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During the day, I returned to my room. When I opened the door. I saw Lea and Abby were writing on their desk. I closed the door, when I turned around, Dea was standing behind me. I gasped and put my hand on my chest. She looked at me sweetly. I’m starting curious, she doesn’t usually act like this. Either she made a mistake or there is something she wants from me.

I furrowed my brows and said “What do you want Dea ?”

Her body was tense, she looked nervous. While she force her smile, she grabbed my hand and said “Adrian just called you”

I cut her off “I called him now”. I turned to the phone but Dea immediately pulled my hand

“I’m not done talking. Adrian called, I told him that since you are dating and the exam is over. I told him, how if we celebrate ... ”

I raise my eyebrow then let go of her hand and pointed to the phone. Suddenly she startled me by saying loudly

“I said to Adrian, What if he treats us to dinner today ?” She immediately covered her mouth with her hand.

I looked at her in disbelief. I moved closer to her and yelled “What have you done ? Let me call Adrian first”

I immediately picked up the phone and dialed Adrian’s number

“Adrian .... ”

“Arie, why don’t you say it right away ?”

“Sorry ...”

“I’m still in Malaysia, there’s a delay in my flight”

“Do we still have to go ? I mean .. We can cancel it”

“I’m a little late. Just wait”

“Fine ... and please ... be safe”


I hang up the phone and turn around. I see Dea, Abby and Lea looking at me anxiously. I stood still looking at them then nodded “OK ... ”

They immediately jumped for joy. I shook my head and went into the bathroom. I washed my face and looked in the mirror.

Did Adrian angry because I didn’t tell him about this in advance ?

I shook my head and walked out of the bathroom. I saw Dea, Abby and Lea gathered at the table. It looks like Abby bought new clothes online. I ignored them and walked over to my desk. Suddenly Lea called me while showing the clothes in her hand

“Arianna, What do you think?”

I saw that red dress, a knee-length dress.

“That dress suits you, Lea” Lea furrowed her brows

“This dress is not for me, silly. These dress are for you ... We bought it so you can wear it when Adrian treats us”

I looked at her confused “what you mean, Lea?”

Abby hugged me from behind “Do you remember when we bought couple pajamas for Joe and Lea, when they were just dating”

Lea looked fiercely “Don’t you remind me of that time. All of you so shameful”. I laugh at her.

I wear the dress, and look in the mirror. Abby, Lea and Dea looked at me, nodding their head in agreement. I sigh, we will meet in front of my dorm as usual.

Not long after that, I heard the room phone ringing. I immediately picked up the phone

“Hello ...”

“Arie, I’m downstairs”

“Allright ... ”

I hang up the phone then turned to my friends and said “Let’s go, Adrian is waiting downstairs”

I took my handbag on my desk and went out with them.

In front of my dorm, I saw Adrian was waiting for me, he leaned in his car. He shoved his hand on his pocket. He looks handsome as usual. I approached him. When he saw me, he stared at me with a lustful gaze.

I smile awkwardly as I waved my hand and said “Hi ...”

He just stared at me then walked to the passenger door and opened it. He didn’t say anything at all. I got into the car and closed the door. I saw outside, Abby, Lea and Dea just looked at us with a look of enthusiasm. Once I got into the car, they rushed in and sat in the back seat.

“Wow, this is our second time in senior car. It feels different” said Dea. She sat in the middle of Abby and Lea.

Lea grunts “What’s the difference ? This car looks the same as any other car”

She stepped forward and said “Thank you senior for treating us”

“Where do you want to eat ?” said Adrian while holding the steering wheel of the car.

Dea cleared her throat as she glanced at Lea “There is actually one place we want to go”

I turned around and saw their giggling stare at me. I’m starting to dislike this feeling. There must be something crazy they want to do. I didn’t say anything, just waited quietly. I wonder where this question ends.

“Me and the girls wanted to try a french restaurant that had just opened in the middle of the city”

I pursed my lips “Since when do you like french food ? We better go to the restaurant we usually go”

Dea snorted “We want to try new foods”

She shook my arm “Come on, Arianna. Let’s go there”

I looked away and said sternly “No .... ”

Adrian suddenly cut me “Arie, that’s not the way to treat guests”

He glances at me with smirk. I immediately looked down in shame. My face was red and my cheeks blushed. I just played my finger.

Dea say “Right, senior. The host must respect their guests. Am I right, senior ?”

“Smart. So where are we going ?”

“I show you the direction, senior”

Arriving in front of the restaurant, Abby, Dea and Lea had gotten out of the car. When I was unbuckling my seat belt, Adrian said

“You go with others, I have to parked the car”

I stop my hand and said “I’ll park with you”

He smirked and raised an eyebrow “One of the hosts has to come and accompany the guess, right ?”

I smile shyly then took off my seat belt. He just stared at me until I got out of the car.

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