You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 11: The Meeting

The doorbell rang and I watched as Snake stood up and walked out of the room. He walked in followed by Hawk.

"Do you want a beer?"

" No, I'm good."

" I am glad you got here first."

" I did some investigating."

" Snake I have been doing that since we took Grace from you."

" I am sorry about that by the way."

"I had to make it look good."

" Well I handed him the file on Cheryl and her family."

" I found this out."

" I didn't even think she would be involved in this."

" I then handed him the file on Stone."

" I had this one."

" I have my suspensions that Stone might be getting blamed for something he didn't do."

" I feel that way as well."

" I want to investigate him further."

" That's a good idea."

I heard the doorbell ring again. Snake again walked out of the room and opened the door. He walked in followed my his mother and Cheryl's mother. She stopped in her tracks and her face went pale.

"I didn't know that you had found Grace she said."

" Yes, I found her a few days ago."

"And, before coming home I claimed her and married her legally."

" You did what?"

" I married and claimed Grace."

" Please sit down."

" Why are we here Snake?"

" Someone accused me of cheating and beating on Grace."

" They told Hawk I did this so Hawk took Grace and hid her on an island."

I looked over at Tammy. I then threw the file on the coffee table.

"Tammy I had your family and Cheryl investigated."

She stared at the file.

"I know that your husbands company is under investigation."

" I know that your home is in foreclosure, and that your family is bankrupt."

"I also know that Cheryl showed up at my club the day the government started investigating your husbands companies."

" I know that three months later Hawk was told that I was cheating on Grace, with Cheryl and that I beat her."

" So Hawk took Grace from me."

"The years that Grace had been gone Cheryl tried several times to get me to date her."

" I had cameras put in my bedroom the day that Grace was taken."

" Your daughter climbed into my bed one night buck ass naked trying to get me to fuck her."

" Of course I threw her out into the hallway yelling for Max to threw her out of the club."

"She continued to try and get me to date her."

" I told her plain out I was not interested in her."

" You all planned to get me to cheat on Grace and claim Cheryl."

" What you did not remember is that I love Grace and I never cheat."

" I certinantly never put my hands on a woman."

"So, there has to be a punishment."

" Mother what do you think that punishment should be?"

" Why don't you buy their company, and house and make them leave this town."

" And send their daughter packing as well?"

" I looked at Tammy and told her don't think I will pay you more than what the company or house is worth."

"I will contact the FBI and found out about buying the company and the bank to see what the payoff is for your house."

" That is all you will receive."

" Nothing more or less for the house."

" Now what I want to know is who came up with the idea to lie about me?"

" To get Cheryl to climb into my bed."

"She tried to get me to claim her that is the truth."

" And a little birdy told me she is after the sperm I froze years ago."

Laughing I said. "She can try."

? I called the company and told them the only female permitted to use my sperm will be Grace."

" My sperm has her name on it. All of them."

"And even if it had worked and Cheryl got pregnant."

" Her child would be nothing to us."

" Only my child and Grace's will become president of this club and inherit our money."

" Then I would have to sue her for falsely obtaining my sperm."

" I would take her to court and I would be granted full custody of that child."

"Then she would sign adoption papers because that said child would be placed in adoption."

" You needed my money."

" And now that you have been found out I will thank you to return home, call your daughter and tell her to go home and start packing her clothes."

"I want you out of my house in one week and out of this town."

I turned and walked to my office and called the bank.

"I asked what the payoff was for Tammy's house."

" I laughed when the manager said they only owed $40,000."

" I will buy it."

" Please have that money transfered from my account and I will come in and sign the papers in the morning."

"Please notify the family they have five days to pack and leave the property."

I hung the phone up and walked back to the living room.

"I just paid the mortgage off on your house."

" I know own it."

" The bank will notify you that you and your family have five days to be off my property."

"But, where will we go?"

" I don't know and I don't care."

" You should never have done what you did."

" If you would have come to me and talked to me I would have loaned you the money to pay the house off."

" You didn't."

" Now, let me show you they way out."

" Good-bye Tammy I said shutting the door behind her."

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