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I see Adrian is not online yet. Soon I saw Gale online, I sent him a private message

Gale, are you online alone ? Where’s everyone ?

Terry is busy. What’s up junior ?

No, nothing. Just wanna say hi

Of course you’re looking for brother, don’t you junior ?

Don’t tease me, senior

I’m not teasing you. You’re great can captivate brother’s heart, I didn’t expect that, he usually heartless but now feels a little better

You are too much, senior

While texting with Gale, I glances of the clock on my laptop. It’s 8 o’clock. I see in my account, the rare beast and the two ingredients already in my kit. Susan kept her promise. I continue my chat with Gale

Senior, are you busy ?

No. What do you want ?

Senior, I want to give you a graduation gift

What happened to you ? Suddenly gave me a gift. What if brother get angry ?

He won’t be angry

I move one rare beast from my box to Gale equipment box. I smiled with satisfaction at my screen. Gale will love it. Less than five minutes Gale typing

Woaaah, sis-in-law. You gave me a rare beast. How do you know I want it. Wait a minute ... How did you get it ?

You don’t have to ask. Just thank me silently and play with your rare beast

But sis-in-law, Why did you gave me a rare male beast ? You know I’m a man. I am single and now even my pet is also manly. How do I live my life now

I’m sorry, senior. I didn’t pay attention

Junior, I wanna say thank you. I’m very happy to have this pet. Calm down, I will be loyal to you. I will report to you everything about brother. Eh junior, I remember, I have something to tell you. A few days ago, a girl called brother. She confessed to him

I silent while reading our chat on the screen. My heart started beating fast. Did Adrian betray me? I ignored Gale and type

I don’t care. From childhood, many boys confessed their love for me. And sometimes makes it difficult for me.

Sis-in-law, brother just passed me

Didn’t you say he wasn’t there and not online ? When did he pass ?

Just now. When you said that a lot of boys were after you

Damn you, senior. You prank me

I immediately logged out of the game and took a water bottle next to my laptop. I drink my water, I’m like a person caught lying. I looked at the screen and leaned back in my chair. I gasped and sat up straight. Why should I lie from him ? We have to be honest with each other for the sake of our relationship. I logged in to my game again. I see Adrian is online. He sent a message in our group chat

What is wrong with you

I’m sorry, my signal’s cut. The wifi signal in our dorm sometimes can be bad


I’m curious and can’t hold it anymore. I want to ask the thing that Gale said earlier. I want the truth.

I heard a girl called you

She called me to invite me to play at the graduation ceremony

Sorry I have to go. I have business outside

Gale typing and I saw Gale logged out of the game immediately. Damn you, Gale. How dare you gave me fake news. And how do I explain this to Adrian now. Gale tricked me. I have to distract Adrian as soon as possible.

No one confessed feelings to me. What’s up my dear wife ? You doubt me ?

My face blushed ashamed when read Adrian’s message.

I just want to know. There is no way that no girl has ever confessed her feelings to you

Suddenly I remembered when I saw Adrian from above my room.

I’ve seen it once

When ?

When you pass in front of our dorm. Someone gave you an envelope. but you passed her

She just gave me a flyer. That’s why I didn’t accept it. Do not worry my dear wife. Shouldn’t I be the one who should be worried ?. My wife who often receives statements of love from boys

It is not like that. All these things are already making it hard for me. Don’t bring it up. You just have me. I don’t need anyone but you

I gasped while reading my writing. Damn what I typed. I’m ashamed to read it. why am I humiliating myself in front of Adrian. I hurriedly logged out of the game. I’m embarrassing myself even more.

Why I’m being smart like Gale and Terry trying to insinuate Adrian ? I already know he’s an expert at teasing people. I dissolved in my daydream, suddenly I heard the phone in my room ringing. I picked up the phone

“Hello, it’s me, Adrian”

I gasped while covering my mouth with my hand. I’m smiling shyly and getting nervous now talking to him after what I said earlier in the game.

“Sorry, I just quit the game. I - ....”

“I know the signal on campus is unstable. I also quit the game”

I rolled my eyes, in my heart I thought, he really liked to tease me. Can’t he not do it just once ?

“Arie, I like ... I like what you say in the game”

I blushed to hear what he said on the phone

“Uhmm, I gave you a rare beast”

“I know. Gale already told me”

“I gave you a rare male beast. Mine is female”

“So ?”

“We have to breed them in order to have a lots of rare baby beast”

“I have to ask my beast first. Does he want to do it or no ?”

“Adrian, in this game, there’s only yours and mine. How could your beast not want it ?”

I scowl on the phone when hear his answer. I heard him chuckle

“My beast will love it”

“Are you busy now ?”

“Hmmm .. What’s wrong ?”

“Can you help me and Nania ? We haven’t played together in a long time”


I hang up the phone and log back to the game.
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