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Virgin eyes


My fingers trace the ink on Xavier’s arm, brushing in a feather-light touch along the way before burying themselves into his hair. The contented sigh that escapes him in his sleep makes me smile.

I woke up with his arms wrapped around me, holding me tight. Glancing around the room, I spot the discarded clothes on the floor and the messy sheets where we fucked all night.

The ache between my legs tell me I won’t be walking straight for quite some time and yet I don’t regret anything. Sliding my way out of his hold, I pick up his shirt from the floor and pull it on my body.

Too big for me, the shirt reaches till mid-thigh, while my arms seem to be swallowed by the sleeves. Leaving the first two buttons open, I get up to finish my morning business.

When I make it back to the room again, Xavier is already up with his back against the headboard. My hungry gaze immediately takes in his naked form, making their way down his toned physique before coming to rest right where the blanket is hiding his lower part.

A disappointed sigh escapes my lips before I can do anything about it, making him smirk.

“Come here,” he says with his arms outstretched, his voice husky from sleep.

On instinct, my body follows his command and I settle myself on his lap, facing him and taking the opportunity to run my hands along his body like I’ve wanted to since last night.

My touch glides over every muscle in his chest. I shift in his lap and the blanket over his lower region moves away. Due to wearing nothing but his shirt, I feel his erection rubbing against my moist clit prying a moan from me.

His muscles stiffen under my hold and his breath turns heavy. “Thea.” My name sounds like a strained warning.

Without thinking I roll my hips grinding against him, skin to skin, and his head falls to my shoulder while his fingers pop the buttons open until my stomach.

He pushes the shirt over my shoulders, exposing the bare skin before I feel his mouth on my collar bone, sucking and licking at the spot.

I throw my head back when his hands grip my waist and help me grind over his cock more forcefully, teasing my senses.

Everything blurs out of focus as the only thing registering in my mind is the pleasure racking through my body at the moment.

My hands roam over his smooth chest before I drag my nails across his back and from the back to his neck down the front. He shivers under my touch and his grip on me tightens to the point where his fingers dig into my hip almost painfully.

“Now, Xavier.”

He heeds my request by sliding into me as I take him to hilt, his size filling me to the brim making me gasp. Despite being at it all night, my insides clench around him like a greedy bitch, wanting everything he has to offer.

Xavier doesn’t waste another second as his hands grab my ass and help me ride him at a pace that has me screaming again. The sound of flesh slapping against each other and my loud moans fill the room.

He bites down on my nipple making me gasp and I roll my hips again causing him to groan against my chest.

Before I can even think what’s happening, my body is in the air as Xavier carries me from the bed and slams my back against the wall beside it. My legs wrap themselves around his waist as he thrusts into me faster than before, rocking my body along with his in a rhythm.

He tears the rest of the buttons open and hoists me up as he places the ankles of my legs on his shoulder while his hands grip my ass. With a sudden decrease in speed, he pulls in and out of me at a teasing pace make me whimper as my core aches for him.

With no warning, he suddenly thrusts into me so hard, my head bumps against the wall behind me but the pleasure takes over for me to feel any pain.

I desperately drag my nails over his shoulder, my body begging for release.

“Not yet, Thea. I’m not done with you.”

I moan in annoyance when he pulls out again but this time my back collides with the soft mattress of the bed and he’s over me in a heartbeat, tracing his lips over my skin as his fingers trail over every inch of my naked body.

He’s back inside me again and my eyes roll back when the intensity of every build up tension hit me at once while he places both my legs over his shoulders again.

“Xavier, I—I need—shit!”

“Not yet.”

His thrusts turn forceful to the point the bed starts creaking in complain.


He doesn’t reply but instead bites down hard on my breast, sending a tremble through my entire being.

“Now. Come with me, Thea.”

My mouth forms an ‘o’ in a silent scream as I orgasm around his shaft, clenching tighter. With one last thrust, he follows right after, his pace slowing to a halt before he slumps against me.

Our sweaty bodies cling together as we pant, coming down from the high.

“Oh my God! My eyes! MY VIRGIN EYES!”


Let me know what you think of the chapter and also who do you think this person is?

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