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I see many seniors are on the edge of the campus grounds. They’re offering their belongings. Since they’ve graduated, maybe they don’t want to take it home and make money with it.

We walked past them, until suddenly Adrian stopped in front of a guy. He’s wearing a hat and sunglasses. This guy was squatting, in front of him I saw a blanket and several other items. It seems this guy also sold item.

“What are you doing here ? You should be with Terry” Adrian said to that guy

He ignored Adrian. When he felt Adrian didn’t budge, the guy stood up. He took off his hat and glasses. I immediately laughed seeing Gale

“Senior ... you’re really weird. You think by wearing a hat and glasses can cover everything ?”

Gale looked at me and said “Junior, you’re still in here. What if I sell you my stuff ? You know, I passed all the courses with this stuff. I give you a cheap price”

He collected his stuff. When he handed his stuff to me, Adrian immediately stood in front of me and said sternly “You can’t give it to her”

Gale smirked “Jealous much”

Adrian says “You are lying”

Gale huffed “When did I lie ?”

“At the beginning of college, There’s one class you didn’t pass”

Gale immediately shut up and say “Quiet. No need to remind me about that”

I heard sound of cellphone and saw Adrian take his cellphone in his pocket

“Hello .. Arie and Gale with me now ... In the usual place ? .. Fine .. We’ll be there”

Adrian hung up the phone and said “Gale, tidy up your belongings now. Terry is waiting”

Adrian turned around and held my hand.

“Come on, Terry was waiting for us”

Adrian took me to where they used to hang out. When we got there, I saw Terry was already waiting for us. Adrian pulled a chair for me, he sat next to me while Gale and Terry in front of me.

Terry said “Sis-in-law, finally we can hang out together. You know, brother has been hiding you for too long”

I’m just silent while playing my hand. I saw waiter coming with appetizers. After he put the food on the table, Gale stood up while embraced him and saying

“This is my friend. He is the chef here”

I moved closer to Adrian and whispered “Isn’t he the employee in my canteen ?”

Adrian just nodded as he slipped his hand on my shoulder. I got tense, I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart started pounding. I heard Terry say

“Sis-in-law you know this is the first time he’s dating, so you have to be patient with him”

I smiled shyly while nodding. I’m not sure if this is his first time dating. He even dare to embrace me like this in public. I glanced at Adrian, he seemed not bothered instead enjoying it.

I saw Terry go into the kitchen, maybe he still wants to talk to his friend. Adrian gave me a spoon and when I looked in front of me, my bowl was filled with food. Adrian looked at me and saying “Eat ... ”

I nodded and began to squeeze a spoonful of soup into my mouth. The taste of the soup was so good. Terry’s friend is an expert in cooking. I see Terry hasn’t come back. I put down my spoon and grab another empty bowl then when I want to get the soup, Adrian saw it and took it from my hand.

He said nothing just filled the bowl and gave it to me. I put the bowl next to me. I know Terry won’t be getting the soup.

When Terry came back, he took an empty bowl. When he wanted to scoop out the soup, he cringed and said “You are so greedy. Look, the soup bowl is empty. I haven’t tried it”

I hurriedly gave him the bowl that had been filled by Adrian “This is for you”

Terry’s face is bright “Thanks, sis-in-law. Look ... Thanks God, brother chose sis-in-law. She has a motherly character. She kept soup for me”

I just kept quiet while continuing to eat. Suddenly I hear Adrian say “Eat, Terry. Don’t you choke”

Terry stopped eating then looked at Adrian and raised his eyebrows “Brother ... You’ve changed since dating with sis- in-law. Now you become more human”

Adrian sipped his drink, he glanced at me and said “Fatherly nature”

I choked then grabbed napkin and hurriedly wiped my lips. I heard Gale giggle and Terry pointed finger at Adrian. Adrian just smirked while holding his glass.

“Sis-in-law, what I told you back then was true. I’m not lying. At that time someone called Brother” Terry leaned back in the chair

I glanced at Adrian. He just stared at me “I was asked to participate in the graduation ceremony”. I bit my lips “That’s it ?”

He nodded, both of us looked at Terry.He stammered “I think I talk too much. I’m getting drunk” He rested his head on the table.

Gale takes the food from the table “Sis-in-law, you know ... At that time I think the girl who called brother is Alexa, the beauty on campus. I’m sure it’s her voice”

Terry cut “Sis-in-law, why don’t you guess ? What brother said when he picked up the phone from that girl ?“. I played my hand and bit my lips

“If I ...” I see Adrian, Terry and Gale waiting for my answer.

“I will answer .. Who is this ?” Gale and Terry unison patted their foreheads and looked at me disbelief. while Adrian just smirked while rubbing my back.

Gale shakes his head in disbelief “Both of you are crazy. Definitely a great couple”

I looked confused “Isn’t everyone doing the same thing when picking up calls from unknown numbers?”

Terry waved his hand “Never mind, sis-in-law. Indeed you two complement each other. No wonder brother really care about you. Anyway, I’m still hungry. don’t you, Gale ? What if we order more food ?”

He immediately shouted for his friend to come to our table. When his friend came, Terry said “Bring us your special food again. And don’t forget to make it spicy”

Gale cut “Don’t be too spicy. Brother won’t be able to eat it”

Terry grumbled “Brother treat us, so just let him see and we it all”

I shifted to Adrian and whispered “Is it true ? You can’t eat spicy ?”

he rubbed my back and said slowly “No ... ”

How could Adrian not be able to eat spicy ? Obviously when he eats with my roommate he eats the most spicy food and he seems totally unfazed by it.

I was dumbfounded while he just stared at me calmly.
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