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The boy with raven hair


“Infestations. Crawling all around me,” Lily grimaces at the sight of innumerable rowdy teenagers pushing against each other so they can buy the chocolate pudding that is served only once every week.

The food in our cafeteria isn’t exactly edible most of the time, however, the chocolate pudding is to die for.

“I’ll go up front to see if I can get us some. You find a table.” A look of determination settles in her ocean blue eyes as she elbows someone in the gut to get through.

My lips curl slightly in amusement before I scan around for empty tables. While doing so, my gaze rests on a certain table—the popular one. In the three years that I’ve been in this school, never have I ever seen those four boys apart.

I tear my gaze away from them and spot the mop of pink hair belonging to my best friend. Lily has been the most amazing best friend one can ask for, and I desperately wish we’ll stay like this in the future as well.

She twists her head around to give me a look that conveys the deep disgust she is feeling from the sweaty teens surrounding her. It must stink. Her over-exaggerated action of puking makes me chuckle to myself as she turns back around to buy the pudding.

I spot a free table and make a move towards it. A few feet before I reach there, someone bumps my shoulder.

As soon as I’m about to hit the ground, an arm snakes around my waist, steadying me. I can feel the heat burning through my clothes from the muscled arm that surrounds my body.

I stand up straight and lock eyes with the one who just saved me from falling on my ass.

“Are you alright?” His deep voice captivates my attention as I stare into the deep green orbs of none other than Dylan Reed, our school’s most named playboy.

The space between us is so thin, I can feel his breath on my face as his eyes search for any injuries.

“Yeah,” I say as I move a step away from him, “I’m alright. Thank you.”

He gives me a stunning smile and I see why everyone falls for him. His green eyes light up as they regard me with a kind of adoration.

He brings his head down, his face inches from mine. “You’re cute when you’re flustered, Thea.” My name rolls off his tongue smoothly and my stomach churns as I feel my heartbeat fasten.

I may not be the most famous person in this school but a good lot of them still know me. Simply as their classmate.

A shiver runs down my spine and goosebumps rise on my skin...and I don’t like it.

His face is close...too close for comfort and I’m itching to get away from his gaze which regards me as some quest that he needs to fulfill.

I can see why everyone falls for him but I also see how he breaks their heart and, honestly, I’m not into people who don’t respect personal space.

So, I take another step back and then another. “Thank you, again, but I should go now.”

Without waiting to see his reaction, I turn around and exit the cafeteria while texting Lily to meet me outside.

When I’m away from everyone, I inhale deeply before slowly letting go. The sinking feeling in my stomach ebbs away and I watch Lily jogging up to me.


Disappointment fills me as I stare at the pages filled with doodles instead of the notes that I should be copying from the board. If this continues, I’m going to fail my class.

Just as a glimmer of determination shines through and I decide I will jot down the lecture, my gaze lands on the clock. Two minutes left to go.

Well then. No point trying if I can’t make it in time.

Bored of drawing doodles, I settle on scanning my surroundings. Most of the students are zoned out while some have fallen asleep. Only a few in the front are actually paying attention to the class.

And then my gaze settles on a raven head directly in front of me and my eyes widen in recognition. Holy shit!

Even with his head down, I recognize Xavier Darkwood right away. How come I only noticed him now? His broad shoulders form a contrast to how his head is turned downward between his shoulders, one of his hands is moving rapidly, probably scribbling down the notes.

Out of those four popular boys, he has always intrigued me the most. Maybe it’s because he’s the least noticed of them all—or maybe it’s the look in his eyes.

Whatever it is, I don’t get the time to dwell on it because the bell rings. The sound of chairs scraping against the floor and the loud chatter of students fill the room as I shove my belongings in my bag.

As I’m about to move, something on the floor catches my eyes. I bent down to pick up the fallen notebook and open the first page to confirm the owner. Doodles much like mine are drawn all over the pages with a few notes here and there.

A smile makes its way onto my face without me knowing. The name Xavier Darkwood is scrawled on a top corner which further widens my grin. It’s not much but it’s an excuse to at least start a conversation with the guy and so I run outside in hopes of catching him.


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