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Because today all my assignments have been collected, in the library I open the laptop and log in to the game. I see Adz is online

You were just online or earlier ?

I’m just online

I fought the enemy. Wait here

I immediately fought the monsters and when I won, I immediately put the prize into our equipment box. I see Adz, Terry and Gale are chatting

Gale typing Bro .. you are cheating. You rely on sis-in-law’s strength for your benefit

My wife is very strong. I’m used to rely on her.

Terry typing Bro is ridiculous

I said nothing just reading their chat on the screen. I saw on the screen, an announcement notification appeared.

The announcement for the video contest first winners were Adz and Arie

I saw that the forum was full of people gossiping

Of course Adz will win it, he’s very skilled. No wonder he won that video contest.

I envy Arie. Once she got kicked out by Alex. She fell in Adz’s arms. Look at now she got a lot of luck since she was paired with Adz

Yes. She was so lucky

Has anyone ever seen Adz face ? I saw his profile picture just like that.

Adz is very good, smart and expert

I ignored the comments on the forums. Adz suddenly wrote in a private chat

Let’s go to the match

I move the cursor to where the match took place

Gale typing I see there’s Alex and Cassie. I pray for them

Terry typing Who do you stand for ?

I wish Alex and Cassie are in the last match on our servers before going to the finals.

Adz type Come on Arie. Let’s get inside

Inside we are waiting for the game to start

In 5 minutes the participants must be ready

I see the list and I’m shocked Alex and Cassie are written there. So, tonight for the last game, we have to fight them. I’m so happy. When else I can fight them ? It’s time for me to get revenge because of the video that Alex made at that time. I’m still pissed off about it.

Adz .. Gale really like a fortune teller. See .. We will fight Alex and Cassie

I saw they getting ready in the arena, when about to start I sent a message to Adz

Adz, I’d better fight them. If I can’t defeat them then you help me


I went to the arena and got ready. When the game start, I saw Alex and Cassie log out and leave the arena.

Adz, they run away I gawked at my screen.

Why did they run away ?

Maybe my wife is scary

The winners of this server are Adz and Arie. Two more days of final match between servers. Players please be ready.

I move the cursor outside the match. I see Gale and Terry are still online. Apparently they were waiting for us.

How is the match. Why so fast ? You win ? Gale typing

We won

Sis-in-law in two days is the final match. After the final match we have to celebrate

You really believe me and Adz will win ?

Don’t underestimate brother, sis-in-law

Then before the match I’ll eat a lot so I can compete in the finals

Playing with them is fun. If Adz seems more serious, Gale and Terry are more joking. They complement each other.

Today is the day of the final match. I plan on stay in my room. My class for today is over. When I was sitting at my desk suddenly Lea come into the room and sit on her chair.

“Arianna, I just got money from my parents. Come with me and the others hang out. I haven’t bought clothes in a while because studying for exams and now I was exhausted ” Lea said as she leaned back in the chair.

I closed my book then said “I have to buy a ticket to go home during summer holidays. And I still have the final game tonight. This is the last match that I’ve been waiting for”

Lea got up from her chair and walked over to my desk and sat down at mine. Her face frowned

“Come on, Arianna. It’s been a while since we went out together”

I took a deep breath “But tonight at 8 I have to go back to the dorm”

Lea nodded happily then took my hand “Let’s go now”

I took my bag and embraced her then came out of the room.

I sat on the couch at the boutique with a sigh “So all of you need me to bring your purchase right?”

I saw Dea, Abby and Lea were busy trying on clothes at the boutique. While fixing herself in the mirror, Dea said

“This dress is very nice. Arianna, what do you think?”

I looked away, Dea was annoying sometimes. She ignored my question.

After we finished shopping, we decided to eat hotpot. When we arrived in front of the restaurant we stopped. I saw Adrian there with someone. He wearing suit. He looks handsome. I saw he’s talking to someone and I saw them shake hands. It seems that he just finished a business meeting with someone.

Abby shouted while shaking my hand

“Look everyone ... That’s Adrian. Why did we just come here now? Why didn’t we come sooner ? I’m sure we can eat with him”

I just looked at him from afar. While my friend seemed very enthusiastic to meet Adrian. I saw him walking towards his car and when he opened his door suddenly he turned towards us. His eyes met mine

I saw he smirking at me. I swear his eyes are looking at me. I can’t believe it. I whispered to Dea

“Did Adrian look at me ?” Dea just nodded. She seems ignore my question because she is busy admiring Adrian.

We stared at him until his car was out of our sight. Lea sat on the edge of the restaurant

“Adrian must have just finished a business meeting. My boyfriend in the same dorm with him but all of you can’t tell anyone about what I’m gonna say”

We gathered around her and nodded quickly

“Adrian is building his company and he is looking for funds for his company”

My mind drifted to Adrian, this is his last year on campus. He was extraordinary. He is still young and he has started to build his business. Maybe that’s why I rarely see him on campus because he’s busy building his business. He is very smart, I’m sure he will graduate from college easily.

I feel my stomach is full. I see my watch, it’s already 6 o’clock. I pat my forehead and take my bag. I saw the others were still enjoying their food.

“Guys, sorry I have to go back to the dorm now. I have a match”

Abby while scooping her food said “This fast, Arianna ? Can’t you wait a little longer ?”

I shook my head and stood up “Sorry guys, I can’t be late for the match.”

I turned and walked out of there. I have to hurry to the dorm.

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