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Saving Dylan // Sample

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The world always seems to come to Dylan Wilson on a silver platter. He is the oldest of four boys and is the apple of his mother's eye. But what his picture perfect family doesn't see is, the real Dylan. Dylan's bad boy ways typically get him whatever he wants, until a new girl shows up and gives him the cold shoulder. Dylan becomes obsessed with destroying her, inside and out. Will Dylan corrupt and ruin the new innocent that accidentally falls into his path? Or will her sweet ways charm him into being the man his parents hoped him to be.

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Chapter 1



"SHIT," I mumble as mom softly knocks on my door.

I shove my hard dick under the covers along with my phone, which's playing a super hot video of girl on girl.

"Yeah, mom. I'm up," I say, so she doesn't open the door.

"Okay, baby. Remember Curt's car is in the shop, so you are driving him and Colt," she calls as she heads away from my door.

"Fuck," I mumble. My hard-on is long gone. I have to drive my geek-ass brothers today.

For some reason, my parents thought it was a great idea to have kids back to back. So although I am the oldest, there are only 11 months between Curt and I. Curt and Colt are the closest at ten months apart, and then the baby is Ian. He is 18 months younger than Colt.

I hate it. They surround me all the time, making me feel claustrophobic. Curt learned long ago to stay out of my way at school, but Colt and Ian still trail behind like annoying puppies sometimes. Now both the little idiots will be in my car. Ugh.

I get up and get dressed, feeling moody already. My brothers are little angels, and although my parents clump me into the angel category, I am far from it. I smirk. My parents would die of shock if they actually knew their little boy.

I look at myself in my full-length mirror while styling my hair. I got my mom's hair and eyes which is nice since she is a beautiful woman. And my dad's athletic form. Which comes in handy with the ladies and football. My black t-shirt is tight enough to show off my arms and shoulders, which should make the sluts at school drool.

I pat my pockets and check if I am missing anything: phone, keys, and lighter. Check. I head out of my room to the table for breakfast. Mom insists on family time, so every morning, we are required to have breakfast together. Something that stems from her childhood, apparently. The only thing that I know is the stupid breakfast makes me wake up thirty freaking minutes before needed.

I slam my 6'2" frame into the wooden chair, and mom sends me a glare. I mumble an apology as Curt rolls his eyes. I just smirk at him. Little nose bleed is always jealous of me and how I can get out of things.

Although mom's breakfast tradition is annoying, her food is fantastic. Bacon, sausage, waffles, and scrambled eggs. There is no wonder why all four of her sons are enormous. Even Ian is tall. He is closing in on 5' 10", and the kid is in junior high.

I pick up my orange juice and look at the TV, trying to drown my chattering family out. When dad comes into the room, I glance over to see my mom's face. I always watch mom when dad comes around. I like seeing her cool-colored eyes sparkle at her husband. Like he walks on water and poops gold or something. I always tell my buddies I will never settle down, but truthfully, I would kill to have someone look at me the way mom looks at dad. But all the girls I have met look at me with lust or fear. They want me, but they know I am a heartbreaker.

Finally, the two weasels riding with me are ready, so we load up in my GMC extended cab. I love my 2019 truck. It is beautiful and big. I call her my Big Bitch or BB when my parents are around. She is red, shiny, and has a spacious back seat. I crank up my music to drown out my two little brothers from talking.

As soon as we get to school, Curt and Colt scurry away, which almost makes me smile. Curt and Colt aren't new to my school persona. Curt is a junior, and Colt is a sophomore, so they have had a few years to get accustomed to my cold shoulder antics. Although they never have to worry about someone messing with them. I would kill my friends if they did. Only I can beat up the two little "angels," as mom calls them.

Bradley approaches with a smirk. "Ready for senior year," he asks, already smoking, liking a chimney.

I grunt, not taking my eyes off of a couple of giggling girls—just our speed, overly giggly and eager to become popular. Bradley follows my gaze and throws his still lit stick towards the gravel.

We tail the girls for about five minutes before they get to their lockers. I smirk. They are in the junior hall, so they aren't too young. Bradley bumps my shoulder and gestures towards the brunette, claiming her for his own, and I nod. Little miss box dye red is mine.

"Well, hello ladies," Bradley says, flashing his dimpled cheek, and they both practically swoon.

