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After eating, they took me to the billiard place. Apparently they booked a private room. I sat on the chair watching Gale and Adrian play. This is the first time I’ve seen him play.

When he holds the stick and smears his chalk then he bent and looked focus at the ball and pushed the stick. It gave me a tingling sensation in my body. I cover it by taking a bottle of cold drink at the table. I didn’t realize if I stared at him until I heard Gale say

“Brother, are you not tired of playing this alone ? No one ever wins against you. What if sis-in-law replaced you ?”

Adrian turned his head to Gale then to me. I pointed at myself “Me ... ?”

I stuttered “I-I ... couldn’t play it. In fact this is the first time I’ve come to this place”

I gripped my bottle tightly, I see Gale move his eyebrow towards Adrian. He turned his head to me then handed his stick to me “I teach you how to play it”

I stood up and took the stick from he’s hand. I felt my hand sweat holding the stick. I’m so nervous. I remove the strands of hair from my face. Adrian pulls me to the pool table. He stood behind me then whispered in my ear “Bent over ... ”

I cleared my throat. When I bent down, I felt his body was on top of mine. His one hand was improving the way I held the stick. I can’t focus at all, my heart is beating fast.

“Focus ..” Adrian said firmly. I immediately looked at my stick and ball while his other hand holding mine helped me push the ball. When the stick is pushed, I hold my breath. The ball rolled into the hole. I stared in disbelief.

Adrian slipped his hand around my waist while whispering “Not bad ... ”

Gale stands across the pool table, he says “Come on ... Now it’s your turn sis-in-law to play against me”

Adrian let go of my waist then stood beside me. Now I have to play without Adrian’s help. I tried to remember what he was taught earlier and how he play before.

When the first ball came in the hole, I cheered. Terry leaned against the wall looking at us “Sis-in-law not bad at playing. She has talent to play this. What if we come here later, you take her again, bro ?”

Adrian put his hand in his pocket “No ... she can’t”

Terry’s face turned confused “Why she can’t ?”

Adrian turns and sits on a chair taking a cold drink “I intend to buy a pool table at home”

When I was playing with Gale, Adrian suddenly stood up “Arie must go home now. She still has curfew”

I nodded then put the stick in its place. When I wanted to take my bag on the chair, Adrian grabbed my bag.

“Why don’t you just play ? I took Arie first” Adrian said to Gale and Terry.

I wave to both of them “Thanks, seniors. I go home first”

Both of them unison nodded their heads. I came out of the room with Adrian following me from behind.

“May I ask you ?”

Adrian nodded, he walked side by side with me. “You can’t eat spicy food ?”

“No ...”

“Adrian, why do you have to force yourself. Actually you don’t need to do everything for me. You also don’t have to pay for my breakfast or help me lift a gallon of water. It’s not like you”

Adrian stopped and stood facing me. His eyes stare into mine. He looked at me with affection “This is my first time dating. I often don’t know what to do. But what I do know is I should be able to do what other couples do”

“Come on, quickly. Dormitory door was about to close” The shrill of the housemother’s voice.

I looked at my dorm then turned to him and grabbed my bag in his hand “I’ll go inside. Uhmm ... You go straight your dorm, okay ? Later as soon as you get to your room, log into the game. I have something to give to you”

He stared at me and nodded. I turned towards my dorm. When I was in front of the door, I turned to him one last time. He was still looking at me. I smiled as he waved my hand and entered my dorm.

When I opened the door, I saw my roommate had not returned. I closed the door and put my bag on the table. I took out the laptop and turned it on. I typed my account and logged into the game. I click my cursor to the place where I usually meet him. A few days ago I had finished the gift for him. I think now is a good time to give it to him. Less than twenty minutes later I saw on my screen that he’s online

Adrian, I want to give you this

I clicked my equipment box then I moved the rare ribbon that I just made into his equipment box

This is ... ?

This is your dowry. At that time I promised to add it. Now I fulfill my promise

I’m happy, Arie. Thanks my dear wife

I have to go. I’m tired. I want to sleep

I immediately logged out of the game. I cupped my cheeks. I bet my face now red like tomato. I hope he likes my gift

A few days later, I forgot that I had already booked a train ticket for my return. Lea and Dea helped me drop my suitcase from our room to the outside of the dorm. On the stairs I saw from the window, Adrian was waiting for me. He leans in his car. Lea stared out

“Happy to have a boyfriend who is a lecturer child. Different from us who have to pushed our suitcase up to the gate. You must be happy Arianna because Adrian will take you to the station”

I didn’t say anything just stood still and stared blankly at the window. While lifting my suitcase, Dea asked “Is Adrian okay with you leaving ?”

I huffed “I told him yesterday. What should I do ? I think he’s okay”
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