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I love playing my online game. This game is my fatigue reliever, where I pour all my feelings. If I’m not busy with my studies or hanging out with my roommates, I prefer to play my online games.

In this game I’m paired with someone. alex2712, I married him. It has been almost a year since we completed our partner mission. All of our friend in the game already recognize us as a couple.

As usual we are in the game. This time our enemies are monsters. Me and Alex work together with our team to fight the enemy. Our team has Nania, me, Alex and Theo. Me and Alex are the strongest in our team.

Arie, we won again

Of course, Nania.

Suddenly I saw private message on my laptop screen. Alex sent a message to me.

Come on, meet me at the usual place. I have something to talk to you.

I said goodbye to my team then moved my cursor and changed it to where Alex and I used to chat

What is wrong ?

I’m sorry Arie. I can’t be with you anymore. You don’t want to meet in the real world. I don’t even know you are girl or guy.

In my online games I use Arie for my nickname. I read his message and furrow my eyebrow then retype

No problem. Let’s finish everything

On my screen appeared combat equipment

Please select. Consider this the last gift from me. Sorry we have to end everything between us.

No need. Thank you for being paired with me

I click the split button and the announcement shows that Alex and I are no longer paired. I turn off my laptop and get up from my chair. I have to hurry to the library. I’m almost late.

I see my watch, it’s almost time for me to teach lessons to Nicky’s house. Nicky is a child of fourteen years. He went to school at home, he could not go to public school because his leg was injured in an accident. He has to use a wheelchair because of it. I like to teach him, Nicky is a smart kid. His mother used to know me accidentally. Because his mother likes me and knows my grades on campus. She forced me to be Nicky’s tutor.

Luckily arriving at the dorm I haven’t passed my curfew. When I came into the room. I saw the others were crowding Dea. I put my bag and approached them.

“What are you doing, guys ?”

Dea looks focused on looking at the phone, Lea stunned seeing my arrival, she nudged Dea. Dea was shocked and immediately stood up and pulled me close to her. She showed me her phone.

“You see this, Arianna. Isn’t this you ? Looks like this is your bag”

I took her phone and saw it. This damn picture of me when I was driven to campus by Nicky’s mother. Luckily there is my picture in blur so it doesn’t know that it’s me.

I returned the phone to Dea then took out my laptop from my bag. I turned on and saw the news on the campus forum. The title is a beautiful girl on campus escorted by a rich man. Damn, who made this article.

I tried to find the IP. After fifteen minutes, I turned to Dea

“Look at this, it looks like this account belongs to a language major”

Dea looked at my screen

“I know this guy. He is well known in the language department. His name is Brandon. Wow he looks cute too. I heard he has a lot of crushes but not as many as masters.”

I rolled my eyes “He’s got my name tarnished. Tomorrow morning I gotta clear this all up with him”

I closed my laptop then hurried up to my bed.

When I opened my eyes and stretched my body, I looked up at the ceiling of my room. This morning I have to meet Brandon. He should clean my name and delete the post. I got off my bed and got ready. The others seemed to have left, maybe they had morning lectures.

I walked to the language department, I saw a guy was chatting with his friend in front of the building. I approached them and smiled friendly

“Good morning. Sorry ... Can you tell me where is Brandon ?”

They immediately stood up and flirted me

“Woww beautiful girl, why are you looking for Brandon ?”

“I have business with him”Now I’m getting pissed off with their acts. Suddenly there was a guy walking past me. One of the guy pointed at the guy who had just passed

“It’s Brandon”

“Thank you ... ”

I immediately passed from them and chased Brandon. I pat his back, he stopped walking and turned around

“Are you Brandon ?”

“Yes. What’s the problem with me ?” He furrowed his brows

I cleared my throat “You posted last night on the forum campus. Can you erase it ?”

He taunts me “Why I should delete it. Is that not true ?”

I tried to suppress my angry emotions

“Just so you know, it’s the parents of my tutoring students. He drove me back to campus”

I took out the photo from my bag and write behind the photo. I handed the photo to him

“I heard you’re good at the language department. My student is in need of a language tutor, if you want you can go to the address written here”

I don’t want to make small talk with him. I turn around and left him.

Dea promised to meet me in the canteen. When I was carrying my food tray and looking for a seat. I saw her and Lea come with Abby.

“You just came”

Dea interrupted me “Here ... Let me help you bring your food”

I hugged Lea and walked with her

“How is your problem with Brandon ?” Asked Lea

I cross my arms in my chest “That guy is suck. He accused me without knowing the proof of truth”

We sat in the canteen. The others have already taken their food

“So .. what did you tell him ?”

While chewing my food “I just clarified the situation to him. I hope he’s not stupid so he understands my explanation”
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