Psychos of the World

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Romance / Adventure
Sassy Wolfer
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Ally Raven Stewart is a 22-year-old who used to be an assistant for a Computer Repair Franchise company. Ally lost her job as an assistant as a result of an addiction her friend, Jenna Tucker, had introduced to her. She started studying computer science at college but never finished the course due to an unknown reason.

Physically, Ally is in pretty good shape. She is average-height with fair skin, dark brown hair, and light brown eyes. She grew up in an Upper-class neighborhood. Her mother and father are what people see as the perfect family. Her mother is 40 and her father is 41. They got married a year after she was born. She has two younger sisters, Clair and Laura. Ally’s best friend is now a chef at a restaurant. Ally is currently single and has been for the past 5 years. Her most recent romance was with a scientist called Freddy Lyons, who was 6 years older than her. However, after they broke up things went downhill and she disappeared for 4 years without a word to anyone. She got back in contact with her best friend a year and a half ago, and now after being away from home for 4 years she has finally decided to come home and face the world she left behind.

Oliver Adrien Hunt is a 27-year-old who has spent most of his life in and out of Jail. He is Funny and loyal, but can also be very careless and a bit Cold to the people around him. His family is from England and moved to the U.S shortly after he was born. He grew up in a lower-class neighborhood and was raised by his mother. His father had left when he was young, leaving him with his mother who was a drug addict.

Physically, Oliver is in very good shape. He is tall with pale skin, brown hair with blonde highlighted tips, and blue eyes. Despite the fact that he was smart, he never cared about schooling or getting decent grades. While he was in school, he was an extremely good football player, but couldn’t stay on the team due to his grades. After he was kicked off the team he spent his first few nights in jail. Once he graduated he immediately was put back in jail. While there he lost contact with his old friends and every chance he got to leave he caused trouble and got into fights constantly postponing his chance to leave. Until one day he got out, but not by the way of law. Making him leave the place he calls home and going to California where he meets someone he recognizes changing both their lives.

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