Little Secrets and Lies

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When Chloe was 15 years old She became pregnant by her father's friend's older son David Webber....It was a mistake...Forced to marry him when she was young and had Zander who is now about to turn 18. Zander's best friend Sam Thornberry falls for Chloe, he is 18 and his feelings he had kept a secret for the last couple of years now start leaking out. When Chloe who hasn't felt love from her husband in so many years her feelings for Sam start to grow, they now have to figure out if they can make it work. (This story has not been edited and is only a rough draft.)

Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1

When I was 15 years old I became pregnant by my father's friend's older son David Webber... it was a mistake... When I turned 16 years old I had our son Zander. I've just turned 34 years old and I've looked after myself unlike my husband who is now an


Both our families had money but David's father was of a big family business name. Due to our families and who they were, it was agreed that David and I were to marry as soon as I turned 18. We did like each other and I thought that we fell in love but over the years he started drinking and with him going away on his business trips and business meetings we grew apart. I concentrated on bringing up our son.

Zander was due to turn 18 years old soon and I intended on throwing him a big house party. His best friend Sam who is already 18, said he would come and help me organise it. Sam has been coming around a lot recently and spending more time over at our house.

"Hi Mrs Webber."

"Sam, I've told you before just call me Chloe."

"Sorry Chloe I still find it hard with you being Zanders mom and all."

"Right what sort of party theme shall we have?"

"Maybe fancy dress?"

"Aren't you both too old for fancy dress?"

"You're never too old for fancy dress."

"Okay so what about a tuxedo and glamour party?"

"How about a beach themed party?"

"Hahaha.... you just want to see all the girls in bikinis."

"No not at all... only maybe one girl."

"Oh, so Sam who is the lucky girl


"I haven't asked her out or anything."

"Maybe you should."

"It's a bit more complicated than that."

"Oh, don't tell me she already has a


"Yeah something like that."

"Awww Sam... you'll find a nice girl soon I'm sure of it, you're such a good looking lad."

I put my arm around his waist and gave him a side hug which he returned.

"How about a 20's themed night you know with all the flappers and gangsters?"

"Yes... that would be amazing Sam we could get the big screen set up in the garden and play old movies as well."

"Kit out your living room and bar area make it look really nice with 20's decor."

"Yes...We did it, now I've already got Zanders birthday present I was wondering what you had got him?"

"Well.... I don't really know yet."

"Come with me."

I grab his hand and pull him with me up stairs.. I lead him to my room, (My husband and I no longer sleep in the same room when he is home. He's either passed out drunk on the couch or if he makes it up to his bed he passes out there)

"Here... I got him tickets to his favourite band that's coming next month, I got these like last year, but I've gone and bought him a watch that he was really wanting now. Would

you like to give him the tickets?"

"Chloe.... that's amazing ...err…"

"You're Zanders best friend and I don't want to be giving him loads of presents so please Sam."

He gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek I find my body sets on fire when he did that.

"Wow thanks Chloe this is really something, he's going to

be so stoked at this."

"Your welcome Sam, you've been a really good friend to Zander."

I can see him looking around the room and noticing that it's only got my stuff in it... I haven't really told anyone that David and I don't sleep in the same room anymore.

"Sorry but it's a very feminine room?" Sam said quizzically.

"I.... I don't share a room with Zanders dad anymore, I haven't for the last 4 years his is at the far end of the

house away from Zander and me."

"Oh.. I'm sorry... I didn't know."

"No I don't really tell people."

I sigh and sit down on my bed and Sam sits next to me.

"We like to keep appearances up you know in front of people but as soon as we are behind closed doors well we

hardly speak to each other any more."

"Zander doesn't say anything."

"Yeah he's a good boy."

"Well if you ever need to speak to anyone... I don't mind…"

He places his hand on my thigh which sends a feeling of electricity surging through my body, it's been a long time since somebody touched me and I felt something, I placed my hand over his and gave it a squeeze.

"You're so sweet Sam.... thank you."

"You know, Thanks so much again for these tickets they are awesome."

"We better head back downstairs."

"Yeah I think Zander will be back soon."

" you home?" Zander shouts out.

"Shit I better hide these."

"Here I'll keep them in this draw till you need to get them."

"Thanks Chloe."

"Up here Zander we're just trying to hide your birthday presents."


"Hey Sam."

"Hey man... we've thought of a theme for your birthday."

"Cool.... what are you thinking?"

I usher them both out of my room and down the stairs. "Let's all get a drink, I could do with one."

Zander looks at us. "You both want a lemonade?"

"Yeah cheers man."

"Perfect sweetheart."

Zander goes off to get us all some lemonade to drink. Sam and I head out to the patio to sit down. I slide on my sunglasses and sit down on one of the loungers, I can see Sam taking a quick glance at my legs then running up my body before he looks away as Zander comes out with our drinks.

We ran through all the ideas for his party, he seemed to like the idea of a 20's theme.

"So we're all set for Saturday night then?"

"Yeah it's going to be a blast."

"I can't wait."

"Yeah my baby is all grown up and being a man."

" don't."

Sam jumps up. "Hey I better go Zander but I'll see you later?"

"Why don't you swing by later tonight? we'll go watch a movie or something? Have a couple of drinks?"

"I'll let you know."

"Ok man see you later."

Sam heads off and it's just Zander and me..

"What do you fancy to eat

tonight Zander?"

"Can we get pizza in, that way if Sam comes back we have food for later as well?"

"Yeah why not."

We order pizza in, and it isn't long before Sam messages Zander to say he is on his way back over. I go open the door as Zander is setting down the pizza and plates.

" must have smelt the pizza arrive."

"Hay Sam"

"Hay Zander. Mmm... smells good."

I'm sure Sam just looked at me when he said that.

"I'm going to get the movie on, mom are you coming?"

"What film are you putting on?"

"Something scary."

"You and your horror movies."

"Come on Chloe it will be funny." Sam smiles.

"I'm not sitting next to Zander as he always tries to jump scare me."


"Put it on and take the pizza through, I'll get some popcorn and beers as well."

"Here I'll give you a hand."

I go and get a big bowl out of the cupboard for the popcorn, I tell Sam to grab some beers out of the fridge.

...........Sam's P.O.V.........

As I get the beer out of the fridge, I watch as Chloe bends over to get a bowl out for the popcorn, she is so nice, I know she is my best friend's mom but these last two years I've known Zander I've totally fallen for her.

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