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The dinner had a pleasant ending. I might just overreact at the beginning. Adrian is not scary as I think. He treats my friends well, and my friends seemed comfortable around him. I’m happy my friends can accept Adrian.

After eating from the restaurant, Adrian escorted us back to the dorm, he dropped Dea, Abby and Lea. Adrian forced me to stay with him longer because he had to return the car. To be honest, I’m fine with it. In fact, I’m happy, I can have a lot of time to be with him.

On the way, Adrian suddenly stopped. I turned and said ” Why did we stop here ?”

“I just wanted to look at you a little longer. You’re prettier than usual. I’ve never seen you this beautiful”

My cheeks flushed, my heart was pounding and my hands began to sweat. He leans back and puts his thumb on his chin and glares at me. I shifted, and tucked my hair behind my ear, to get rid of my nervousness. Suddenly he said sharply

“Why didn’t you want to eat there earlier ? Tell me”

I was struck by his question. I didn’t think he would know what happened, because at that time he was in Malaysia. I looked away then took a breath while saying softly

“A few days ago someone bullied me on the forum ..” I stopped, not daring to continue.

“Go on ...”

“T-They say you like me only because of my appearance. Dea knew that they were going to eat at the French restaurant. Therefore, Dea took the opportunity to take revenge on them”

“Name ...”

I’m speechless “Ermm, Bella ...”

“And the other one ?”

I looked out the window. I’m not sure if one of them is Alexa. I don’t want to accuse anyone. I don’t like being accused and I don’t want to do the same to other people. I turned to Adrian, he was still staring at me sharply waiting for my answer.

“I’m not sure about the other one. But the post has been hacked”

Adrian was silent listening to my explanation. I saw his face changed. He looks pissed off and angry.

I whispered “Are you angry ?”

“I’m not that easy to forgive someone especially if it’s related to you” he snorted

I rushed to calm him down. I whispered softly while looking into his eyes “At first I was influenced by their bullies, but over time I didn’t care. Now all I care about is ... you”

His gaze softened, he remained silent while staring at me. His gaze was full of affection. I cleared my throat to break the ice

“We have stopped here for too long. How about now we get out of here ?”

He nodded then changed gears. We were silent until we reached his house. Adrian held my hand as we walked towards my dorm.

Along the way I thought, It means now my relationship with Adrian is official. Adrian even treats my friends. I still can’t believe all this.

I was daydreaming until Adrian startled me “After graduation we will eat with my friends. Do you want to come ?”

He looked at me. I’m speechless. He raises his eyebrows waiting for my answer. I stuttered

“E-Eat with your friends ?”

He pouted “You don’t want to come ?”

“No ...That’s not what I mean. I want it. It’s just that I still can’t believe it’s real” I squeezed my hand

Suddenly he stood in front of me then hugged me. I was shocked by his sudden action. I just stayed quiet in his arms.

He whispered and rubbing my hair “Stay still ....”

I heard his heartbeat and smelled his scent. I feel calm and comfortable in his arms.

“You know ... I didn’t intend to do this. Do you believe now ?”

I just nodded happily in his arms. When I let go of his hug, I looked into his eyes. He rubbed my hair and cupped his hand on my cheeks while whispering softly “You’re beautiful tonight”

I smiled shyly “You always praise me. I’m not that pretty”. He just smirked

I was with my roommate in the room. Dea and Abby was trying the latest facial scrubs when suddenly Lea said

“Do you know what Adrian said about the rumors ?”

I sat upright in my chair and looked curiously at Lea “What happened ?”

“After the incident, there was someone who met Adrian in the hallway of the dorm. That persons asks Adrian what he thinks about the hacked post. Do you know what Adrian’s answer ?”

I was silent while Dea enthusiastically answered “What did he say ? Say it, quickly”

Lea said while taking a snack at the table “Adrian said it is better to have than not to have. You know what that means ?”

Abby and Dea looked at each other then shook their heads and continued rubbing the scrub on their faces.

Lea continues “If you study well, you will know if Adrian said sarcastically. Of course all of you know that Alexa really likes Adrian and meanwhile Adrian likes Arianna. I’m sure Adrian said that on purpose”

I’m still in the classroom with my friends. We still have a meeting to discuss about the summer holidays. We have to find a side job to add our points. I sat with Lea and said to her

“Can I borrow your cellphone ?”

She pouted and said “Come on ... You still borrow my cellphone ? Did Adrian didn’t buy you a new cellphone ? Does he not know if your cellphone is lost ?”

I took her cellphone on the table while sticking out my tongue “Even though he knows. He’s not that kind of guy”

Lea rolled her eyes and focused her gaze on the meeting again. I immediately sent a message to Adrian to tell him to wait me at the park because I will be late to meet him.

Finished the meeting, I hurried to the park. I saw from afar Adrian was sitting on the bench. He was reading a book. I sneaked behind him and patted him on the shoulder

“Sorry ... I’m late”

He put the book back into his bag and grabbed his bag “Come on ...”

I looked at him confused “Umm ... Come to where ?”

He takes the strands of hair on my face and tuck them behind my ear “Did you forget ? Today we have a meal with my friends”

I smiled then said “Who pays ?”

“You think ?”

He pulled my hand to his. We walked hand in hand out of the park.
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