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Rage and ruin


The world around me shifts and I feel myself drifting off.

“What—what are you talking about?”

She didn’t—she wouldn’t—

Alex’s dead body flashes in my mind—cold, foaming mouth, motionless.

Beth gets up from her seat, stretches her limbs, and makes her way out of the living room.

I stand up abruptly, swaying on my feet as a wave of dizziness overcome me but I stumble my way to follow her to the kitchen, making sure to bring my phone along with me.

“What the fuck do you mean?! What did you do?”

Beth glances once over her shoulder. “Relax, I didn’t do anything.”

My shoulders drop in relief for a second until I hear the words that come out of her mouth next.

“Giovanni did.”

I tense again, fists clenching as a sudden rage consumes me. The feelings I kept buried all hit me at once—the overwhelming grief I tried to forget, the exhaustion from sleepless nights plagued by nightmares, and above all anger.

“I always knew had something happened to your parents, you children will come live with me and Alex will get the inheritance. And if something were to happen to him, as your guardian I will be able to stake a claim on them. Have you never wondered why you’re the only one who survived?”

She doesn’t wait for me to answer and instead continues on, “Giovanni blackmailed Alex to take the pills as an alternative to save your life and like the good brother he was, he did so without a second thought. I doubt he knew to what extent he’d be harmed.”

I’ve always prided in myself for never holding onto anger for long but now, it feels like I’ve always been holding onto it—letting it flicker to the surface but never truly letting it out.

The facade I had built over years just crashed to the ground as all I feel is blinding rage in all its ugliness.

Beth sighs. “Never did I imagine James would actually transfer everything to you. I mean, the guy hated your very existence.” She looks at me. “But if you were to die as well...”

I gulp. My hand brings up the phone I have been holding ever since we started talking.

She scoffs. “You’re going to tell me you recorded it? What makes you think I’ll actually let you send it to anyone?”

I shake my head. “Lily, you got that?”

A pause in the air is all I need to watch her eyes go wide.

“Yes,” my best friend’s voice comes through the device, “the police got them too. They’ll be arriving soon so get out quickly.”

“Thanks. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Be safe, Thea, and get out alive or I’ll fucking kill you myself.”

“I will.”

I hang up the phone right as I catch Beth charging towards me, something glinting in her hand. Only when I duck and move away do I realize the sting on my cheek and the blood on the knife in her hand.

“You bitch!” The same craze overcomes her features and I wonder if she truly has any mental disorder for her to think and act like this.

Who in their right mind kills their own sister and her family for money?

I clench my fists tighter, barely suppressing the urge to slap some sense into her.

“If I’m going down, you think I’ll let you live?!” A menacing smile spreads across her face. I no longer recognize her as the aunt I grew up with. She’s nothing but a stranger.

The true horror behind her words doesn’t settle in until I watch her turning the stoves on.

“What are you doing?” I ask as she opens cabinets to bring out bottles of liquor. “Beth? BETH! Stop it!”

In the heat of the moment, I don’t see what she’s doing but by the time I reach her, flames are rising up the chimney.

When I try to reach over to switch the stove off, she holds up a knife in my face. “I told you, I’m taking you with me.” She speaks calmly as if she not trying to fucking kill me.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

One moment, the stove is on fire, emitting waves of black smoke through the room. The fire alarm blares to life and jets of water sprinkle down.

And the distraction is enough for her to come charging at me.


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