I force myself not to roll my eyes. So dull, so easy, and so slutty. Both girls have layers of nasty foundation, which I hate, and too tight of clothes that show off their skinny figures that they have gotten from extreme diets, not exercise. Still, I need a lunch date. I lean against the closed locker next to red. She blushes and giggles a little bit, and I purposefully bite my lip. Flashing her my perfect white teeth.

"What's your name red," I ask softly, so I don't disturb my wingman and his game.

"Marla," she says with a hair flip

"Well, Marla,..." I say before I am rudely interrupted.

"Can you move, please. I need in my locker," a soft voice says from behind me, and I spin around, ready to tell the little nobody to go to hell. But what meets my eyes has me changing tactics.

A slim blonde with an incredibly sexy girl next door look is standing there looking frustrated. Her loose ponytail and deep blue eyes scream, "ravish me." But the younger brother standing guard behind her tells me "to go to hell."

I chuckle at his expression. It looks like Little Curt has called dibs. Time to mess with him.

"What's your name, doll," I ask, forgetting about the fake redhead.

"That's not your concern. Can you please move," she asks again, and I smirk. Nice, a challenge.

I reach my hand out and grab her silky ponytail. I let the strands slide through my fingers.

"Let's make it my concern," I say, glancing at my brother, whose eyes widen. He goes to move between us right as little miss beauty queen replies.

"Okay," she whispers, and then the little bitch tries to knee me in the nuts.

Luckily for me, I am tall and wasn't facing her completely. Unlucky for me is, I forgot to close the open porn window on my phone. Little miss, too good to share her name, hits it directly with her knee, and the whole hall erupts in loud moans.

Everyone freezes, including myself. Curt grabs blondie's hand and tugs her away as quickly as possible, and Bradley begins to laugh. I reach into my pocket and press the side button, silencing the two girls going at each other.

For the first time in years, my cheeks are flaming with embarrassment. I can not believe she tried to knee me. Little half pint is going to wish she had just let me flirt by the time I am done paying her back for humiliating me.

The first periods of the day breeze by. The female teachers love me, so I typically only have to smile at them to get out of stuff. Plus, today is the first day, so it's paperwork and syllabus in every class.

When lunch gets here, I head to my usual table without bothering to join the line. I will have one of my girls get it for me. I scan the area looking for my brother. Knowing him, he acted like a complete gentleman when he rescued Miss. No Name.

Sure enough, she is tucked safely by his side, surrounded by his friends and my other brother. They are all laughing and looking genuinely happy, which for some reason, spikes my jealousy.

I look at my group of superficial friends and almost wince at the hateful looks being passed around by the girls. The bored expressions on the guy's faces say it all. We have slept with everyone at the table, and now it's just drama. The girls fight over which of us they like best and are fake nice to each other.

When Bradley shows up with the two wannabes from this morning, all the guys straighten up. Fresh meat awakens their senses better than the food on the lunch menu. I smirk, forgetting the table of happy faces. I bet even though I gave red the cold shoulder, she will still fall for me over the others.

"Marla, come sit here, baby," I say with a slight order in my tone, patting my leg.

She blushes but immediately does what she is told. Making the other guys raise their eyebrows. I wink at Eric and Zane, and they roll their eyes before smirking. They don't mind seconds.

Marla shares her lunch with me, and I share the backseat of my truck with her.

I'm smoking an after cum cig when Curt exits the school reminding me of the nameless blonde. I grind the discarded cigarette under my boot before spraying the truck with febreeze. If the weasels tell mom I smoke, I am dead. Her mom died due to lung cancer, and she is very strict when it comes to smoking.

As soon as Curt hops into the passenger seat, he sends me a hard glare.

"You know it would kill mom if she finds out you smoke right," Curt says with disgust.

I make a show of rolling my eyes at him. "It was Bradley, chill," I lie

"Whatever," my brother says, watching Colt head this way.

"So who was your little girlfriend," I ask, leaning against my doorframe to face him.

I observe him as he works through what he is willing to tell me about her. He is a looker. Girls his grade and lower probably drool over him as they do me. His brown hair looks like dad's, but somehow he got green eyes, not the trademark hazel like grandma, our aunts, and dad.

"She got here at the beginning of summer. You would know if you were attending dad's youth class. She has been in there all summer long. She isn't like your normal bimbos. She won't fall for your immature tricks," Curt said with a smirk as Colt jumps in the truck.

"We'll see," I mumble, but Curt definitely hears me.

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