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The water washes over my feet, gentle waves lulling back and forth and softly caressing my skin.

I look beside me to Xavier as we sit side by side, staring at the sunset. In the six years that we’ve been together, not a day goes by when I’m not grateful to have someone like him in my life.

Things were tough after Beth’s arrest. Caleb moved to London permanently right after he graduated college. And even though he stays in contact, I miss him. Although, I can’t deny that moving to London was the best decision for him. That way, it was easier for him to move on.

Giovanni and Beth were both charged with first-degree murder and David was released. Flynn decided to move out instead of choosing between his parents. It was never my intention to bond with David so we didn’t keep in contact after that incident.

Throughout everything, Xavier has been the most patient and understanding partner I could ask for.

There’s no doubt that I wish to spend the rest of my life with him.

“Xavier?” I don’t look at him and keep staring at the sun that is about to set any minute now.


“Let’s get married.” What can I say? Ever so charming...

Hesitantly, I sneak a glance at him. When I find him staring at me with that intense look in his eyes, my heart skips a beat and I look away instantly.

“Never mind. I was just kidding,” I shrug as I feel my hands sweating.

“Okay.” My head snaps towards him.


“You heard me.”

“But—I—” My words get stuck in my throat when his hand digs into his pocket and he pulls out a ring.

“I’ve had this with me for the past three months but I wasn’t sure if it’s the right time...”

Xavier alters his position so that now he’s balancing on one knee. My eyes remain wide open as I watch him.

“Thea, I know I don’t usually express my emotions and it drives you crazy sometimes but I’ve always expressed how much I love you. And I do. I’ve seen others looking for excitement in a relationship, maybe change a few things around to keep it spicy but with you, that’s not the case. And I like it that way. We’ve both had enough instability in our lives to last a lifetime so being with you every day, the same way as it was years ago, makes me relieved. Because then I know your love for me never changed.”

I don’t know whether to deck him on the head for indirectly calling us boring or smother him with kisses because that made me tear up a little.

“You bring me peace, Thea. And that’s more than I could ever ask for. You make me happy and I can only hope to do the same for you. So, Thea Scarlett, will you marry me?”

Before he can finish the sentence, I crash into his arms and we both tumble onto the sand.

“Yes! Of course, I will marry you.”

He laughs at my reaction and that makes me laugh in response. I pull back so he can slide the ring on my finger before claiming his lips in a heated kiss.

“I love you,” he mumbles against my lips.

“I love you.”


And the epilogue is done as well. I still can’t believe I actually managed to finish a book.

What I’ll miss most about this book are the readers and your comments. They truly make my day.

I hope to see you on my other books as well if you wish to read them. Also, hope you liked this chapter.

Let me know in the comments!

I seriously love you guys for reading ’til here and being so supportive. Thank you for reading.

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