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I see my watch, good thing I got to the dorm on time. There’s still 30 minutes left before the match starts. I pull out my laptop from my bag. I have to book a ticket for my return. I know it’s hard to get tickets when the summer holidays start. I have to order from now on if I want to go home. I miss my mom and dad.

Finished ordering tickets, I logged into the game. I move the cursor to the place where the match took place. Nania sent me a message

Hi Arie, you’ve come. This is the last match. I’m sure you and Adz will win it

Thank you, Nania

Do you remember when you and Adz won the video contest ?

What’s the problem with that ?

My mind goes back to when we won the competition


Adz, we won the video competition

Announcement for the first winner of the video competition will be awarded with a couple costume designed by a famous designer

I see on my screen two item appears in my and Adz equipment

Adz typing Open it

The costumes we got were beautiful, especially this is the only one in the game

Gale typing Try it, sis-in-law

I clicked the costume and changed my players costume

Adz typing you are so beautiful

Terry typing Now it’s your turn, bro

I see Adz also change his player costume

Gale typing Guys, you are really a great match but why Adz have a different ribbon ?

I saw Adz players picture, usually he wears a white ribbon. But it’s changed to green. Did the designer already know that Adz would win so he replaced it

I saw Adz change back his player costume

Terry typing Why did you change, bro ? You don’t want to wear the same costume as sis-in-law ? or you ....

Adz typing Arie and I have been married for too long. We don’t need anything like this

I have to go. I have to do my job

I immediately logged out of the game. Even though I only play in the front of my laptop but every time I meet Adz in the game, he can make me blush, my hearts beats faster. He’s like teasing me


Every time I remember that incident, I still blush. Adz really outrageous. Why he always tease me? He made me feel like flying to the seventh heaven. All his compliments always embarrass me.

You know ... After both of you won the prize. Alex contacted me. He asked me if I wanted to help him to ask you. Would you like to give him that special costume ? He said that Cassie really wanted it.

Is that true what you said, Nania ? I didn’t expect Alex to do that.

You know, they have met in the real world and they are already dating. He said if he willing to pay whatever it is to have that costume

Oh really ? Maybe a billion is enough for me

You crazy, Arie. You are so greedy

Because Alex is crazy if he think that I want to give that costume to him

By the way ... Have you and Adz ever met in the real world ?

I’ve never met him

Would you like if one day he asked you to meet ?

Nania, it’s 8 o’clock. It’s time for me to enter the arena

I’m waiting for you here, Arie. I want to be the first to congratulate you on your victory over this couple match

Wish me luck, Nania

I entered the arena, I see Adz is still not online. I immediately send a private message to him

Adz, Where are you ? Why aren’t you online yet ?

I entered the arena. I see adz is still not online I immediately send a private message to him

Adz where are you why aren’t you online yet?

I’ve been waiting 5 minutes but I see he’s still not online either. Until I see,

The match will start in 5 minutes. Players please be ready

I’m sure adz won’t come. I was sad, my heart was broken. I cried in front of my laptop screen. I immediately got out of the arena. I know adz will not come.

Arie, that was fast. Is the match over ?

Nania, Adz didn’t come

Why ?

I don’t know. I have to go

I don’t say anything to Nania. I logged out from the game and closed my laptop. I got up from my chair to the bed. I climbed into the bed and lay my head on the pillow. My tears flow.

Why Adz didn’t come ? Why at an important time like this, when the final match, he didn’t come? Was it just a game that’s why he didn’t think it was important ? So he can come and go as he pleases ?

My heart hurt, I pulled my pillow and covered my face with my pillow. I don’t want when everyone come, they ask me questions or worry when they seeing me cry.

“Arianna, you are asleep ?”

I heard Dea’s voice calling me. She is beside my bed and shakes my pillow. I pretended not to move.

“Dea, don’t disturb Arianna. She is asleep. Maybe her match was over and she was tired” Abby said

I’m sure by now my eyes must be red and swollen. If they see it, I’m sure they’ll be surprised.

That night I really couldn’t sleep. It seemed everyone had slept because the lights had been turned off. I lifted my pillow and sat on my bed. I hugged my feet and put my chin on my knee.

I just don’t get it. Why Adz didn’t come ? All this time he was always online. Is it because this is cyberspace ? Is he playing me ? Or I’m just overreacting about Adz treatment to me ?

I stretched my leg and put my head on the pillow again. I can’t think about this. Tomorrow after class is over, I have to go to the library and study. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about what happened today until darkness consumed me.
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