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In front of my dorm, I saw Adrian leaning in his car. He just glared at me, as I moved closer to him. He walked to the back of his car and opened the trunk. He took my suitcase from Dea and Lea. I hugged both of them

“See you again after summer. I’ll definitely miss you, guys”

They nodded unison and after waving at me, they went back into the dorm. When I turned around, Adrian was standing behind the car.

In the car, he didn’t say anything. Both of his hands holding the steering wheel and his gaze straight ahead. I think he was angry because I came home today. I decided to shut up and look out the window. I suddenly sneezed

“Are you sick ? Have you taken your medicine ?”

I turned my head and looked at him. He just stared straight at the street, he looked pissed off. I rubbed my nose

“It’s just an allergy. I’m allergic to cold air. If later the air returns to normal then I’ll be back as usual”

He grabbed the medicine on the dashboard of the car and gave it to me. I took the medicine from him and put it on my lap.

I gasped, I just remembered I wanted to give him something. I took the plastic I had brought with me earlier and took my cactus.

“I’ve been keeping this cactus for a long time because in two months I won’t be in the dorm, can you help me to take care my cactus ?”

“Another dowry ?” He said sharply, his gaze remained on the highway.

“It’s not my intention to go home now. When I ordered tickets, we haven’t met” I frown and leaned back in the passenger seat then closed my eyes.

Inside the station, he took me to the waiting room “I have to buy the platform, you wait here”. He turned around and as he walked I hurriedly grabbed my suitcase and followed him. He stops then turns around, a smile on the corner of his lips “my dear wife, you better wait here. Your suitcase is heavy”

I froze, could only nod at Adrian’s words then returned to my seat. I saw him walking and hurriedly stood up. He pouted but still said nothing. I know he’s angry because of my return today.

“Are there tickets for two more days ? I think I can postpone my return” I smiled gently at him.

He looked at me and smiled happily then took out his cellphone from his pocket. He stared seriously then scowled “Train tickets for the next five days have been sold out”

He suddenly jump up and says “What if a plane ticket ?”

I smiled weakly “I have to go home today. My father was waiting for me. Even though I postponed it for the next two days. I still have to go home”

He was silent, I think he was pissed off with my answer because his face looks angry. Soon he took a breath and then took my hand

“Never mind, you should go home. Remember, as soon as you arrive, let me know and don’t forget to buy cellphone” I nodded happily.

In front of the entrance, Adrian was standing in front of me. He touched my hair and rubbed it then slowly kissed my forehead with his lips. I put my arms around his waist, my head on his chest. I feel his heartbeat and his scent.

I whisper softly “Take care of my cactus. Put it on your office table. I want you to see it every day”

He kissed my crown “Be careful”

I remove my hand from his waist then I look into his eyes. He stroke my hair then touched my cheek and my hand. I heard the announcement, I smiled faintly “I have to go now”

I stared at him one last time, he said nothing just looked at me sadly. I grabbed my suitcase “I have to go now”. He nodded

I turned around and went inside. I dragged my suitcase with unsteady steps. My memory goes back to the time when I first met Adrian at the campus gate, when I ate with him, at the basketball game, when he took me to his office.

My tears flowed, my heart ached. I hold my suitcase tightly. Now I miss him, even though I just left him. I want to go back to him and don’t leave him. But I can’t be that selfish, dad must have been waiting at the station and I’m sure mom now is cooking my favorite food.

I wiped my tears and dragged my suitcase onto the train. In the train I searched for my seat. I put my suit case on top. Luckily I got a seat next to the window, so I can see the view along the way.

My train journey took two hours. Along the way I cried missing Adrian. I’m sure people find me weird, but I don’t care. I see my watch, half an hour my train arrives at my destination. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I have to fix my face, I don’t want dad to be surprised when he see me.

I can imagine how he would react when he saw my face was swollen and my eyes were red from tears. In the bathroom I wash my face with water, I trim my hair and give a little touch on my face. After looked in the mirror and satisfied with my appearance, I went out and sat back down.

Outside the station, I saw a lot of people waiting. I was dragging my suitcase and heard dad’s voice “You arrived, Arianna”

I turned my head and saw dad was behind me smiling happily. He immediately pulled my suitcase from my hand “here, let me bring your suitcase. You must be tired”

I wipe the sweat on my forehead “Why are you here ? I told you just wait for me at home ” my lips curl.

While pushing my suitcase he grinned “You know, I wanna show you something. I’m sure you will be happy when you see it. Your mom is pissed off with me because of this”

I’m curious, I put my hand in his arm “What else did you do to make mom angry ?”

Dad laughs “I bought a motorcycle and today I picked you up on it”

I stared in disbelief at him and grumbled “No wonder mom is mad at you”
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