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Arie, Why did you log out the game earlier ? I thought you left me

Of course no, Nania. My signal was bad. Let’s play

I invite Adz too

I see Adrian has joined

Really adz want to play with us?


But we still need two others. I try to find in my team first

Shortly thereafter I saw Alex and Cassie joining. I was quite surprised to see them join. I do not know they realize or not if me and Adz are here. Nania sent me a private message

I’m sorry Arie, I don’t know if Alex and Cassie will join. What now?

Let’s play. Leave it, if Alex and Cassie also want to play together

The match this time was quite exciting even though Adz dominated more. He was indeed a strategist and his strength was extraordinary. He is indeed the number one player on our server. so for this match Adz helped us a lot. He also helped Alex and Cassie when both of them almost died and saved them.

Arie, thank you for helping me complete this mission. I’ve been playing this mission for a long time but never won it. Fortunately, there are you and Adz who help me. If I rely on Alex and Cassie, I definitely won’t be able to win it. You saw during the game what Cassie was doing. I wonder why Alex like her

Sorry, Nania. I have to go. If you need help, then I’m not online, you can ask Adz for help

Really ? Can I ask Adz help ?


Fine. We’ll go now

Wait ... How about the prize ?

No need. Me an Adz have to go

I left the arena. I went to the place where Adrian and I used to meet in the game

Adrian, why did you help Alex and Cassie ?

Do you think I will look worse for saving them ?

You succeeded in convincing me

Wait a minute, I have to receive a call


I switched doing my history assignments until I heard a ping sound on my laptop

Have you finished receiving the call ?

Arie, tomorrow I have to fly to Malaysia. I have a business meeting. Tomorrow morning I’ll wait in front of the dorm


I logged out of the game and get back to my history assignment. Tomorrow U have to collect to Professor Adam, Adrian’s father. To be honest, I’m nervous thinking about tomorrow. That’s why I have to do my best this time. I don’t want Professor Adam to be disappointed. What if Professor Adam knew about our relationship. Tomorrow I meet Adrian, I better ask him. Now I have to complete the history assignment as best I can.

This morning I had breakfast with him in the canteen. I glanced at him, he enjoying his breakfast. I frown and say

“You flew this morning but still have time to eat with me”

He didn’t answer me instead enjoyed his breakfast. I leaned back in the chair and took a deep breath

“You can only eat here until your graduate. If you pass then your meal card will be drawn”

“I still can use your card”

“What if I don’t want to lend it ?”

“Then I have to rely on my parents mead card”

“How can you say that ?” I gasped and remembered was I was thinking last night.

“Adrian, today I have to collect Professor Adam assignment. Do you think he knows our relationship ?”

“Oh” I stomped my feet and frowned

“What do you mean with Oh ?”

He stopped eating then stare into my eyes and saying

“He didn’t want to come but now he will definitely come”

I sighed while leaning back in my chair

“It means Professor Adam already knows about us. If I know from earlier, I should asked you last night to check my history assignment. I’m afraid he’s not satisfied with what I’ve done”

“Don’t overthink”

“Then what should I do ?”

“Just pretend you don’t know if he does”

I rolled my eyes, Adrian is amazing. I should be able to guess what his answer is.

I open my book on the table and start working on the assignment. Just half way, I stopped and put down my pen. I rested my head in my hands. I miss Adrian, he must have arrived in Malaysia. I know he’s there having a business meeting. I just hope the meeting goes smoothly and he gets a contract with that game company. I heard my room phone rang. When I lift it, I hear

“Sis-in-law, how are you ?”

“What do you want, Terry ?”

“You expect that the one who calls you is brother, am I right, sis-in-law ?”

“That’s right, because it wasn’t him so better hang up the phone. See you la-...”

“Wait ... Sis-in-law, you are so kind. Gale has got his rare beast. What about me ? When do you want to give it to me ?”

“Senior, you disturb your junior who is studying”

“Why don’t you study with brother ? He’s smart, he’s definitely happy if he can help his girlfriend”

“He always help me. I want to study now. Later when I’m finished then I’m online”

“Don’t be too long, sis-in-law. Be nice to me”

“You’re so annoying”

I hang up the phone and return to my desk. I smiled remembering Terry. I have to go back to study. I took my pen and went back doing my assignment.

When I’m writing, I see Dea, Abby and Lea went to the room in a hurry. When they saw me, they breathed with relief. I looked at them all and said

“What’s wrong with you ?” Why hurry ?”

Dea slowly moved closer to me then embraced me with nervous smile

“Ermm, Arianna are you in the room all the time ?”

I looked at her strangely “I was in the room all the time. What is the matter ?”

Abby and Lea came to me then pulled the chair and sat next to me. Lea patted my shoulder and said softly

“Look, earlier when we were going back to the room, Dea saw in the forum that someone posted that Adrian is interested in you just because you are beautiful and your body is sexy. They even make guesses about your boobs”

I was tense and irritated at once.

“Give me your phone” I snapped Dea. With fear, Dea hand over her cellphone to me. I immediately took her cellphone and started reading the forums.
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