You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 10: Preparing For The Meeting

I called Grace to my office and told her what I found out so far and that she is a very smart woman. She looked at me and grinned.

"But, I think there is still more to uncover."

" Baby if you had not come back home they would have taken everything from me."

"I would not have put it past them to drug me to get me to claim Cheryl."

" And, my oldest brother is involved."

" Stone is involved in all of this?"

" Yes, he is."

" It is a good thing that we talked about this."

" Yes, it is."

" Without you I would have still be going crazy and not taking care of the club or my own businesses as I should have."

"Which reminds me Snake."

" You need to get yourself back to work and go and visit your companies."

" Not without you."

" You are coming with me Grace."

" You can sit in the office while I work."

" Or, I can help you work to get it done faster."

" Yes, you can."

"We need to travel to all of your business and mine come to think of it."

" You have been gone for quite a while and need to make sure everything is running smoother."

Right now I want to know when they are coming? About 30 minutes.

"That is long enough for me to have more fun I said rubbing against his cock."

I unsnapped his jeans and pulled his cock out from his jeans I lifted my dress up and sat down on him riding him.

"You naughty girl. You are not wearing underwear."

" No, I am not."

Snake rubbed Grace's clit and she moved faster. Soon she was screaming his name.

After getting my breath I reached in his drawer and pulled out the baby wipes. I stood up and cleaned myself while Snake cleaned himself as well.

"Grace you can do that anytime you want to I said smiling at her."

I looked at him and smiled.

"I know."

" Your cock belongs to me."

" You have that right babe."

What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

"I am going to go and check the cupboards."

" I will bet that you have not ate right since I have been gone."

" You would be right."

" I know that Grace loves to cook and bake."

" But when she is hurt or mad she really bakes a lot."

The members love it when she bakes but they hate it when I come down on the person that hurts her feelings. And if she is crying when she is baking they will run for the hills.

I have always been protective of Grace. No one hurts her ever. And if they make her cry they don't like the consequences especially if it is a male. I always make them wash down the clubhouse walls. Every wall in the club. Now some of the members egg the prospects on just to get them in trouble. But Grace has not been here for them to wash walls down.

My phone rang and Max told me a prospect was on his way with the requested information on Stone and his MC. I thanked the prospect and caught him staring at Grace.

"Prospect put your fucking eyes in your head."

" That is your queen."

" My woman and wife."

" Not some whore, tramp, or slut."

I shut the door and told Grace the information on Stone is here. I sat down and read it. I got furious when I read that Stone had planned on claiming Grace after I claimed Cheryl. Then he would divorce her for half her money. It looks like Cheryl and her family were working with Stone to get both of our money.

Well you know the saying. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

" Are you sure that your brother is involved?"

" I can't say for sure but he was involved in Cheryl's father's company. Cheryl used to date Stone. He got smart and didn't claim her."

"I don't want to believe that Stone would do this but right now I am not ruling anything out until I am sure."

" But Stone knows I would never let him claim me."

" I love you."

" I don't even like Stone that way."

" And I am glad that you don't."

" That is something you really do need to check into thoroughly."

"Stone could be being set up the same as you."

" He is your brother."

" We don't want to split the family up."

" No I don't want to do that."

" I am so glad I married such a smart woman."

" I married a smart man don't forget that."

" A man who does not accuse until he had all the evidence in front of him before he calls a meeting."

"Honey do you want to go out and get something to eat before going to the club?"

" Yes, I would like that."

" Even though we can eat here or the club I have not been to a restaurant for months."

I looked at Snake as he started laughing. "And I mostly ordered out while you were gone for months."

"You know what?"

" I missed your birthday last month."

" But, I didn't forget you."

" I bought you a present."

" Here it is" he said pulling a box out of the desk drawer. I opened it and gasped. It was a necklace with an emerald heart held in two hands.

" I love it Snake. Put it on me please."

The simplest things made Grace happy. I leaned down and kissed Snake.

"I love you so much Snake."

" I love you to the moon and back Grace."

" We better take our information and sit in the living room I said looking at the clock."

" They will be here soon."

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