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I was sitting with my roommate in the canteen. Suddenly Brandon came to me

“Arianna, Shall we eat together ?”

I got up from my chair and faced him. I decided to make things clear to him.

“Brandon, can we talk ?”

I signal him to follow me. I took him to the park near the canteen.

“Brandon .. Sorry .. I guess I have to make things clear. At this time I have no intention for dating”

He cut me, he looks pissed off and his voice raising “You don’t know me yet”

“I know. but I think I already have someone I like”

“Who are you interested in ?”

“I want someone who is in the same major with me. Emm like .. Adrian”

Brandon looked stunned and speechless

“I’m sorry, Brandon ...”

Before he could say anything, I left him and returned to the canteen with my friends.

I don’t want to give guy false hopes or misundertand me. I’d better explain to them before they go any further to me.

Today I have a history class. If I’m not mistaken, Professor Adam is Adrian’s father. When I entered the class, I saw that there were still a few students. I’m going to the second row. I prefer to sit in front so I can focus more on the lesson.

I see the row is still empty. I took out my book and pencil box. Lessons haven’t started yet so I decided to open the book and repeat lessons

“Someone sitting here ?” I heard guy voice talking to me. I raised my head and stunned.

Adrian, looked at me and pointing to the seat next to me. I can’t say anything, my face flushed. I got tense and suddenly my voice could not come out. I just nodded while covering my face with a book. I’m so nervous.

Our class gets excited seeing Adrian come especially the girls. They were really looking for his attention. I glanced at him. He looked at me without saying anything. I cover my face again with my book. It seems like today’s history class will be the death of me.

With Adrian in the class, this time the class is full.

“I don’t usually have a lot of student in my class” Professor Adam startled me.

I tucked my hair behind my ear. I took the book from my face and tried not to look at him. We sat very close. I can smell his scent. I try not to be affected by his presence but it feels so hard.

“Because so many students attend my class today. I want to make sure you guys still remember our last lesson. Anyone still remember what we learned last week ?” Professor Adam turned his gaze at us.

No one dared to raise their hand. Almost all looked down and pretended to be busy with their books.

“You .. girl that wearing a white shirt and long hair who sits next to the boy wearing the white shirt” Professor Adam pointed his finger at me.

“Me ? ..” I pointed myself and looked at Adrian. He just looked at me expressionlessly.

I stood up and cleared my throat

“Last week you explained about the first world war. How the rate of death and destruction was something that had never been imagined before. for example, in Bosnia, when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, it triggered a series of events that took place in almost every major country in the world. I even had time to look for additional material in the library about it”

Professor Adam smiled at me with satisfaction. I sat back down. I glanced at Adrian, he still stared at me.

“It seems that today I chose the wrong student. It turns out that the students I appoint are the ones who listens my lectures”

Professor Adam turns on the projector and starts the lecture. I exhaled my breath. Luckily everything is fine during Professor Adam’s lecture. Adrian’s hand sometimes touched mine. I felt vibration every time our hands touched and it made butterflies in my stomach.

“See you next week and I hope next week’s class can be full like now” Professor Adam teased us. He cleared his laptop and walked out of the classroom.

I tidy up my book and pencil case. I take my bag and when I wanted to leave I saw Adrian still sitting there quietly. I’m getting nervous. How can I get out if he’s still there ?. I started to panic and get nervous.

Suddenly he turned and said “You want to pass ?”

I nodded “Yes” I answered in a low voice and slightly trembled. He stepped aside but kept staring at me until I passed him. I rushed past him while saying thank you then ran away as fast as possible out of the room.

When I got back to the room. Everyone is already in the room. They are busy working on assignments. I walked slowly to my chair. I put my bag at the table and said

“Guys ... Guess who’s in Professor Adam’s class today ?”

They seem ignored my question.

I sing a song “Today Adrian is in Professor Adam’s class”

Suddenly the athmosphere became quiet. They all looked my way then ran up to me

“Come on ... tell me. Is it true that Master Adrian was in history class ?” Abby said

Lea picked up her phone at the table then immediately checked it.

“Oh my God ... Arianna is right. Adrian was in history class. Here is the photo”

Abby and Dea surrounded Lea

“Adrian is really in history class and he’s sitting next to you, Arianna. I regretted I didn’t take history class” Dea frowning

Abby hugged me “How does it feel to sit next to Master ?”

I blushed ” I can’t say anything. I’m so embarrassed. I was surprised he sat next to me”

Dea says “I envy you, Arianna. Oh yeah ... Did you have a chance to talk with Master ?“. I nodded

“What are you talking about ?”

“Yes and Thank you”

Dea was shocked and stunned “So .. earlier when you were with Master in the class you just said yes and thank you only to him ?”

I nodded.

Dea patted her forehead “Arianna, you really suck”

They returned to their desks and do their work. I stunned sat there thinking about what had just happened.

I don’t understand. What’s the problem if I just say yes and thank you to Adrian. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to him a lot. I’m embarrassed especially I do have feelings for him.

When I sat next to him in class I was really nervous. Throughout the lesson, my hands were sweating, my face blushed and I couldn’t concentrate. Smelling his scent next to me doesn’t help me either.

It seems that I lack experience with guy. I have never dated. No guy has caught my interest yet except Adrian. I realized that I could not be with him. He’s good at everything. How could he possibly like a girl like me ?. He likes me ? He might not even remember who I am.

I don’t want to think too deeply about this. I have to focus on the exams later. I shouldn’t burden my mind with things like this.

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