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Hungry for more


The insistent noise of a vacuum cleaner woke me this morning and I got up in a sitting position. Dazed, I glanced around to find the source of the annoying noise only to find nothing.

“Morning.” I turn around to see Xavier coming out of his walk-in closet, dressed in a buttoned-down shirt, rolling his sleeves up as he makes his way towards me.

My, oh my. My gaze sticks to his bulging biceps as the shirt fits tightly, the slight peek of his chest as the first two buttons are undone.

What a sight so early in the morning.

My stomach decides that now is the perfect time to let out a deafening growl.


“For you? Always,” I smirk as his lips form into a thin line but I also catch the tips of his ears turning a shade of red.

He rolls his eyes. “I called housekeeping to clean your room while you were asleep. Breakfast should be here soon. Why don’t you take a shower?”

“Are you subtly telling me that I stink?”

“It’s not subtle if I say it to your face. You definitely stink.”

I pout. “But I don’t have anything to change into.”

The ringing of a phone cuts his remark off as he gestures towards his walk-in closet. “You can borrow my clothes.” With the phone pressed to his ear, he walks out of the room to talk in private.

My grin widens as I make my way towards his closet. After rummaging for a while, I decide on a simple black t-shirt that seems too long and a pair of grey sweatpants.

His washroom seems to consist of black tiles all over the interior. I switch on the shower and the gentle stream from the multiple shower-heads soothe my skin.

I’ve never been one to shower with warm water so I stand under the cool liquid and heave a sigh.

The fact that my parent’s death was planned wasn’t the only thing I learned yesterday.

My suspicion of me being an illegitimate child was also confirmed. According to Giovanni, Mom had made a drunken mistake and when Dad had found out, he accepted me with the condition that I will never be treated the same as Alex.

No wonder the guy hated me. I was a reminder that his wife was unfaithful to him.

But what hurt most was that I never thought my mother was capable of such a thing. Someone who taught me the importance of loyalty and honesty—how could she have committed such an act?

In my rage, I had almost started to hate the woman who loved me the most until Xavier had uttered those words to me.

“You’re not alone.”

Despite my father being an asshole, my mother never made me feel alone. I was loved.

She made a mistake but she regretted it till the day she died.

Mr. Scarlett may have been a bad father, but he was an amazing husband just like Mom had been a great mother...but she failed to be a good wife.

And the way she tied to rectify that mistake was by teaching me to be a person she wished she could have been.


I come out of the shower smelling like Xavier. The shirt falls to my mid-thigh and I had to ditch the sweatpants because even after cuffing them at the hips, they were slipping off.

“Breakfast just arri—” Xavier gulps visibly at the sight of me coming out of the shower. For a vague second, I feel self-conscious about myself but I push the thought at the back of my mind.

I slowly make my way towards him until we’re a few inches apart. He takes a step back on instinct and I step closer. A few more steps and his legs collide with the side of the bed as he stumbles into a sitting position.

My smirk widens as my eyes feast on him like a hungry predator. His reaction is making me more aroused than I thought was possible.

“Xavier,” I whisper as I slide my hands over his shoulders. My thighs move to either side of him as I lower myself onto his lap.

My long, damp hair falls around the side of his face and onto his chest as I gently drag my nails over the front of his shirt and straddle his thighs.

His stormy eyes darken with the promise of pleasure as he lets me have my way.

“Am I making you flustered?”

“No.” His hoarse voice is a striking contrast to the word. I move closer and wrap my arms around his neck, this time straddling closer to his crotch.

With nothing but my underwear beneath the shirt, I feel his manhood hardening against my touch making me gasp slightly.

Xavier’s hands grip my hips, fingers digging into my flesh through the t-shirt.

“Thea, don’t play games with me,” his strained voice makes my core clench, and the way his pupils are dilated with lust is making me want to rip his clothes off.

“I’m not playing, sweetheart.”

His grip tightens. “Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

Moving my lips an inch from his, I whisper, “Who says I want to stop?”

I search his gaze for permission before I see his restraints slip and he answers me by crashing his lips with mine.

I freeze for a second, unable to comprehend what just happened before his mouth moves against mine and I give in to the kiss.

His mouth devours mine in a heated hunger as if he wants to consume my very being and I return with equal fervor. His tongue swipes over my bottom lip and I let him in.

Our tongues clash in dominance as my hands make their way to his buttons, popping them open one by one before I start tracing his hard chest as I had been wanting to all morning.

My touch glides over every dip and curve of his body, making my way from his chiseled chest, down his defined pecs to right above his belt before moving back up.

Xavier’s warm hands make their way up my thigh, grazing my skin with his rough touch as they make their way up my sides.

We pull away when the need for air becomes too much but Xavier doesn’t waste any time as his lips start placing open-mouthed kisses to my jaws.

I throw my head back in pleasure when his lips find their way down the side of my throat until he finds the sweet spot between my shoulder and neck.

My fingers make their way into his soft, raven strands and I tug on them when he starts sucking on the tender spot while his hands pull me closer by the waist.

A breathy moan escapes my lips when he gently bites into my flesh making me grind my hips against his growing bulge.

He groans against my neck before pulling the neckline of the shirt down to prep kisses down my chest until the shirt doesn’t extend downwards anymore.

With an impatient grunt, his hands move to the hem of my shirt to pull it off.

“Xavier! Are you in there?” A knock coming from his door makes us both freeze as we stare at each other wide-eyed.


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