You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 14: Snake Storms Out Of The Club

I threw a few chairs and kicked a few. I turned and looked at Max.

"Don't say one fucking word."

I stormed out of the clubhouse and got into my truck. I drove home and walked in yelling for Grace. I walked up the stairs to our bedroom and walked in. I saw dresser drawers opened the closet was cleaned out of her clothes.

I sat down on the bed and stared at the picture of Grace sitting on the dresser. I fucked up. I should have not lied to her. I should have told her I got drunk and fucked that whore. But Grace had been gone almost two years before I did it. I thought I would never see her again.

When my phone rang and it was her that whore was lying in bed with me. We had just finished having sex. I remember putting my hand over the phone.

"I told that whore to get out."

" I lied to Grace."

" The only woman I ever or will ever love."

" I brought her home and now she is gone again."

And we didn't go get Raylan. She made it back on her own the same day Grace called me. Now not only does my cousin hate me, Grace hates me. I know she will never divorce me but, she also will never live with me again. Let alone talk to me. Grace is good at giving the silent treatment.

I remember when we first started dating I looked at another woman and she refused to talk to me for a month. She would come to the club and talk to Raylan and Max but not me. She would not even let me get close to her.

This time it will be worse. I cheated on her. I didn't mean to. But, I did. Then I lied to her about it. I think she would have been mad at me if I had just told her the truth and we could have worked it out. But now I am not sure.

I walked down stairs and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and took it upstairs. I drank it. I tried calling Grace but she would not take my phone call. Before I passed out I tried again. I heard, if this is Snake lose my phone number. I knew right then it would take a lot to get her back this time.

One week later I was at the club in my office working when a whore walked in.

"Get the fuck out of my office and don't come back I yelled."

I heard her running down the hallway. Max looked up as the whore ran into the bar.

"I stood up and said, listen to me right now all of your whores, and ladies."

" Snake is married to Grace. He only wants Grace."

"He will not take any of you to his bed so stop trying."

" And the next woman that goes down that hallway to his office will be kicked out of this club."

" No questions asked."

" His mood is bad enough without you all adding to it."

I sat back down and picked up my beer. My sister won't talk to me either. Nor, will Grace. Raylan disowned me. Those two have bad tempers. I stood up as Snake walked over.

"We have to go and meet a woman at the hospital."

" She is in need of protection let's go.

We arrived at the hospital and walked past the OBGYN. We looked in the window and saw Grace and Raylan sitting in the waiting room. Wonder why they are there I thought. We walked on down the hallway to meet the officer.

I had been getting sick a lot and we are here for me to get a check up. My name was called and Raylan and I followed the nurse. I changed into the gown and Raylan sat in the corner.

"I told the doctor about getting sick a lot."

" She did some tests and came back."

"Congratulations Grace, you are pregnant."

I was shocked.

"When am I do?"

" May 14th. What am I going to do?"

" I have to tell Snake."

" Here are a few pictures of the austro sound."

She circled the heart. I got dressed and looked at Raylan. We got an envelope a paper from the nurse. We then walked out and got in Raylan's car.

As we sat at the small restaurant I rode the note to Snake.

"Find out if your whore is pregnant."

" I don't want her child being born the same time as ours."

" You are going to be a father Snake."

" The baby is due May 14th."

I put the picture in the envelop and addressed it to be sent to his club.

He is always there and I know that he will get the envelope. We bought a stamp and mailed it. I did not put Raylan's address on it. We don't want them to know where we are living. I don't know if he would try to make me go back to him. I don't know if he really ever loved me or loves me. I don't know anything anymore.

"Grace, it is going to be alright Raylan said."

I looked at her crying.

"I don't know if he really ever loved me Raylan."

" I don't know how he feels."

" Grace, Snake has loved you since you two were teenagers."

" Of course he loves you."

" You were gone all most two years."

" He did look for you. He never stopped."

"He messed up once Grace."

" He was depressed, angry, drunk."

" He had sex once since the whole time you were gone."

" He wanted to tell you but he was scared."

" He knew you would be mad at him."

" That is not why I was mad Raylan."

" I was mad that he didn't tell me about it."

" That he lied and said he didn't cheat."

" That is what I am mad about."

I was sitting at the VIP table when Max laid an envelope on the table. I picked it up and opened it. I saw the picture confused. I read the letter and my heart stopped beating for a minute.

"What is it Snake?"

" I am going to be a father."

" Not the whore?"

" No. Grace is pregnant."

" Where is she?"

" No return address."

" I have to find her."

" I have to explain."

" Good luck with that."

" Silent treatment."

" That is why she mailed you."

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