You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 12: Snake Buys Tammy's company "The Silver Mines"

"I told Snake I was going to get ready to go out for dinner and told Hawk goodbye."

I walked away and let the two of them talk. I said goodbye to Hawk and walked to my office and contacted my attorney.

"I informed him I wanted to buy the Silver Mines and run Tammy, her husband, and her daughter out of town."

"He stated he will make the contacts and then buy the company for me."

" He will contact me and let me know when the deal is done."

I hung up the phone and walked up the stairs to our bedroom. I kissed Grace and walked into the bathroom to shower. 10 minutes later I was ready and walked Grace out and lifted her into the truck.

We went to a really nice restaurant. I noticed the looks the men were giving Grace but she had eyes only for me. Just as I gave her all my attention. My woman is very beautiful and she doesn't even know it. Grace will make a wonderful mother as well. I can't wait to see her pregnant with our child.

I looked up as the Ace of Spade MC walked in. There were approximately six of them. The president, VP, enforcer, and three of their members. We were allies with them. I wonder what they are doing in town? Max never told me they were coming and neither did Jasper.

"I noticed them looking at Grace."

When we finished I paid the bill and held her hand as we walked over to the truck. I lifted her in and kissed her before shutting the door.

"Since when did Snake have a woman the VP asked his president?"

" He must have found Grace."

" I think that is his girlfriends name."

" The one Hawk hid from Snake."

"Well that is one short and beautiful woman he said."

" Some men have all the luck in finding short women."

" I don't get why we all seem to like them so short."

" Just eat so we can get to Snake's MC."

We finished eating and rode to Snakes clubhouse. We walked in and looked around. There Snake and the woman sat at the VIP table. I heard her laugh and she laughed like an angel.

I heard one of the members had a birthday today.

"I told Snake I was going to the kitchen to make a cake for him and I told Snake to send a prospect out to get vanilla and chocolate ice cream."

I had the cake in the oven baking and was making the icing for it.

I finished the cake and then cut it and put it on paper plates with the ice cream. I had two prospects help me to take the plates to everyone before sitting down next to Snake

"I told everyone who's birthday it was."

"Grace we are so happy to have you back."

" When will you be making your homemade bread and pies for us?"

" I don't know maybe soon I said."

" I was leaning against Snake when the VP of the Ace of Spade asked if I had any sisters."

" I do but I have not seen them in year."

" But she has three good friends that are sassy, sweet, tiny, smart and beautiful just like she is."

I saw birthday boy with his back to me and ran over and jumped on him.

"He wrapped my legs around his waist and said, Grace one of these days one of us will drop you and then Snake will kill us."

" You won't ever drop me and you know it."

" I guess you are right. So, what do you want?"

I leaned down and whispered in his ear. He started laughing.

"Got to say, it is good to have you back Grace."

He walked me over to Snake and leaned down. Snake wrapped his hands around my waist and lifted me off of Mike.

"Mike, I swear you two act like she has never been gone."

" I picked the small box up from the table and handed it to Mike."

I bought him a necklace with a cross on it. Mike is a christian.

"I love it Grace. Thank you."

" You are welcome."

I always bake a cake for the club members and get them a small gift. They really appreciate it. I love doing that for them because a lot of them only have the club as family. I get something that is meaningful in their lives. One prospect who is very young asked if I would get him a necklace and put mine and Snakes picture in it since he thinks of us as his mom and dad.

I started looking for the perfect manly necklace for him. I got one that was a silver dog tag with the day I gave it to him and who was in the picture. I can't wait to give it to him. His birthday is next month.

The president looked over at Snake.

"Does she always give small gifts for their birthday?"

" Grace loves giving presents."

" And to her everyone should receive a birthday present even if it is small."

" The men love her little gifts."

"I think it is really a nice idea."

" Our club does not do that."

" Maybe we should."

" One member received a bracelet made out of bikes."

" She gave it to him four years ago when Hawk first brought her to the club."

" He still wears it today."

" And the men could care less if she gave them a heart necklace."

"A member yelled."

" Hey, I have a heart necklace."

" I wear it with pride."

The member is a big man. He walked over to the table and said, "here it is."

" It was really pretty."

It was engraved to Hammer from Grace.

"This little girl here remembers all our birthdays."

" Another man yelled. I love roses and gardening."

"Grace ordered me a dozen roses that I planted for my birthday."

" I planted them in front of the clubhouse."

" In the summer you can smell the sweet smell of roses and the different colors are down right beautiful."

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