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I walked together with Abby, Dea and Lea to the restaurant. In the middle of the road, Dea took my arm then said

“Actually I know this place because I saw Bella blog before being hacked. I knew she was coming, so me, Abby and Lea decided to come. We want to take revenge on Bella. We are annoyed by her treatment of you”

I was shocked and stopped. I let go of her hand and looked at her

“Really ??? ... We actually came here because of something?” I snapped at her.

Dea looked uncomfortable, she was silent and her body was tense. She hugged my arm and said “It is not that. it’s just that this time we’re with Adrian ... just let her see us”

Lea argues “Don’t act like that, Arianna. You know how we feel. Just this once ...”

I looked inside the restaurant. I saw Alexa was sitting with someone. They looked at us from inside. I just stood looking at them. I saw Alexa glaring at me, she’s staring at me with a deadly gaze, if gazes can kill. I showed no reaction to her. Dea seemed to notice my reaction. She fixed her gaze where I was looking then gestured for the others to look inside. I heard Lea say

“What you said was true, Dea. They really are here” Dea nodded her head quickly.

I took a deep breath and turned my gaze to Abby, Dea and Lea. I said sternly “Okay, we’ll go inside, but remember inside we only eat. Don’t do anything to provoke them”

I pointed at Dea and said firmly “You ... Don’t eat a lot”. Dea muttered while stomping her foot and pouting

“Is that how you treat guests, Arie ?” I heard Adrian’s voice behind me. I immediately looked down. I tuck strands of hair behind my ear while looking away.

“Look senior ... What Arianna did ? She didn’t let us eat a lot” Dea complained to Adrian

“You can order as you like. As long as Arianna has not held my wallet then you are free to order as you like”

Lea added “It means that if Arianna already holds your wallet then don’t even think about rice ... maybe just bread”

My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. My friends immediately giggled, they looking at me. I knew they teasing me on purpose.

“Come on ..” said Dea while waving her hand. Me and Adrian walk together without speaking. I glanced at Adrian, he walked casually.

I’m actually uncomfortable like this. It’s like I’m using Adrian as a tool of revenge. This isn’t me.
I stopped walking.

I say firmly “I don’t want to eat in this restaurant. Can we eat at another restaurant ?”

Dea, Abby and Lea heard me and immediately turned to look at me. Their face stared at me in disbelief. I turned to Adrian. He just looked at me then nodded and said

“OK .. I will take the car”

“Sorry ...”

“If you’re shy, you can come with me to take the car” he smirking.

“Didn’t you say that one of the hosts should accompany the guest ?” I teased him back. He chuckled then turned and walked towards the parking lot.

When Adrian was away, they immediately surrounded me. I looked at them and smiling faintly

“I’m sorry ... guys. If this restaurant provides food that we usually eat. Even though there is Bella and her friends, I will still go in and eat there. You can accept my decision, right ?”

Lea smiled reassuring me “I know you’ve never liked french food. Let’s eat at the usual place”

I looked at Bella and her friend. She still stared at us from inside with a look full of hatred.

“If she;s comfortable eating here, we’d better leave her alone. Just let her be in where she is”

My friends nodded in agreement with my words. We turned around and left the French restaurant and went to our usual place.

In the restaurant, Adrian sat next to me. When everyone is looking at the menu, I shift to Dea. I pulled her hand and whisper “Come with me. I have something to discuss with you”. Dea looked at me confused.

I stood up and said “Sorry, we’ll go to bathroom first” I immediately pulled her hand to follow me.

In front of the bathroom, I let go of her hand.I pointed her face and said firmly “Today we don’t order a lot of food”

She looked at me confused, her lips pouted”Why can’t we order a lot of food ? Adrian is treating us”

I pushed her forehead with my fingers “You are so stupid. Adrian must have learned my character from my friends. If he sees all of you ordered a lot. What will he think of me ? Surely he thought I was greedy”

Dea pursed her lips and crossed her arms on her chest “You were annoying. You’re not his wife yet. Why you so bothered with this matter ?”

I tickled her waist “Wife, your ass. Remember not to order a lot of food”

She nodded and we went back inside. We bumped into the waiter when we were going inside. I wrinkled my eyebrows, I saw Abby and Lea staring at us giggling. I sat on my chair then asked Lea “We haven’t ordered food, right ?”

Lea smiled and said ” We actually ordered food. Just now the waiter came out with our order”

Dea immediately asked “How many do we order ?”

Lea said “Adrian ordering almost everything on the menu”

I gasped when hear that while Dea clapped her hands while muttering “Yess...”

Abby added “Previously Lea wanted to order several kinds of food. But Adrian insisted that just bring all the food here”

I turned to Adrian “Did you really order that much ? What if we can’t eat them all ?”

“Take it easy. After studying your appetite, I’m sure you will able to eat them all”

I stunned and covered my lips with my hand then looked at Abby. I raising an eyebrow then speak softly “How does he know ?”

“Actually I told Adrian earlier that you spent a bowl of chicken thighs when we were face the test at the time ” Abby said innocently.

I immediately looked down embarrassed. I didn’t dare to look at Adrian. I’m sure now he must be staring at me. I heard Abby, Lea and Dea giggled at my action.
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