You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Four months later

Grace and I were shopping for baby clothes. We were standing in front of the window and did not see Max and Snake. Grace found out today what she was having. She is going to have a little girl.

" What will you name her Grace?"

" I have a few names but not sure which one yet."

" What are they?"

" Athena, Angel, Lana, and Luna."

"I like Angel, Athena, and Luna."

" You should pick one of them."

" I think I will."

We found some really cute blankets, afghans, and dresses. I turned to walk to pay for them when I saw Snake looking at me. I was big for four months. The doctor said it was a lot of water.

I turned and walked to the front followed my Raylan. I paid for the items and took the bag from the sales lady. We walked out of the store and to her car. I ignored Snake and Max. We got into the car and dropped the envelope off to be mailed to Snake. It had the newests altro sound picture in it.

I want my wife back. I am missing out on our baby growing inside her. I want to feel her in my arms. To make love to her again. I won't force her back. I know that she will be coming to the club as mom has invited her to the BBQ. We have some new prospects and whores and that might not turn out to be good.

We were getting ready to go to the clubhouse. I have to talk to Diane. I miss her. We arrived at the clubhouse and we were talking to Diane when a whore walked over.

"Who the hell do you think you are to wear Snake's property patch."

Since I am pregnant I cry a lot. I looked up at the whore.

"I am Snake's wife that is who I am."

I looked over at mom and Grace.

"I saw the whore slap Grace."

" Then she screamed. You are lying."

I grabbed the whore and threw her across the yard.

"Who the hell do you think you are whore?"

"You never put your hands on my wife."

I pulled Grace into my arms.

"She is really your wife?"

" Yes, and she is having my child."

" What give you the right to question anyone here?"

" You are nothing but a whore."

" You have no right to walk up and talk to anyone especially my wife."

I turned and looked at the whore with my back to him. I was pissed.

"If I was not pregnant I would beat your ass all over this yard."

" So let me tell you that in five months you and I have a date."

" What the hell does that mean?"

"It means that for putting your hands on me."

" You and I will be standing in that ring in five months."

" I don't understand she said."

" Bitch are you that stupid?"

" It means you and I will be fighting."

" You have five months to get ready to fight me."

" You are going to need it."

"Get back to the table where the whores belong."

We watched as she walked over and sat down. I walked away from Snake and sat down next to Raylan. We heard one whore start laughing.

"You are new here."

" When did you arrive?"

" Three days ago."

"What made you hit Grace?"

" I thought she was lying about Snake being married."

" Well he is married."

" That's why he refuses to have sex with any of us."

" And you better know how to fight."

" I don't."

" Well then best gets some lessons."

" Why, she is short. She can't beat me up."

"Honey, she may be little but she is a fire brand."

" You pissed Grace off when you hit her."

" When she is finished with you, you will not be as pretty as you are now."

" She will mark you. Ask Scar over there."

I saw the whore look at the whore I scared.

"She did that to you?"

" She did."

" And if I was you I would stop trying to get Snake in bed."

" she found me sneaking into his bedroom one night when we were teenagers."

" She cut me making me an example."

" You do not want to piss Grace off."

"Oh, wait."

" You just did. You slapped her."

" Listen here."

" Snake is not interested in any of us."

" He never has been."

" He fucked up once and that was when Grace was gone for almost two years."

" He won't do that again."

" At least not here in his own club."

" You better learn to follow the rules if you want to stay here."

" Grace can kick you out."

" No she can't."

" Yes, she can."

" As Snake's wife she is second in command."

I leaned back in my chair and looked at Grace. I want to drag her out of here and take her to my room. I want to kiss my way down her body and be inside her again. I can force her to come home but I won't do that. I want her to come home on her own. I gave Raylan a letter to give to Grace since she won't talk to me.

I poured my heart out into that letter. We belong together. We always have. I started cleaning out the room next to ours and had the prospects rip up the carpet. I know we are having a girl. We are painting the bedroom light purple. And putting down a dark brown carpet.

I want to go shopping with Grace to pick out the furniture. But if she won't come back I will pick it out.

"Mom is going to take her shopping and find out what she really likes."

" Then I will buy it."

" I know that she will buy something she likes but does not love."

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