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Giving in


If I thought the kiss was going to be gentle, I was a hundred percent wrong. His lips devour me like he’s been parched for way too long and I’m his salvation.

Xavier’s hands come around my waist, pulling me flush against him and my hands make their way into his soft locks.

“We need to get away from here,” he murmurs against my lips.

“Don’t you have to get back to Blondie?”

“I don’t know who that is but right now I need you. Let’s talk tomorrow.” I nod, not finding my voice to reply with.

He takes my hand and we nearly run to the elevator. Once inside, he slams my back against the cold metal as his lips come crashing down to mine, his hands moving up my right thigh where the slit lets him access my skin.

By the time we make it to his room, we’re tearing at each other’s clothes. He takes his suit off but before he can do the same with his shirt, I grab his tie and pull him to me, lips clashing.

My back hits the wall as his hands roam over my sides, the thin material of my dress does nothing to hide the warmth of his hands.

“Thea,” his hoarse voice makes me open my eyes only to realize how dark his are with lust. “I’m not going to be gentle. So if you need me to stop, anytime, you tell me.”

I give him a grin. “I don’t want it any other way.”

His lips meet mine again, claiming my body as his hands move to the back of my dress, pulling the zipper own. His fingers graze my skin along the way leaving me burning with need.

I feel my core clench when his thigh moves between my legs, the friction causing me to moan against his mouth. The straps fall off my shoulder and down to the floor as I step out of it.

His eyes take in my bare chest, gliding over every curve, and dip as if he’s in awe. As I move to remove my heels, he shakes his head. “Leave them on.”

He picks me up without warning and places me on his bed as I lie under him in nothing but my thong and heels.

Xavier crawls over me, dipping down to kiss me again while my hands move to loosen his tie and pop the buttons of his shirt open.

Once I’ve managed to get the shirt off him, he pulls away slightly. “You trust me?”

I look into his stormy eyes and give him my honest answer by nodding my head.

“Words, Thea.” The way he says my names causes a shiver to travel up my spine.

“I trust you.”

“Good. Now, do as I say like a good girl.”

Before I have a chance to question him, he pulls his tie over my eyes and uses it as a makeshift blindfold. Nothing but darkness graces my vision but I feel him. Everywhere.

I feel his soft lips on the side of my neck, making me tilt my head back to give him access. I groan when I feel his fingers dragging along my bare side and his mouth sucks on the sweet spot.

Wetness pools between my legs and the feel of his hardness pressing against my thigh don’t help either.

His lips descend from my neck over my chest until he reaches the swell of my breast. Taking one of my buds in his mouth, he sucks on my nipple before swirling his tongue over it. One of his hands grabs my other nipple and pinch it between his fingers, making me arch my back slightly in pleasure.

He repeats the same to my other breast, leaving me gasping for more.

When I try to touch him, he clasps both my hands in his and pins them to my sides before dragging his lips down my body.

Once he reaches my thong, I feel his teeth grazing my skin as he pulls the fabric off with his mouth.

Not being able to see or touch him, make me even more aroused as my body burns with the need to have him inside me.

Both his hands grab hold of each of my thighs and pull them over his shoulders before I feel his hot breath against my core.

“Xavier, please,” my voice comes out strained and he doesn’t wait another moment because the next thing I know, my hips buckle against his hold as his mouth latches onto my clit, sucking the life out of me.

I almost sit up with the way my back arches but his hands around my thighs keep me steady. My senses seem to have heightened as I nearly scream his name when I feel the tip of his tongue entering my dripping entrance.

He groans against me and the vibrations send me crashing as a wave of orgasm hits me. Xavier laps up my juices as if it’s his last meal before kissing his way over my stomach and upwards until I feel his lips on mine again.

I taste myself on him as his lips capture mine. He sucks on my tongue and I shiver under him.

The cloth on my eyes is pulled off and it takes a moment for my vision to adjust before my gaze lands on stormy eyes. His pupils are dilated with lust and I’m sure mine are the same.

His hand moves to the drawer on his bedside table.

“I’m on the pill,” I answer before I kiss him again wanting to taste him.

He nods against me as I feel the tip of his shaft against my sleek folds, rubbing against my entrance.

“Xavier, I—oh!”

He thrusts in without warning, filling me to the brim and I realize how big he is. My walls clench around him desperately as I scream his name when he starts moving.

He groans against my shoulder, biting the flesh. “You feel so good.”

A few slow thrust makes me get used to his size before pleasure takes over my body making my eyes roll back.

When he said he wasn’t going to be gentle, he wasn’t kidding.

The pace with which he slams inside of me makes me fear he might just rip me apart but I’m too drowned in pleasure to care anymore.

I scream his name like a record on repeat as the bed creaks underneath our force, my nails scratching his back making sure to leave marks.

Abruptly, he pulls out making me whimper at the sudden emptiness but then he grabs both of my legs and flips me around so that I’m lying on my stomach.

His muscular arm wraps around my waist and he pulls me up in a sitting position on his lap—my back to his chest while my legs rest beside his thighs, spread wide open.

Xavier enters me again, this time reaching deeper than before, deeper than I thought was possible. While one of his hands stay wrapped around my waist, the other wounds around my neck, squeezing gently but firmly.

I throw my head back to rest on his shoulder as I feel my walls clench tighter around him.

“You really like it rough, don’t you? I can feel you tightening around my cock.”

His husky voice makes me even more aroused. The hand on my waist make their way downwards until his long fingers are rubbing my clit while he thrusts in and out of me like a raging animal.

My eyes close and I scream at the intensity as my mind seems to blur everything out except for his touch and the way he’s making me feel.

His hot breath fans my shoulder and teeth graze the lobe of my ear. “Come.”

His demand sends me doubling over in pleasure as I come around his shaft. My orgasm triggers his own before I feel warmth coating my walls.

Xavier moans against my skin as he comes, both of us panting.

We stay like that, not moving from our position and simply taking in each other’s presence.

A few moments pass by before he pulls out of me.

Noticing me eyeing his already erect manhood, he lets out a deep chuckle before kissing me. “You didn’t think I’m done with you, did you? I’m just getting started.”

I look up at him through my lashes and offer him a smirk. “Give me five minutes and I’ll be good to go again.”

He laughs before pulling me closer. “That’s my girl.”



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