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Did I really break him?

“Why the fuck are you smiling?” It’s impossible to keep the bewilderment away from my tone.

I hear Xavier’s footsteps residing as he goes back inside without a word but not before giving my shoulder an assuring squeeze as if to say he’s here if I need him.

I walk up to Flynn and sit down beside him. He keeps his head tilted up, watching the night sky. I glance up as well, unsure what it is that has captured his undivided attention.

“When I was seven, my mother was pregnant with my sister,” he begins out of nowhere. Too lost to come up with anything, I simply let him speak. “But due to her health problems, I never got to meet her. Mom had a miscarriage. So when you told me about us being half-siblings, I was reminded of the sister I never had.”

I lower my head, unsure of what my feelings should be. I’m sad for the sister he lost but also confused as to why he’s smiling.

This time he stares at me as he speaks. “I’m glad I got to meet you though. You may not be her but you’re still my sister.”

I stare at him unblinking, stunned by what he said. “But what about your father? I thought you’d be angry.”

“What he did is his fault, not yours. I am disappointed and angry but not at you,” he looks up at the sky again, “Besides, can’t say I didn’t see that coming. They got married because it’s what their parents wanted, not them. But that does not excuse his behavior.”

I hang my head, feeling slightly ashamed but also overwhelmed by his understanding. While he may seem like a goofy person, he’s being quite sensible on this matter.

A tear slide down my cheek before I know it and I wipe it away hastily, unable to express my gratitude in words. So, I hug him instead.

I squeeze my arms around his torso as he hugs back.

When we pull apart, he ruffles my hair before breaking into a grin. “On the bright side, this means I get the privilege of cock blocking you all the time.”

“No, it doesn’t.” I turn my head to see Xavier heading our way. “I’ll tie you up if I have to.”

“Ooh, kinky, I like it!”

Xavier looks like he ate something really sour as he scrunches his nose in disgust.

Flynn’s phone rings, distracting us from our conversation.


The next thing I know, his face is pale as a ghost and his hands are trembling before he looks me dead in the eyes. “Dad just got arrested for first-degree murder.”


It’s way past midnight as we sit in the police station, waiting for some news.

The guys had come with us but left a while ago leaving only Flynn, Xavier, and me.

Xavier refused to leave my side and Flynn is still trying to control his hysterical mother. His mother is the older, female version of him.

Ginger hair, pale green eyes, porcelain skin

Somehow neither of us takes after our biological father and that brings me a sense of relief.

I still haven’t actually met the man.

I spot Giovanni making his way towards us, Beth in tow.

“They’re saying they discovered new evidence regarding his involvement in the murder of your parents. According to their founding, David used to be your mother’s high school boyfriend. They broke up right before he got married,” Giovanni explains. “They met at a bar a few years later and um, they, um—”

“Hooked up. You can say it,” Flynn’s mother deadpans, finishing the sentence for him. “He was going around putting his dick in anything he found. I don’t really see the point of being surprised that he managed to impregnate someone. It’s a miracle there aren’t any more spawns of his.”


“What?” She glares at her son before turning that harsh stare on me. “Who’s to say she’s the only one? What if there are more, huh? It’s not like that man whore had any control.”

My eyes widen at her choice of words and her loathing for her husband.

“He’s getting what he deserved. I can’t take this headache anymore. He’s dead to me.” She gets up abruptly, picks her bag up, and walks out of the station.

Flynn calls out to his mother, trying to prevent her from doing anything rash but she doesn’t stop to listen.

When we don’t see any indication of them coming back, Giovanni sighs.

“What did they find after all these years?”

“I’m not sure. But it must have been something good for them to arrest Lawson right away,” he answers me.

So many questions run through my mind.

Why now? After all these years?

Three out of the four murderers had been arrested but the one that pulled the trigger that night managed to escape. For months, the police looked for him but with no result.

Three years ago, his dead body was found.

And thus the investigation closed forever. Until a few months back, right before my eighteenth birthday where I got to know father dearest left his wealth to me...

Something doesn’t add up.

I was so sure it was Giovanni. Despite him being such an amazing family friend, I have grown to never fully trust anyone but myself. And money can change even the purest of people.

But now with David being in the picture, I can’t help but think maybe I’m just being paranoid.

“Thea, are you listening?”

“Huh? Sorry, what did you say?”

Beth repeats her words. “David requested to talk to you.”


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