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And now pronounce you as husband and wife in this game

On my screen I saw people type congratulations for both of us. This sounds ridiculous, get married in the game. I took the water and sat back down. I saw on the forums, someone said

Last week I saw Adz and Cassie had fought against the enemy

Or Cassie broke her relationship with Adz ?That’s why Adz fell into Arie’s arms.

I’m curious, I sent a private message to Adz

Do you know Cassie ?

Don’t know her

But in forums some said that they saw you with her.

If like that it is consider familiar. Gale asked her but she’s so stupid so I kicked her out of the team. I take a call first

I leave my laptop and switched to doing my campus assignments.

That morning I did my routine morning jog on the campus field. It’s already my third round when Brandon suddenly intercepted me

“Arrianna ... wait a minute” He was chasing me. I stopped running and looked at him.

“What’s up Brandon ?”

“Umm .. I want to apologize about that post. I already deleted it.”

I wipe the sweat on my forehead with towel “It’s okay. The important thing is you have deleted it.

He looked nervous while scratching the back of his head “D-do you have a boyfriend ?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend and don’t want to have a relationship yet”

“I understand. I hope we can repeat our introduction again. I’m sorry yesterday’s had to happen” Brandon looked embarrassed.

“Sorry ... I have to run again” I tried to avoid him.

I turned my body and ran again leaving him. When I was only half away I saw at the end of the track Adrian entering the field. I hurriedly turned around and ran away from the field.

Every time I see him even through from afar, I feel my heartbeat faster, my hands sweat, my face turned red like tomato and I can’t think.

That afternoon I was back to my room. My class for today is finished. I’d better find out about the couple’s match. When I wanted to log in, I saw the notification.

Apparently our game is having a competition to make a video. I see there are already a few participants. Alex name was there, they seem to intend to take part in the video competition. I open and watch the video.

Alex and Cassie are so outrageous. They made videos to make fun of me. Their video story about me being frustrated because Alex broke up with me. How dare he do that to me.

I sent an email to Alex. I wrote that I don’t like his actions. When I was sending an email to Alex, suddenly Dea entered our room, rubbing her ass. I got up from my chair to help her

“What happened to you ?”

“You know if right now I turned out have a class with Brandon. You know, he’s really annoying. Today he knocked me out of the chair. That’s why I’m like this. Arianna, it seems Brandon likes you”

I didn’t respond to her question instead walking out of our room foyer.I look down, my hand resting against the railing. Dea standing beside me

“I know Brandon has that feeling for me. but I just consider him a friend.”

Dea suddenly cut “Arianna, look .. Master Adrian passing by”.

I see in front of him there is a girl giving a letter but Adrian just passed the girl without looking.

I mumbled “I wish I could find a boyfriend like master”

Suddenly I gasped and turned to Dea “What if I tell Brandon that I already have someone I like ? So he doesn’t have to chase me anymore”

Dea didn’t seem to hear what I said, she instead returned to our room.

I’m at the library. Instead of studying, I even daydreamed while drawing Adz appearance in my diary. My feelings suddenly became chaotic since Adz came into my life.

I realized I had never met him but his attention to me in the game made me have feelings for him. We are only connected through online games, so I was little curious about what kind of Adz it is.

When Adz found out I wanted to make a video to compete in our game. He and the team insisted on helping me. He said he would edit it for me later. So now I’m waiting from him when the video is finished. I really want to see the video. Adz says today he will send it.

Luckily today I only had morning class, so this afternoon I can stay long in the library. I take out my laptop from my bag and turn on my laptop to see my email. I saw an incoming email from Adz. I hurriedly clicked it and it was true that the video had been sent by him. I put my headset so as not to disturb the others. I down load the file and watched it.

I wiped my tears. Adz truly a master in the game. He’s unbeatable. He makes the video really good. I’m curious, in the real world he must be a very cool person. I’m sure he’s smart. He’s not talkative person, he seems quiet. He only talked a lot when we were with Terry and Gale.

I log into the game. I saw him online. I wrote a private message to him

Thank you for sending me the video. The video is great. I cried watching it. Oh, I almost forget. Who will send it ? Why don’t you did it, you the one who made it

No need. You send it. I’m lazy to deal with things like that

How can you make video like that ?

You the one who made the story. I’m just continuing your story.

I see around me, the library was getting quiet. I see my watch is already 7. I have to go back to the dorm. I type message to Adz

Adz I have to go back to my dorm. No one’s in the library. I will upload the video once I get to the dorm.

I guess there’s still someone there

I turned again and one person passed me.

You’re absolutely right. You’re like fortune teller. I should go home

Be careful

I turned off my laptop and tidied up my stuff then left the library

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