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I’m pissed of with Brandon. How dare he could do that to me. That afternoon I decided to log into my game. I saw that there was an announcement that Alex was married to Cassie. I know Cassie is the most beautiful girl in our game. I don’t want to bother with their marriage. I decided to look for the plants to add my collection.

When I was looking for plants besides the river. I saw a crowd on the river. Many people flocked to see the bridal party passing by. I keep focused on looking for plants. I’m lazy gossiping with others.

It was Alex and Cassie wedding party

someone replies on the forum

Isn’t Alex, Arie’s ex ? Arie is on the other side. She must be sad. Alex now has a new partner.

Who do you think is prettier ? Cassie or Arie ?

Of course, Cassie. I never saw Arie’s face. Her profile like that. Perhaps he is a guy or she is ugly. You can see Cassie on her profile is beautiful.

I read people’s chat on the forum. They were all annoying. My day is bad and getting worst seeing this. I feel like turning off my laptop. I saw someone sent me a message. Adz1508. I’m shocked.

I looked again at my laptop screen. He is the number one player in our game. He’s invincible, mysterious and good at attacking enemies. None of us have been able to beat him. I wonder why did he text me

Arie, What do you think of Alex and Cassie Wedding ?

Their wedding was magnificent

Do you want more than that ? Marry me

Your account got hacked ?

You know that there is a couple match soon ? I want to pair with you

I looked at the screen and thought. At that time I was paired with Alex because I needed a partner to kill enemy. Now Adz1508 invites me to pair for the couple match.

OK. Let’s take care of the registration

Wait a minute. In three days at 7. I will wait for you there

Why three more days ? This is just a game

Adz marriage should not be ordinary

Then he left the chat room. I leaned back in my chair. I took the question paper from my bag and started working on it.

I have an appointment with Brandon. He wants to come to Nicky house. Maybe he’s curious about the truth of my story and wants to prove it. I just got off the bus and walked to Nicky’s house when I saw Brandon already in front of Nicky’s house gate.

“You came ... Come on, follow me”

I pressed the gate pin button. As soon as the gate opened we walked inside. Nicky house is huge. He’s the only child. His parents love him very much, especially after he had an accident. His parents are more protective of him. I knocked on the door and open it slowly. I saw Nicky was sitting in his wheelchair writing at the table.

“Haii Nicky ... This is Brandon, my friend. He’s majoring in languages. As I remember your mother asked me to find an English teacher for you”

Nicky turned and looked at Brandon. His face was a little unhappy.

“Why don’t you just teach me, Sis ?”

“He is better than me ” I brushed his hair.

Brandon sat next to us while I taught Nicky. he just looked at us without saying anything until Nicky’s lesson is over.

“Sis, don’t forget to bring your laptop next week. I want to see you play games”. I raised my eyebrows while teasing him

“Do your homework.Who knows I forgot and didn’t bring it”. I rubbed his head then came out of Nicky’s room.

“You’re very close to him” said Brandon

“I have been his teacher for a long time and only I am his closest friend. Because of him, I started to playing online games too. i don’t really like hanging out. Nicky taught me that playing games isn’t always bad. We can meet a lot of people although not at of them are nice to us.”

Brandon just nodded his head in agreement.

“Now you know everything. I hope your accusation is clear ”

“I’m sorry to you. I will delete that post tonight”

We walked up to the bus stop and waited for the bus there. I look at my watch, it almost 6 o’clock. I have to hurry to get to the dorm. Brandon finds me weird

“Do you wanna do something ?”

“I have somethings to do. Well ... I guess good bye then ”

I left him after we got to the bus stop near campus.

I ran to my room and opened the door. I see that no one has come home yet. Maybe they are busy in the library preparing for exams. I took my laptop out of my bag and turned it on and then logged into my game.

On the screen I saw many people gathered. I see Adz is online, I sent him a private message

Have you come ? Sorry I’m late. Why are there so many people on the forum ?

Why don’t you ask them directly. Wait ... I introduce you to my team

Adz added two more people to our chat

This is Terry and Gale. They’re my team

Haiii Sis-in-law ... I’m Terry ... You really our Sister-in-law

I’m Gale ... you are Alex’s ex ?

I laughed reading their messages. I type my keyboard

Me and Adz ...

I see Adz is writing a message

Don’t tease your sis-in-law. She once misjudged people

I pat my forehead, now he teasing me

Calm down sis-in-law. Bro-in- law is not like that. Let’s join the others

We return to the forum. Someone wrote on the forum

Congratulations on your marriage. Adz helped us once so we came to celebrate your wedding. We also waiting for the grand celebration.

I saw on the screen Adz sent me combat equipment

What is this ?

Dowry of your marriage

I don’t want

You will need it the next time we start the couple match

I click to accept his gift. I sent him a small word.

This is for you. I will add later

You don’t have to give me this. Actually your presence here makes me happy
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