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Xavier’s POV

I sigh as I witness Elijah’s failed attempt to make dinner. He burned yet another meal.

“Oi, you old man! What did I tell you about NOT entering the kitchen?”

I turn around to spot my brother making his way into the kitchen and take the spatula out of Elijah’s hand.

“What! I was just trying to help.”

“By burning the house down?”

“You’re being too dramatic.” My uncle turns to me for help. “Xavier, tell your brother it’s not my fault.”

I glance back and forth between them. Usually, whenever these kinds of situations arise, I ignore them silently and move back to my bedroom.

This time, however, something compels me to do the opposite. “Don’t drag me into this. Just let Lucas handle the cooking.”

My brother’s expression softens slightly and a fond smile makes its way onto his face. It lasts for a second at maximum but for us, this is a huge step forward.

Elijah has a knowing grin on his face as looks back and forth between us.

In return, I try not to ignore his existence and give Lucas a small nod before retiring to my room.

My phone rings and Thea’s name flashes on the screen. My lips quirk up at the corner without my knowledge.


“What are you doing?”

I frown. Her tone seems off. “Nothing. Why?”

“Oh, um, no reason.”

“Thea, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she speaks a little too soon before I hear her exhaling loudly. “I just came out of the shower and I heard a noise downstairs. Beth isn’t back yet so I’m alone and got scared for a second. Don’t worry, it was nothing.”

“You sure?”


Why do I feel like she’s lying?

Pressuring her to admit it isn’t going help but she’s the kind of person who won’t express her struggle unless being asked about it.

Who I thought to be the bubbliest person isn’t really so happy. She simply hides her emotions behind a smile.

But she tries to be happy. No matter what, she’s always looking towards the better side, and instead of dwelling on a problem she instantly tries to find a solution.

That often leads her to suppress her true feelings because she wants everyone around her to be comfortable.

It’s one of the reasons I love her so much. Her selflessness. But she needs to look out for herself as well.

It’s ironic that I was the one constantly pushing her away, ignoring her approach and yet I’m the first to admit my feelings.

I’ve always chosen my words wisely because they often backfired when spoken to my parents. They didn’t like being defied. So, a time came when I stopped speaking altogether.

Thea made me want to get out of that shell. She didn’t ask me to change or have any surreal expectations from me.

And for the first time, I did something spontaneously—expressed my feelings without any fear. And I don’t regret it one bit.

I wish I can do for her what she did for me.

I know her enough to understand she’s hiding something from me...but I’m also hiding something from her.

She still doesn’t know why I hate my birthdays so much.

If I could, I would erase that day from my existence.

I can’t help but think she’ll change her opinion of me when she knows what I’ve done.

She’ll be disgusted.

My conscience is tearing at me for keeping this from her. I just hope these secrets don’t end up tearing us apart.


I thought I won’t be able to update today ’cus I suddenly fell really sick but I finished the chapter anyway because I really wanted to put out another POV from Xavier.

Hope you enjoyed it and if you did, don’t forget to leave a comment!

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