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I returned Dea’s cellphone, I stood up and walked to the bathroom without saying a word to them. I closed and locked the bathroom while leaning behind the door. I took a deep breath holding back my tears.

How can the say such cruelty on the forums ?. I try not to hurt anyone. How can they do that to me ?

I walked to the sink and put my hands aside. I stare at the mirror in front of me. I just looked blankly. I don’t want to vent my frustration on my roommate. I’m relieved they want to tell me rather than cover it up.

I don’t know how long I stood there until I heard a knock on the door.

“Arianna, are you okay ?” I heard Dea’s voice behind the door calling me

I yelled “Just wait a moment, I got out in a minute”

I turned on the tap and washed my face. I dry my face and straighten my hair. I don’t want them to see my face messed up. I open the door and saw Dea standing in front of the door looking worried at me.

“Are you okay ?”

I nodded then sat back in my chair. Others are just waiting for my response. It seems they don’t want to do some thing to provoke me. Lea hugged me, she looked at me and smile soothingly

“You don’t have to think about people on the forum.They are just people who don’t know you and like to insult others”

Lea turns to Abby and says “Do you know who wrote that on the forums ?”

“You didn’t know her ? She’s Bella, the trendiest and most fashionable girl on campus. Her blogs about interesting and trending places”

Dea yelled at us “Guys, take a look at this, quickly ...”

She was standing in front of the door still looking at her phone screen, her hand waving at us to her. I didn’t follow Abby and Lea, I sat still and cupped my hands to my cheeks while muttering

“Maybe someone would be kind enough to hack that account”

“Woaaah ... Arianna, you really amazing” Dea said

I looked at her confused. She looked at me in disbelief. Abby grabbed Dea’s cellphone and looked at the screen then said

“Arianna, someone hacked Bella’s account”

I hurriedly got up from my chair and moved closer to them. I took the phone from Abby. I saw that the posts on the forum had been changed to scholarship announcements.

Lea said “I wish I had known who hacked the account. I will definitely kisses that person. Bella must be pissed off now when she saw that. Does she know that Arianna is ranked 1 and get a full scholarship on our campus. Luckily now no one can see it. Calm down Arianna. only a few people reading it. This rumor only circulated for two or three days, after that people would forget about it”

I hugged them all while holding back my emotion. I told them

“Thank you for being with me and supporting me. I don’t know what would happened if all of you weren’t here with me now. I must have cried alone hearing this”

Dea rubbed my back “You know we are always here with you. Don’t listen to what those people say. They were worthless”

Abby patted my shoulder and said “Anyways, someone hacked Bella’s account. So you can stop worrying and no longer have to think about it anymore”

I wiped the corners of my eyes. I felt relieved that they calmed me down. I saw them looking at me attentively. I smiled excitedly and clapped my hand

“Okay, let’s get back to work”

Lea immediately patted her forehead, Abby rolled her eyes and Dea ran to her bed. I laughed hard at their actions.

When I returned to my desk, I realized I have to give Terry his rare beast. I immediately opened my laptop and logged into the game. I saw Terry were online. I enter our chat room

Sorry I’m late

Sis-in-law, why are you taking so long ? we have waited hours for you

Don’t over do it, senior

I move the rare beast in my kit to Terry’s

Thank you, sis-in-law

Uhh ... Did you know brother was going to Malaysia

I know. He’s having a business meeting with a gaming company

Shit ... How do you know ?

I had breakfast with him today

Wow ... Brother really fell to you. But do you know something ? Beside business meeting, he will also come to the gala. I heard there are many beautiful and rich women. If brother manage to get the contract then he will have a lot money to marry you

Your brother doesn’t need much money to marry me

you sound like brother now

You’re wrong, senior. If Adrian is more narcissistic but inwardly

You bother me. I want to go back to study

Thank you sis-in-law

I logged out of the game and continued my studies. Not long after, when I was busy with studying, I heard the room phone ringing. There is only one person who will call at this hour. I hurriedly picked it up

“Hello ...”

“Arie, what are you doing ?”

“Studying. Why ?”

“I heard you bullied Terry”

“How can I bully him? I was just chatting with him in the game and it was just to give his rare beast. How can I bully him ? Just watch out, I’ll slaughter him in the game later”

I heard Adian cleared his throat

“Arie, you don’t hang out with them too much. They have a lot of bad influence on you”

“Sorry ... It wasn’t you who had a bad influence on me ?”

“I’m happy to be your role model”

“Now I want to continue my studies”


“Be careful there ...”

“I will”

I hang up the phone. When I turned around I saw Lea looking at me, she raises her eyebrow while smirking at me

“Be careful ... Ouch, both of you sound like a romantic couple”

“You and Joe have been doing it for two years”

She stuck out her tongue. I grin looking at her. I returned to my desk and continued study. When I finished and put my book in my bag, I saw everyone were sleeping. I walked to the terrace and looked out. I smell the night breeze and wrap my hands around my chest. In my heart I’m happy tomorrow Adrian will come back. I hope his business success and he will return safely.
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