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Today my schedule teaches lessons to Nicky’s house. I just finished studying at the library. I bring my laptop, I know how much Nicky wants to be able to play on my laptop. He was very curious about my online game. Last week I promised him that he can play it if the homework that I gave him was satisfactory. I’m sure he’s waiting for me at this time.

“Sis .. Finally you came. I’ve been waiting for you”

I saw him sitting waiting for me in front of his study table. I messed up his hair

“You don’t miss me. You just wanna play my game” I teased him.

He grinned and scratched the back of his hair. I wheeled him to the table where we used to sit. I took out my laptop, then turned to him and stretched out my hand

“Where is your home work ? Before I see it, you can’t play my laptop”

He scowled as he grabbed the book on his lap “Quickly score my book”. His face impatient.

I closed the book and smiled satisfied at him

“It seems you really want to play my game. Your homework is not usually satisfying” I’m teasing him.

I turn on my laptop then enter my account and log in to my game. I saw Adz, Terry and Gale online.

I turned to Nicky and said ” I told my team first that you want to play with them”

He nodded excitedly. I just shook my head to see his act. I sent private message to Adz

Adz ... Can you help me ?

Say it

My tutor, Nicky. He wants to play with you and teams. Will you accompany him to play ?

Ok, Wife

I move my laptop in front of Nicky “You can play now”

He doesn’t hear me instead he turned his gaze to my laptop screen. I got up from my chair and went to the kitchen. I saw Nicky’s maid was cutting apples.

I took the knife from her and said “I help peel it. You can do anything else”

She just nodded while handling the knife to me then left. I continued to peel the apples then cut them and put in a bowl. I open the refrigerator, I take mayonnaise and pour it into an apple bowl. I heard Nicky screaming

“Sis, Adz1508 is really good player in this game. I keep losing to him”

I smiled while stirring. I shouted back “Why don’t you tell him that you are still a child”

He sounded pissed off “No way. I don’t want to be considered a child by him. We have to play like men. Sis ... Come here, quickly. Look .. someone insulting you here”

I brought the bowl to our table and put it on the table. I sat and looked at the screen. Apparently Cassie and her friends accused me of stealing their gifts

“Cassie and her friends were always like that to me. Look at the screen, now they begging other players to support them”

I slide my laptop “You see Nicky. My friend apparently gave proof in the game that I didn’t steal their prize. If they can do this, I can do it too”

“See this” I’m typing

So far I have been silent but I am accused by many people. I’m sad .. why no one defends me

I saw Gale appear and type Not bad sis-in-law. You look pathetic

Surely you guys who recorded the video earlier so that Cassie and her friends didn’t slander me

We were only ordered by our bro-in-law

Adz is amazing

Terry typing Why only bro-in-law got praise

Adz has always been extraordinary

I saw in the forum that the gift I was accused of was a rare item. No wonder everyone wants it. The prize is auctioned on the forum. I saw everyone bidding to get it until suddenly I saw Adz typing. I was so curious what he wanted to do. I guess a master like him doesn’t pursue such a prize.

I’m offering the highest price for the prize

Someone on the forum typed

Adz you never appeared. You don’t usually show up. Why now you need that stuff ? You want to use it to increase your points huh ?


Then why do you bid if you don’t need it ?

I bid for my wife’s gift. For her toys so she can play it

After Adz answered, the forum immediately crowded. My face blushed reading the forum chat

Terry typing Now you are happy sis-in-law. Bro-in-law loves you.

I put my laptop in my bag suddenly I heard Nicky say “This is Adz, huh ?”

I looked, I saw Nicky was opening my diary. I forgot once draw Adz in my diary , I hurriedly grabbed my diary from Nicky, closed it and put it in my bag

“That’s my privacy. Why did you open it ?”

“Sis, you have to find a boyfriend. I’ve even found a suitable candidate for you”

I was stunned then raised my eyebrows while teasing him

“Who do you want to offer me ?”

He took the book on the table then opened and turned the page and handed it to me. There is a photo of Adrian there. I try not to be affected.

“Sis ... Look, this man is handsome and I have read the article. He is very clever. He is perfect for you.”

“Nicky, He is my senior. Many girls pay attention to him and fall in love with him”

“Sis, you can’t look down on yourself”

I shook my head to see his act.

When I returned to the dorm, I saw Dea was seriously looking at his laptop screen. I put my bag on the table then approached her. I pat his shoulder

“What are you doing ?”

She jumped in shock “Arianna, you startled me. I want to be like you. We’re in the computer department. I see you are engrossed in your online game. I also want to study. here sit next to me. help me create my account”

I pulled the chair and sat next to her. She shifted and put her laptop in front of me

“Come on, help me create an account”

I logged in to the game and told her while typing “You wanna play with me or .. ?”

She shook her head quickly “No. You’re an expert. I want to play from the beginning. I want to join with people who are just learning, same as me”

After I registered her account. I shifted the laptop back to her

“This is your account Dee2021. Happy playing. If you need my help, you can call me”

I took my clothes and towels then went to the bathroom.

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