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Be My Destiny

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Destiny and Adam. Two people with not alike personalities. Destiny is a simple middle class girl. With kind and beautiful heart which makes her most beautiful in and out. She is struggling in life since her childhood for her existance in family and world. Her life is a roller coster ride with good and bad experience. Going through this journey of life she met with some people who made a certain impression and importance in her life. Some of them made her life a bit easy to move further even after so much struggle in her personal and professional life. And some of them gave her a experience of life. Alex Adam is a free spirited, egoistic and a practical guy who live his life at the fullest. Love is not his cup of tea. He is very conscious to get emotionally connect with anyone He is successful in his life and want to explore life more without any boundation. What will happened when these two prople will cross there path in life and which bound them together to spend time with each other with their diffrences.. Will they get connected? What will happened if they will come closer? As it says, 'Opposite Attracts'! Will there be attraction or collision? Stay tune to experience it 😎 Loads of Love ♥ Be happy and stay safe!

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1 - edited

Another day with positive vibes from sunrays and my plan is to spend my day with great start.

After streching and yoga session, I took quick shower and get ready for office. I picked black office trouser with black and white print top, black flat shoes. I dont apply makeup ususally, I use spf cream with eyliner. Which is enough for me to stand out in people. And Yes! my lip gloss. After having a cup of coffe and quick breakfast, I left my place to catch the cab to reach my office on time.

I am working with a reputed company on a good position in Security and Compliance department for ladt 6 years. Though it did not help to increase more zero in my salary in those years. I believe in hard work, not to flatter my seniors to get advantage. I am happy where I am and managing my work and personal life accordingly.

Life sometimes take turn other side against your desire or wishes. So its better to go with the flow and keep your calm with patience. And I am keeping my calm and coping up with daily challengees.

I am 'Destiny Grey".

I looked around and enjoyed morning freshness. Sun is shining bright with cool breeze. Which makes morning more positive.

Today I have a meeting with a new client. Which can become major addition of business for my company. I have to make it possible to get approval for my project on Security & Compliance. I put all my expertise on this project to make it successful.

Destiny!, Destinyy!, Destinyyyy! someone calling me from distance. Which cause me to realized that I almost reached at my office building.

I just came out of my deep thoughts and saw my best friend Anna standing in front of the office building waiting for me.

"Hey Destiny, where were you lost my day dreamer🤩. I have gained attention of whole population around the building to make you come back from your dreamland."

I rolled my eyes and side hug her, "ohh my sweet Ann, this is not only your voice but your beauty, which attracted the people around. And about my day dreaming. I am just enjoying the vibes of new shiny day while walking and also was thinking about today's meeting"

"Thats so true my bestie. They cant resist the beauty like me, the one and only Anna Collins. And you will rock the meeting, you are best at it 🤩" She flick her hair from her shoulder and made a pose.

I chuckled and drag her into office building, "let's go my beauty queen otherwise we will get late and when manager will scold you then your beauty will get fade due to stress."

Because of our beauty talk only 5 mintues left to punch the card and reach our desk in time.

Today I have a presentation for a new client to represent how our company manage Security and Compliance. I am a bit nervous because its a new client and also I have heard the CEO is very picky and strict about process and policies. I have to batter well prepare myself with extra questions to answer. So I am documenting all do and donts as per the information gather about new clients requirements, to clear the doubts of new client and get this contract in first attempt.

I was busy with my preparation, suddenly there is some kiosk on my floor and my best friend came to my desk in a very bubbly mood, "Hey Destiny, the new client has arrived and he is so damn hot and handsome like model, totally edible I must say,."

"Eww, Ann stop it." I cringed on her comment. She laugh like a mad women and squeez my shoulder.

"You lucky babe! you will get chance to be in the same room with that hottie and will also get chance to talk to him.

May be you will fall in love! Ohhh...may be love at first site or he will got struck by your beauty🥰.

"What say! " by saying this she just saw me with her twinkling eyes.

I just shook my head with a chuckle and asked her to go to her desk, "Ok! Misss cupid. Now stop your mission love and do your work."

Before going to her desk she whisper in my ear "Best of luuuuuck for Adam Alex bestie." she wink and went forward to her desk.

I gave a small smile to Anna and roll my eyes. While gathering necessary documents and my laptop for the presentation, I had one thought in my mind,

"Who is this 'Adam Alex'!?"

What will happened when Destiny Grey and Adam Alex face each other. What will be their Destiny. Will they create their own love or hatered story? Lets find in the journey of Destiny and Adam's eventful intresting life😍

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