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Broken facade


I’ve been staring at the wall for the past few hours, dazed and lost in thought. My mind is filled with muddled notions of the possible futures of Xavier and me.

The images bring nothing but pain.

Despite the short-lived relief from the fact that Xavier will be safe, I can’t help but think how he would have reacted if he got to know the truth.

Understanding is one of his many virtues. Even if initially he doesn’t take the news well, he ponders upon them until he reaches a decision.

Now more so after what happened at Elijah’s hotel.

Something inside me rips open when I remember how I wanted him to choose me. And when he did, I pushed him away.

Why can’t life be good for once?

The dull thump from my window continues to drum through my ears until it finally reaches my brain. Another thud resounds, this time sharper and I wonder if I imagined it.

When I hear it again, and again, I get up from my position. A sting shoots up my legs due to moving them after hours.

Somehow, I manage to drag myself to the window, and to my utter disbelief, I find him standing there.

The window flies open and I peer down to gape at Xavier.

“What—what are you doing here?!” I yell in a whisper as he finally stops throwing rocks before he cracks my head open with one.

How cliche is this encounter?

“Move. I’m coming in,” he says in a low and steady voice, no hint of emotions in then which can let me know the reason behind him being here at two-thirty in the morning...after we broke up.

I don’t say anything as he climbs through the vines, muscles flexing which can be seen even in this dim lighting.

God sure made him a perfection.

With a neat landing, he enters my room, towering over me as his eyes bore down on me. I look away, unable to hold his gaze.

“Why are you here?” My voice comes out as meek.

He doesn’t answer. Instead, he silently trudges through the small space until he reaches my study table where he had taken out his anger a few hours ago.

Opening a random book, he retrieves an object which I cannot see from this angle.

When he finally turns around, I realize he’s holding up his phone. His thumb presses on the screen.

“That was quite dramatic. He looked distraught. You did well.” A single pause. “Now, sit tight while I go figure out what mess you made with David.”

If I thought I was shocked before, there’s nothing that can explain what I’m feeling right now.

My hands are numb and cold, feet frozen on the spot as my heart threatens to leap out and possibly land on his hands because all I can think is, My man is a fucking genius.

It also makes me ponder upon how much of a bitch I am but still.

I look at him, brown to grey, with overflowing curiosity as to what made him think of doing this, and also slight fear of what he thinks of me now.

He takes a step in my direction. Slowly, like a predator, he inches closer until his breath fans down on me. In the shimmering moonlight, his grey eyes resemble a blazing storm.

Ready to drown me into them. I’ll gladly let him.

“What do you have to say, Thea?.” His husky voice sends warm shivers down my spine, uplifting me to cloud nine in mere seconds.

Words fail me. So, I do the one thing I can and lean forward. Before I can kiss him, he brings his lips crashing down, capturing mine instead.

His tongue delves right into my mouth making me sigh against him. His hands hold me close, tighter than usual, afraid of letting go.

The kiss is desperate, filled with emotions neither of us can express verbally.

One of my hands clutches onto the front of his shirt equally desperate while the other holds the back of his head, holding him close to me.

Whatever made me think I can live without this man just dissolved into nothing. I’m in too deep now.

When we pull back, I don’t let go. “I can explain—”

His finger on my lips prevents me from speaking any further. “You will. But not now. I believe I have a promise to keep.”

I gulp as I see his pupils dilate further, lust visible in his scorching gaze as he swiftly pulls off his shirt.

The rest of his clothes follow and so does mine until only our undergarments remain.

His hands on my hips turn me around and bend me over the window sill, the open window letting cold night air nip at my skin causing goosebumps...or maybe that’s him.

My nipples harden under my bra as I feel them brush against the lace fabric. Xavier’s breath fans my ear as he whispers, “Tonight, I’ll take you from the back, and as much as I like to hear it scream, keep it down tonight for the sake of others. Alright, love?” He bites the lobe dragging it through his teeth and a soft moan escapes me.

He chuckles. I nod my head, unable to find my voice as he hooks a finger through my underwear and brings them down, dragging his fingers over my flesh.

I step out of them as I feel him stand up and remove his boxers as well. A sharp gasp leaves my mouth when I feel him rubbing the tip of his shaft against my wet folds, sending ripples of pleasure through me.

He doesn’t make me wait for long as he slides right in filling me to the hilt and sending me over the edge with a rattling thrust.

His hand slides over my side and pulls one of the cups down, exposing my breast and pinching my nipple, pulling at it.

I bite down on my lip hard enough to draw blood to prevent myself from screaming as tears gather in my eyes from his aggressive thrusts.

He pulls out suddenly and turns me around, pulling me over the sill and wrapping my legs around his narrow waist as he enters me again.

Our eyes lock before he sweeps down to kiss me as we make love under the moonlight.


Sorry for any mistakes as I wrote it in a hurry because I wanted to update ASAP. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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