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I love you


The distant blaring of ambulance and police cars is starting to grate on my nerves, possibly deafening me in the process. The policewoman in front of me continues to rapidly fire questions in my direction while the paramedic tries to make her go away because ‘I’m in shock’.

I shrug the blanket away but the paramedic notices and pulls it over me again, for the third time.

I huff, shoulders sagging in defeat as I wait for someone, anyone, who’s not a complete stranger.

“Let me through,” someone shouts as they make their way towards me and I perk up at his voice, “Move, damn it!”

Automatically, a smile makes its way onto my face and I hurriedly jump down from the ambulance only to stumble on my step.

Thankfully, he catches me in time and pulls me to his chest, wrapping his arms securely around me and holding on tight. I can hear his heart beating wildly as my cheek remains pressed against his hard front.

“Did I ever tell you that you’re a fucking idiot? Why the hell would you do something like that?! Why didn’t you tell me?”

I remain quiet for a second as I breathe him in.

“I love you,” I say with the utmost sincerity.

“Do you have any idea how scar—” my arms tighten around him, “wait, what?”

“I love you. I’m sorry for taking so long to say it but I love you,” I speak in a single breath before peeking a glance up at him.

His jaw clenches and his eyes harden as he goes frigid in my hold. This is not what I expected...

He looks conflicted, an inner battle going on in his head before a determined look settles in his stormy eyes.

Before I can open my mouth to say anything, he captures my breath by pulling me into a harsh kiss. A sound leaves my throat when he uses his tongue to pry my lips open.

My eyes close on their own as I lose myself in his touch. He couldn’t find the words to describe his feeling so he’s putting his all into this kiss because I feel every inch of what he’s going through.

I pull away when my head becomes dizzy and look up at him. A watery glaze appears in his eyes and I can hear my heart breaking into pieces at the sight of him.

This guy really does love me.

“Do not scare me like that ever again.” His growl makes me smile despite everything. “I’m serious. If Lily hadn’t called me, I wouldn’t have even known that you—you—” he stops speaking and instead holds me tighter. “Idiot.”

“You bitch!” I pull away, startled, and wondering if my aunt freed herself from the clutches of the police but my eyes catch the pink-headed she-demon making her way towards me. Ah, just my best friend.

Lily smacks my arm, hard.


“That’s for being an idiot.”

What’s up with everyone calling me that?

Her dainty arms wrap around me and she buries her face in my shoulder. I pat her on the back. “Thanks for helping me out back then.”

“Of course,” she sniffs and continues to hold me for a while before finally letting go.

Lily disappears out of sight after saying something which I don’t catch because of the loud commotion that draws everyone’s attention.

Xavier and I watch as Beth being taken away in handcuffs. I spot Caleb and Lucas side by side, standing silently. Caleb hasn’t shown any form of reaction but I know it’s because he’s still processing everything.

Once he’s alone, the guy will break down. I want to go talk to him but right now might not be the best time. Elijah accompanied the two brothers and has been a huge help handling the authorities. I make a mental note to thank him later.

Upon feeling someone’s gaze boring into me, I turn my head to meet Xavier’s eyes. I squirm under his attention, feeling conscious for some reason.

“Why do they keep putting this blanket on me?” I shrug it off, annoyed, and also trying to change the atmosphere.

“Because you’re in shock.”

“If I’m in shock, I need booze, not a blanket,” I grumble.

“Thea, look at me.”

“What?” I do as he says just as he cups my face in his hands.

“Let it out,” he speaks calmly, understanding swimming in his grey depths as my heart sinks. “You’ve been bottling your emotions for a while now, haven’t you? You can let them out. I’m right here.”

“What...are you talking about? I don’t—I don’t—I—” I choke on my words as the first tear slips through.

“It’s okay. It’s going to be alright.” He smooths out the hair on the top of my head before kissing my forehead.

I touch my forehead to his chest, looking down as the tears spill to the ground below, turning to dark patches on the graveled road.

“I hate her,” I mumble, then turn my voice louder the next time I speak. “I hate her! She took everything from me!”

Xavier remains silent, gently stroking my back and listening to me being hysterical.

“Everyone! She took everyone! And then I lost her too.”

I let out a scream, my fists clenching onto his shirt, desperately clinging to him, not caring about anyone else.

I wail as I’ve never before—frustration, grief, anger—everything I’ve kept buried keeps rising to the surface and I let them out.

Xavier continues to hold me in his arms as I soak his shirt and turn my eyes raw.

By the time I’m reduced to small hiccups and occasional sniffs, the vehicles around us have already started to leave.

“Can I stay with you tonight?”

He replies by scooping me up into his arms and carrying me to his car.

Exhausted, I sigh and rest my head on the headrest, closing my eyes.

A pair of soft lips press against my forehead before a whisper follows. “I love you.”

That’s the last thing I hear as I drift off to sleep.


There goes the last chapter. The epilogue will be posted soon. Hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think in the comments!

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