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Present day girl pressured into early marriage. Life is everything predicted as she believed it to be. Rejected by her husband and lonely she struggles alone. Will she find a way out? Or stay in a family approved loveless marriage out of duty?

Romance / Thriller
A. Marie
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College, 1st day


Shoot! Everyone has a laptop and cell phone but me...how do they afford all this crap?

Looking around the outdoor court yard of students scattered at various tables looked more like junior business associates than first and second year college students. Girls were in black dress pants with button up shirts. Guys wore Pollo shirts popped collars with dress pants.

Well, this is NOTHING like high school!

Starting my first day of college was a little like being lost on a familar highway. You've seen the side roads leading off the highway, but no clue where they end up taking you. So, I stayed straight ahead trying to focus on where I needed to be.

American History 101, Harrison Hall, Room 205. Professor Woods.

It was already hot this morning as I started up the steps of Harrison Hall. Opening the heavy metal door I noticed my cotton t-shirt started to cling to the small of my back just over my jeans.

Great! I haven't even found my first class and I'm already sweaty! Please deodorant don't fail me now...105, 105...okay its down the hall and to the right.

The room was full. American History was a popular course, or required course for everyone on campus. This should be fun. Nearly all the seats were taken so, I found one of four left towards the back. The liberal, tree hugging, Mary j smoking hippy turned professor strolled in and immediately began using words I'd never heard.

How am I ever going to understand what he is even talking about! Asshole! First day and he's already assigned 40 page chapter of the textbook I don't yet own and demands a paper written about how we "feel". Go to college they said, it will be fun they said! My parents didn't work 3 jobs and live life on a $1200 a month budget!

That was to be repeated over 3 times for the remainder of my day. Four classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays I'd be cleaning at the hospital, making deliveries for the print job and serving pizzas at the restaurant.

I don't have time for love. I have goals...

By the time I drove back to my little apartment my head ached. My clothes were soaked and I wanted a shower desperately. My roommates and I didn't get along so I quickly slipped past the living room straight upstairs to the bathroom. Hopefully there is still enough hot water. I hurried to get in.

Mmmmmmm, this is Heaven. Scolding hot water, bubbles and just me. No work, no papers and absolutely no guy to worry about.

As I slipped the wash cloth over my breasts, I remembered how good it felt to be touched. Dillon my cheating ex boyfriend from high school came to mind...his hands were soft but clumsy and at first his inexperience was adorable. They were all fun for the first year or so. I dated two guys in the last four years. It was fun but not worth all the drama. I did miss the sex.

I had felt like a blank sheet of paper today on campus. No friends, no love life, and unnoticeable. Almost colorless...
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