You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 17: Grace tells Raylan about the letters

I am now 8 1/2 months pregnant.

"I was sitting on the couch and told Raylan about the letters."

" Just incase I don't make it after Angels birth."

" Please put her in my arms and take a picture of us together."

" And then close the envelope and give it to her on her on her 16 birthday."

" I will do that Grace."

" But, you are going to watch her grow up."

"Thank you, I said."

" I think I will go lay down. I am not feeling very well."

As I stood up everything went black. I did not hear Raylan yelling my name. I did not feel myself being lifted and put on a gurney or going to the hospital.

I was sitting in my office when my cell phone rang.

"Raylan was hysterical."

" Raylan calm down."

" I don't understand."

" It's Grace."

" She was transported to the hospital. She blacked out."

" I am on my way."

I ran out of the office and down the hall.

"Max, Raylan called."

" Grace was transported to the hospital."

" I'm coming with you wait for me Snake."

Max and I arrived at the hospital and ran in. We ran to the nursing station.

"My wife was brought in by rescue squad."

" Who is your wife?"

" Grace, she is pregnant."

If you have a seat in the waiting room the doctor will be with you after he exams her.

We walked into the waiting room. When Raylan saw us she ran to me and hugged me.

"Snake I am so scared."

" Why are you scared Raylan?"
The doctor walked in and looked at us. Family of Grace. That is us.

"Who are you he asked looking me up and down?"

" I am her husband."

"Your wife is being taken to surgery."

" Due to her high blood pressure we have to take the baby."

" What for?"

" If we don't your wife will die?"

" And our daughter?"

" She will be in an incubator for a short time."

" You will be notified when your wife is out of surgery and you can visit her but only for a short time."

" She needs her rest."

Max notified our enforcer Hanger who notified the members of Grace's condition and she was in surgery. The next thing I knew all the members were waiting in the room with us for word on Grace.

"I looked at the clock and said what the hell is taking so long?"

" I will get a nurse and find out Max said."

I walked over to the nurses station and she gasped.

"You have been here for how long waiting?"

" Three hours."

" I am so sorry."

" The doctor did not come and talk to you?"

" No he didn't and her husband is getting very agitated."

" Let me make a phone call sir."

I watched the nurse pick up the phone five minutes later the administrator was walking into the waiting room.

"Who is Grace's husband?"

" I am."

" Mr. Snake we are so sorry you have been kept waiting."

" Please follow me."

I followed the woman to the maternity floor.

I watched as she walked to the nurses station.

"Give me Grace Riders chart please."

I watched as she flipped through the chart.

"Have Dr. Reynolds meet me in my office immediately."

" Follow me please Mr. Snake."

" Just Snake."

I followed her into Grace's room.

"I want her to have a private room."

" That will be arranged."

" Now how is my wife and daughter?"

" Your wife is going to be alright."

" She had high blood pressure and the placenta dislodged."

" If she had not gotten here when she did you could have lost her."

" But, she is going to live?"

"Yes, Snake, she is going to live."

" Our daughter."

" She is doing just fine."

" She is 21 inches long and weighs 7 pounds. She did not need the incubator."

" I will have them bring her to you when I leave."

" I will also be having a discussion with Dr. Reynolds about his behavior."

" I think I know what it is all about."

"And Snake I want to thank you for the service and protection you provide to the kids and woman that need it."

" It is our pleasure."

I watched her walk out of the room. I walked over and kissed Grace.

"Grace, please wake up."

" I miss you."

" I need to see your beautiful eyes. I need to hear your voice."

I sat down in the rocking chair near her bed. I looked up as a nurse walked in carrying the baby. She put her in my arms. I looked down at my daughter and watched the nurse walk out.

"You are so beautiful."

" You look like your mother."

" You are an angel just like she is."

" I love both of you so much."

" Right now, your mother is mad at me."

" I don't blame her."

" I should never have lied to her."

" I was scared."

" I just got her back."

" I didn't want to lose her again."

"But, I did."

" I wanted to be there with you and your mother so much."

" But, I missed you growing inside of her."

" I watched from a distance though."

" I wanted to drag your mom home but I could not do that to her."

" I wanted her to come home on her own."

"Baby girl if you ever need anything, I will be there for you."

" I would give anything for your mom to forgive me."

" I just don't know how to do that."

I wiped a tear from my face. I did not see that Grace opened her eyes and looked at me. I leaned my head back and rocked my baby girl.

I kissed her forehead. I looked over and saw Raylan standing there. She had a diaper bag and small suitcase in her hands.

"Is Grace awake?"

" Not yet."

" Can I hold Angle?"

" Angle?"

" Yes, that is what Grace said she was going to name her."

" Very fitting for her."

"She is an angel."

" She is as beautiful as her mother."

" I better leave before she wakes up and finds me here."

As I was turning away Raylan handed me an envelope.

"I was to give this to you if she died."

" And this one to your new wife."

" I don't have a new wife."

"I have one wife and she is laying on that bed."

" I will never marry again or claim another woman if Grace dies."

" But who will help you raise Angel?"

" My mother."

" Angel has one mother. She won't need another one."

I took both envelopes and folded them and put them in my back pocket.

I kissed Grace's forehead turned and walked out of the door. I walked to the waiting room.

"Grace is going to make it."

" And Angle is a beautiful baby just like her mother."

" You can see her when they take her back to the room the babies are in."

I walked out of the waiting room and down the hallway. I got on my bike and drove home. Not to the clubhouse but my house. I got off the bike and walked onto the porch. I unlocked the door walked in shutting it behind me.

I sat down and thought about everything that Raylan had said. I pulled the envelopes out of my pocket and read the letter she wrote for the woman I might marry if she died.

It was a wonderful and thoughtful letter. She talked about me and what a good man I was. How sometimes I made mistakes but not to give up on me. She talked about Angel and how she hoped that my new wife would take care of her and love her as if she was her child.

I laid the letter on the table. I then picked mine up. I cried as I read how and why she was angry at me. She had every right to be. But she wrote that she knew I would be a good father, a loving father to Angel. She asked me not to spoil her too much and make sure she received appropriate punishments and not to let her think she can do what she wants when she wants.

Then she wrote that she still loved me. When I read the part where she questioned if I really loved her I dropped the letter on the floor and let the tears fall.

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