then took out a file from her briefcase and handed it to me

“This is the contract. You can read it first. Take your time. We are in no rush here. If you have any questions, please ask me then I will explain it to you”

The waiter put Susan’s drink on the table while I was reading the contract. I rubbed my temples then looked at her and asked

“Susan, after I read the contract I concluded if we got the money from our video copyright sale. Can I replace it ?”

Susan sat up straight and furrowed her brows

“Explain what you mean, Arianna”

“I don’t want money. Can I replace it with an animal in the game ? I really want the four rare beasts in the game and two other ingredients. I want to give the beasts to my friends who helped me make this video. And I need the other two ingredients because I want to make something and I lack those two ingredients”

Susan quiet for a moment and exhaled while shaking her head “For those two ingredients I probably can give it away, but for four rare beasts. It’s so hard, surely the other players will be angry if I give four rare beasts to you”

I put on a sad face “Come on, help me. I don’t want money. I want that in exchange for money on our video copyright sales”

She drank her iced coffee then thought for a moment. She looked at me and crossed her arms in her chest then smiled

“You are an expert at bargaining. Well, write in the contract for these two ingredients. And as for rare beasts, I can’t give you rare beasts that have grown up. At most I can give you rare beasts that are still babies. How it sound ? If you can accept it, put it in the contract then sign it. Tonight at 8, everything you want will be in your account. You can check it”

I nod excitedly then took a pen from my bag and filled out the contract. After I signed the contract then left it to Susan. She took it and put it in her briefcase

“Sorry, I can’t stay here long. I have something to do”

“It’s okay. Sorry to disturb your time” Both of us stood, then she said

“I paid for the coffee. Thank you for our collaboration. Who knows we can work together again”

“No need too. Let me pay for the coffee”

She stands up then says “I insist. My treat”

I smiled shyly and stood up

“If you say so. Then I suppose to say thank you” I shook her hand.

I took my bag and hugged her “I’ll go first”.She nodded, I turned around and walked out.

When I got to campus, I jumped with joy. I saw in front of me there was a bazaar. Maybe because it was about to graduate for seniors so a bazaar was held to celebrate their graduation.

Passed the bazaar and looked around me. I saw many students looking at brochures, joking or just passing by like me. I hold my hat while daydreaming. Soon senior graduation, Adrian will also graduate. I have to finish my gift for him. I want to give it on the day of graduation, and I’ll give Terry and Gale their rare beasts. I’m sure they’ll be surprised and happy.

I opened my door, I saw Abby, Dea and Lea not back yet. Lea must be on a date with Joe. Abby just found someone, it seems she will be dating too. Only Dea is still single. I see lately she’s busy at her laptop trying to play online games too. If I get to the pro level, she’s only at the beginner level.

I put my bag on the table. I open my wardrobe and take my clothes and towels. I see the clock is still showing at 6. I still have plenty time to wait until Susan sends me our video copyright payment.

I went into the bathroom, took off my clothes and turned on the water. I went into the shower after I thought it was clean, I took my towel and dried my body. When I came out of the bathroom. I saw they weren’t there yet. I went to my desk and took out my book. I still have time to study before 8 o’clock.

I opened my laptop and logged into the game. Nania immediately sent me a private message

Arie, you’re back. You haven’t been online in a while. Where have you been ?

I took an exam on campus. That’s why I’m not online. Are you okay ?

I miss you, Arie. It’s been a while since we played together

I also want to play with you

Arie, can I ask you a favor. I’m on a mission and I always fail in this mission. You’re an expert. Can you help me ? Pleaseeeee

I look at the clock on the wall. I’m thinking, If I play with Nania now, what if the rare beasts gets into my account. I can’t stop the game. I’m typing

Nania, I can help you, it’s just at 9 o’clock because I still have a little business. How does it sound?

Okay, I’m waiting for you, Arie
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