You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 16: Diane Takes Grace Shopping

Diane asked if she could take me shopping. So I agreed. I watched as Grace would stop at one baby bed and gently run her hand across it. When she looked at the price tag she sighed and walked on. She looked over at a dressing table. I heard her say in a soft sad voice.

"This would look good in Snakes house."

It was not like she couldn't afford to buy whatever she wanted as she is rich. But right now she is staying with Raylan. She let me buy a bassinet that would fit in the room she was using. I also bought her a car seat and stroller. We put the items in my car and I drove her back to Raylan's. We put the bassinet together and placed it next to the bed. We walked out and sat down at the table and ate lunch.

"Grace I understand why you are angry at Snake."

She looked up at Diane.

"I would be hurt and mad that he had sex with that whore."

" But, what hurt the most was the fact that he lied about it."

" He told me he didn't cheat."

" I know I was gone almost two years."

" I understand that."

"But he lied to me."

" I can't forgive him for that."

" What else is he lying about?"

" Diane I don't know if he even really loves me or he loved me at all."

" And not to rescue Raylen."

" How could he and Max leave her with that man?"

" That is unforgivable."

" All Max and Snake cared about was getting laid."

"How could they do that?"

" They knew where she was, they knew who took her."

" They left her there for months to be raped repeatedly and beating."

I am sorry Diane.

"I can't live with a man like that."

" What if that would have been me?"

" Would he have fucked another woman instead of coming to rescue me?"

"Excuse me. I have some plans to make."

I walked out of the kitchen and shut and locked the door.

"Is she alright Raylan?"

" No, she is not."

I looked at Diane.

"I have something to tell you."

" It is from her doctors office."

" What is that and why did you open it?"

" I didn't. I was laying on the counter when I came in from work."

"It is the results of her tests."

" What tests?"

" Her blood, and other test results."

" What is wrong with Grace?"

" She could die during childbirth."

" From what."

" Something to do with her blood pressure."

" She can develop Eclampsia."

" She has had a lot of stress and her blood pressure is high."

"Everything that has happened is causing her stress."

" Is that why she is not buying things for the baby?"

" She bought some things."

" She doesn't seem to want to buy to many things."

" I will let you know what she says later when she talks to me."

" You better."

" Whatever we can do to help her we will."

" We will make sure she rests and eats."

I was sitting at the desk in my bedroom. I started writing a letter to my daughter. I may not see her grow up and I want her to know how beautiful she will be. I plan on having a picture added of me holding her.

I started writing about how I know her father loves her so much just as I do. That I want her to take dance lessons, self-defense and not to fall for the first boy who likes her. I told her to stand up for herself always and when she does find a man that she loves, love him with her whole heart.

I added that if her man ever cheats on her to leave. Do not stay with him. And I know she will grow up to be an amazing woman. After all she is her father's daughter. I love you my sweet Angel. I will always be watching over you from heaven. I ended it with Love your mother, Grace.

I then wrote a letter for Snake. Asking him to keep our sweet Angel safe. Telling him that I love him and was hurt and mad that he slept with the whore. I told him how I could have forgiven him for that since I was gone for almost two years. What I can't forgive you for is lying to me about it. When you lied about cheating I wonder what else you lied about.

I didn't know if he ever really loved me. And if he did, did he love me as much as I loved him. I asked him to make sure that our baby girl never dates a man who will hurt her and beat on her. I begged him to keep our baby girl safe from harm. To make sure that she graduates from high school, attends college, learns to dance, takes self-defense. And never stay with a man who cheats on her. Snake, I forgive you for lying to me. And remember that I will always love you..

I then added that I want him to find someone that will make him happy and love him like I do. I ended the letter with. Your loving wife, Grace.

I then wrote a letter to the woman he finds to love and marry. I ended it with. Snake's first wife and Angel's mother, Grace.

My last two letters were for Diane and Raylan. I put all of them in the diaper bag I will take to the hospital. I closed all of them but the one for Angel. I wanted everything in order. Just in case. I walked out of the bedroom and sat on the couch.

Raylan looked over at me.

"Snake asked me to give this too you."

I took the envelope from her and sat it down on the end table.

"Aren't you going to read it?"

" Not right now. Maybe later."

" Are you feeling alright?"

" Not really."

" I am not feeling very well. I think I will go to bed."

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