You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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I took Hawk's woman Rain. I am not going to hurt her but, Hawk has something that I want. He has the most precious thing that I need. I need my woman back. They stole her from me. All because of my sister Candy. That she-bitch from hell lied to her about me. And she is going to pay as well. I am a man you do not want to mess with. I just want Hawk to think I will harm his woman. I want my sister to pay for she has done. I want the truth from her. She has caused me a lot of problems. She has been running from me. I will find her, and I will get the truth from her. My sister is a manipulative bitch. I know what she wants, and she is not going to get it. She wants me dead. She wants to be the president of my club. Not happening. I am going to make her suffer when I get my hands on her. She is the reason our brother is dead, and she must pay for that. I don't blame Hawk for killing him. After all that bitch did talk him into stabbing Rain. Rain is beautiful but not my type. I refuse to let anyone touch her. I want Rain's cousin Grace. Grace is short, tiny has a smile that will melt your heart. She sings like an angel. They took her from me. I want her back. I don't know why they are hiding her from me, but my sister must have had a hand in that as well. That is the issue I have with Hawk. He refused to talk to me. To let me know what Candy said I did to Grace.

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Chapter 1: Snake

My name is Snake. Yes, I have Rain, Hawk's woman taken. They all think it is because Hawk killed my brother and took my half sister's virginity and then threw her away like she is trash. That is not the real reason. I hate Hawk and my sister. They had something to do with Grace running from me. I know my sister lied to Hawk to get him to hide Grace. I also know that my sister got our brother killed and that she wants me dead as well. Candy wants to be the president of our fathers club, now mine.

What I want is for Candy to be in my cells. I know she got our brother to stab Rain. I know that Candy has wanted Hawk since we were all in high school but it is not happening. He hates her with a passion. I also know that Candy knows where Grace is. My sweet beautiful woman. I was going to claim Grace. Candy ruined that for me. I know that Grace did not willingly leave me. The only way she would do that is if she thought I cheated on her. I have not seen her for over two years. I need my woman back.

I didn't cheat on at first. I did when I went to the other MC's parties but I will never tell her that. I will do whatever it takes to get her. Even if I have to keep Rain from Hawk. I need Grace. I need her more than the air I breathe. My club members said that I need a vacation. I don't need a vacation. What I need is my woman.

I don't understand how our dad could never see that Candy was the she-devil from hell. Always causing problems and then our dad would step in and pay her way out of any trouble she found herself in.

Now that her mother is gone Candy has not been that lucky. I grinned looking out the window. I remembered the last time she tried to get me to help her out of trouble. I told her she made her bed she can lie in it. Now she was sold to her worst enemy. I heard that Hardcore has her now. Yes, his name implies just what he is. Hard, hateful, angry, and revengeful. Hardcore is as mean as a rattlesnake.

She messed with the wrong man two years ago. He is now making her pay for it. Hardcore once had a woman just like my Grace. But, Candy had her believing that she and Hardcore were having an affair. Hardcore's woman, Dakota was beautiful. She had the prettiest blue eyes, stood 4'5" tall, weighed 90 pounds with hair to her knees and a waist a man could put his hands around. She had a laugh that made you want to be around her.

But, Candy that she-devil showed her a video making her think that Hardcore was having sex with her. She left him two days later when he was out on a run. It broke his heart. Just like my heart shattered when Grace disappeared. Hardcore and I have that in common. Candy destroyed our lives. I heard the door open and turned around and looked at Rain.

I watched as she walked over and sat in a chair looking at me.

"Snake, tell me the real reason you took me?"

" And please do not lie to me."

" I know it was not because Hawk killed your brother or that you really believe that he took Candy's virginity and threw her away like a piece of trash."

" You do not believe that and neither do I."

" We both know that Candy was a whore in school and she is a whore now."

"Deep down inside we both know that you would never hurt one hair on a woman's head."

" So, I want the real reason you took me."

" I will tell you when I am damned good and ready Rain but not until then."

" Rain, you are free to walk around the house but I would not walk around the grounds outside too far."

"as my men have not seen a woman as beautiful or tiny as you are."

" I am sure that not all of them will follow my orders if they caught you alone and unguarded."

"I sighed."

" Look Rain, I am sorry that I took you when I did."

" The timing was off."

" But be thankful I am letting you pump your breasts and dropping the milk off for someone to pick up for your kids."

" Snake, I know you are angry."

" I also know why you are so pissed off at everyone."

" Then tell me where Grace is?"

" Snake, I really do not know."

" I have not seen or talked to her in two years."

"I know that she still loves you."

" And how the hell would you know that?"

"I know because if I was in Grace's place, I would still love Hawk."

" I also know that Grace would never accept another man's claim."

" You were all she ever talked about."

" She always said that she loved you so much that no other man could take your place."

" She loved your smile and your laughter."

" She loved how you let her get away with her little jokes."

" She loved the way you looked at her and held her."

" She told me that the day you claimed her would be the happiest day of her life."

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