You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 13: Jammer, President Of The Ace Of Spade

my name is Jammer. I am the president of the Ace of Spade MC. I have dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, and stand 6 feet 7 inches tall. I can't take my eyes off Grace. That is until I watched this short, blonde haired, blue eyed woman walk to the table. Stone introduced her as Grace's cousin Raylan. My heart was beating so fast. This is my woman.

"We were talking when I heard Grace ask Raylan how she was doing?"

" Fine."

" Are you sure."

" Let's just talk about you Grace."

" It is good to have you back home."

" Raylan, you are not going to get off that easy."

" Fine, I am healed."

" My back still hurts a little bit but it is healing."

" Did you get the pregnancy test back?"

I did not know that Jammer was listening.

"I got them back today."

" And?"

" I have to make a decision."

" Fuck."

" You know if that bastard finds out he can take it or force you to go live at his club."

" Then Raylan yelled."

" The hell I will."

" That son of a bitch raped me."

" He beat me."

" He got me pregnant."

"He needs to stay the hell away from me."

" I don't want his fucking kid."

" I would hate it every time I would look at it I would see what he did to me."

" He had no right to do that."

" Why the fuck do men always take a female from the club they are at war with and hurt them?"

" When they took me it didn't bother one dam man in this club."

"Raylan that is not true Max said."

" Shut the hell up Max."

" You are my brother, Stone is my cousin where the hell were you, Stone, or any of your members?"

" He fucking held me for months and not a goddamn one of you tried to get me back."

I walked out of the club and went and saw the doctor. I paid him to abort the baby. I then drove back to Snakes. I walked in and sat down.

"Raylan, what did you do?"

" I aborted that bastards kid. That is what I did."

The door slammed open and the Cobra MC walked in.

"Hello Snake."

" What the hell are you doing in my territory?"

" A little birdy told me that Raylan is pregnant."

" She is going to my club until that baby is born."

We heard laughing and we all looked at Raylan.

"That will be a cold day in hell."

" It is mine child."

" I aborted your fucking kid."

" You raped me."

" I didn't want that kid."

" And you are not getting it either."

" No one was going to force me to go anywhere near you."

" You fucking raped me."

" I don't owe you a fucking thing."

"You bitch."

We watched as Brady stormed across the room toward Raylan.

He was stopped by a line of Stone's members.

"You will not touch her again."

" You kidnapped Raylan, you raped her over and over, and you beat her."

" She had every right to abort that baby."

" That baby was conceived by force."

" She does not owe you a fucking thing."

"Get the hell out of my club and out of my territory Brady."

" If I ever see you or any of your members here again we won't think twice about killing you or them."

" I will have my child."

" And that child will come from you Raylan."

" Never."

" I will kill every child you force on me."

" Better yet. I will get myself, sterilized."

"You would never do that."

" You will want children."

" Oh, but I would."

" I can always adopt a child."

" Go find a woman of your own Brady."

" Have a child with her."

" I wanted you Raylan."

" Even if I had to force you."

" Which you did Brady."

" I hate your fucking guts. I always have. Leave me alone."

We watched as he and his members turned and walked out of the club. At the door Brady turned and looked at Raylan.

"You are mine. You have always been mine."

" They just kept you away from me."

He walked out slamming the door after him.

I looked at Max.

"What the hell are you looking at Max?"

" You didn't abort that child."

" Yes, I did."

" You would never do that."

" He fucking raped me Max."

" I will not have my rapists kid."

" I would hate it."

" So, yes, I did abort it."

" And don't you fucking judge me."

"Where were you when I needed my big brother to protect me?"

" You were in some fucking whores bed while I was being raped over and over again."

" Held for months."

" Until his club was attacked and got away on my own."

" So don't you fucking sit there and judge me."

"Instead of any of you finding me you were all fucking whores, partying, getting high, getting drunk and never once thought about saving me."

" So you all can get off your fucking high horses."

" I just bet if he took me again you would all leave me with him again."

" I hate your fucking guts Max."

" You are no brother of mine. Not anymore."

I watched her stand up and storm down the hall. I bet she was going to her bedroom. I can't believe they left her in that man's hands. I can't believe they did not rescue her. Grace was standing next to Snake.

I saw the anger in her eyes.

"Is it true?"

" Is what true?"

"You knew Brady had Raylan all that time."

" Is it true?"

" It's true."

I saw her bring her hand back and slap Snake across his face.

"You bastard."

" You knew where she was and you never went and got her."

" That is fucking cold Snake."

" Now I wonder if you were really looking for me when Hawk took me."

We watched as she turned and walked down the hall where Raylan went.

"Some members yelled. Snake you should have told her."

" Told her what?"

"Why you didn't rescue Raylan."

" And just how the hell do you think she is going to take hearing that I fucked a whore as well?"

He did not see Raylan and Grace standing behind him. Not until it got quiet.

"Grace, you have to understand."

" You were gone for almost two years."

" And I will be gone again for almost a year Snake."

" You lied to me."

" You said you had been looking for me."

" Seems like that is a lie."

"I was looking for you."

" Really?"

" When you were fucking a whore?"

" Oh, and what was that you told me, and Hawk?"

" I never cheated on Grace."

" Go to hell Snake."

" Let's go Raylan."

" We don't want to be around lying, cheating, whore fucking bastards who want to have their cocks up whores instead of looking for missing women."

"Grace, Snake yelled."

I did not stop walking or look back at him. We got into Raylan's car and drove to Snake's house. We walked in and packed my clothes. We then drove to Raylan's house and unloaded her car. Once I was in the guest bedroom Raylan said, "I'm sorry Grace."

" So am I Raylan."

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