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Still with me


His lips capture mine in a hungry kiss, earning a moan from me when I feel his tongue gliding over the seam of my lips seeking entrance.

His warm hands move under my shirt before pulling it over my head and resuming our kiss.

I had thought Xavier would run for the hills when he realizes how messed up my emotional state can be. Instead, he’s here, kissing me, holding me. He’s still here. With me.

And I can’tget enough of him.

By the way his fingers are digging into my skin, I’d say he can’t wait to have his way with me either.

And like the desperate bitch I am at the moment, I give in to his demands without hesitation.

I realize how much I truly trust him.

My back hits the wall, his mouth moving towards my breasts. Unclasping my bra, he slides it off my body before moving down, taking my shorts off.

“Xavier, what—” Using his arms, he moves both my thighs on his shoulders, mouth near my core, warm breath hitting the sensitive skin.

I hiss and throw my head back, hitting the wall in the process. He kisses up my inner thighs, moving his way up but never where I want him.

“Xavi, please.” My voice turns to a moan when I feel his tongue on my dripping core. “Oh!”

His mouth latches onto the folds, sucking, nipping. I almost lose it when I feel his teeth slightly grazing against my clit.

My eyes roll back, legs shaking when I feel his tongue entering me.

“God! You’re addicting.” The vibration of his voice travels through my insides, coiling my nerves in a delicious bundle.

One of his hands moves up to grab my exposed breast, pinching my nipple. And it’s enough to trigger a release.

My vision flashes, head thrown back, body trembling as a shattering orgasm consumes me turning my mind blank.

He gently places my legs back on the ground as I pant, removing his hands to unzip his pants. With a single tug, his shirt moves over his head as he stands in front of me in all his naked glory, giving me a full view of his mouth-watering body.

My gaze drinks his appearance like a thirsty bitch. “Fuck me.”

“I intend to,” he steps closer, mouth whispering near my ear, “real good.”

I gasp when I feel a sting on my ass from his hand. He slaps them again before rubbing the ache away. Clenching my ass, he hoists me up, my legs wrapping themselves around his narrow waist, bringing us closer than possible.

Xavier uses his hand to rub his cock against my entrance, going back and forth, spreading my juices till my entrance is sleek enough for him to slide in easily.

He enters me slowly, not once hurrying his pace making me groan in desperation. “Tell me what you want.”

“I want you inside me.”

“What was that again?”

“Ugh, I want you to fuck me! Now!”

He thrusts in so hard my head hits the wall with a thump, nails scratching at his shoulders and digging into his biceps as he rams into me at a speed that has me seeing stars.

“Thea, you’re clenching around me so tight,” he groans against my neck, moving down to take my nipple into his mouth. His other hand grabbing my other breast, pinching and pulling at it.

Fast. Hard. Rough. That’s how it is with him and I love every second of it.

His touch leaves me gasping, unable to collect my thoughts together but I don’t want to be coherent now.

“Please, I—it’s too much,” I splutter as I feel him rubbing against my insides, the pressure becoming too much for me to make sense of anything but him.

He’s all I feel. His soft grunts, rough yet somehow comforting touch.

And then he pulls out.

I whimper with need, frustrated with the sudden emptiness. I was so close.


“Get on the bed, turn around and bend over.” His commanding voice almost makes me cum then and there but I do as he says. I get on the bed on my knees, my ass hanging in his vision.

His hand comes down and sting spreads through, making me moan at the sensation. He kneads my soft flesh before entering me from behind.

My fingers clench around the bedsheets, knuckles turning white as he pumps into me mercilessly.

Somehow he manages to reach even deeper, hitting my g-spot over and over, making me weak all over.

I scream his name like a mantra, burying my face in the sheets, biting at them to keep my voice at bay.

His hands fist around my hair in a firm yet gentle grasp as he pulls my face away from the sheets. “I want to hear you scream my name, Thea. Let me hear you.”

With my head held back like that, he slams into me with a force that has me pleading him...for what, I don’t know.

Seeming to hear my deepest desire, he lets go of my hair and moves his hand to rub my clit.

It doesn’t take long for me to come around his cock, with him following soon after.

I slump on the bed when he pulls out of me and climbs in beside me.

His gentle stroke moves a strand of hair from my tired face and I give him a beaming smile, moving closer to peck his lips.

“I like you too much.”

That makes my smile widen. “I like you too much as well.”


I hum under my breath as I place my books inside the locker. School just ended a few minutes ago and I can’t wait to go home.

As I turn around to leave, something blocks my vision. “Shit! You scared me.” I place my hand on my chest, as I stare up at the person I least expected to see. “Xavier’s not here.”

“Actually,” Cole shifts on his feet, hand rubbing the back of his neck as he avoids eye contact, “I’m here to talk with you...if that’s alright.”


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