You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 18: Dr. Reynolds

I walked into my office and saw Dr. Reynolds sitting in a chair with a smug look on his face. I sat down in my chair behind the desk.

"Dr. Reynolds."

" Yes, Mrs. Sanders?"

" Do you know who you insulted by not talking to Mr. Snake about his wife and daughter?"

Just another no good biker he said looking at me grinning.

"That no good for nothing biker saved your sisters life."

" Not only your sisters life but many, many women and young girls lives."

" That MC protects the women and girls that need protection."

" They work with the police department."

" They do what the police cannot do."

"I have talked with the head of the hospital and he has informed me after reviewing your file and the many complaints regarding your treatment of several women's husbands I was informed to fire you."

" I handed him an envelope."

" You are being given your pay due to you along with vacation pay and and severance pay."

"I am also to inform you that your file will follow you wherever you apply for your next job."

" And you will be lucky if Mr. Snake does not sue you for the way you treated him."

" Please hand over your badge and pager."

" You have 30 minutes to clean out your office and locker."

" And you will be escorted to both areas and out the door."

" Good day, Dr. Reynolds."

I watched him walk out of my office and close my door. I sighed and thought angrily of how he treated Snake. We do not treat anyone with disrespect no matter who they are. I was happy that Dennis agreed he had to go. We did not need our hospital sued. Not that Snake would do that.

I picked my phone up and dialed my secretary.

"Please come in my office Peggy and bring your pad with you."

" Have a seat please."

" Make a note to notify the staff that Dr. Reynolds is no longer a doctor here."

" He has been let go."

" It is about time."

" I could not stand that man."

" He thought he was god's gift to women."

"Bring me the files of the doctors who have applied for a position here please."

" Mrs. Sanders, can you review the female doctors first?"

" We need more female doctors."

I grinned at Peggy.

"Just for you I will do that."

" I think we could use more female doctors as well."

I watched as Peggy walked out of my office.

I looked up from my paperwork to see Peggy place about 20 files on my desk.

"The females are all on the top. About 10 of them."

" Good reading Mrs. Sanders."

I laughed at Peggy as she walked out of my office.

I finished my paper work and then started to review the applications. I actually found three female doctors that I was interest in interviewing.

I called all three and two of them were still interested in coming into my office. I scheduled them to come in tomorrow one at 1:00pm the other at 4:00 pm.

I had Peggy take the other applications back and put them away for now. I stood looked at the clock and stood up taking my coat and shutting my door locking it.

"I will see you tomorrow."

" I will be interviewing two women."

I walked out her door and down the hallway.

I walked out of the hospital and got into my car. As I was leaving I noticed the motorcycles sitting in the parking lot. I smiled to myself. My bet is that they are all looking at Grace's little girl. I won't complain. I drove out of the lot and onto the street. I arrived home got out and walked into the house.

My husband is a doctor at the hospital. He was cooking dinner. He walked over and kissed me.

"He was friends with Snake."

" I heard what happened at the hospital today Linda."

" I am surprised that you were so calm about it."

" Snake is a good man and to have Dr. Reynolds refuse to go and talk to him about his wife should be reason enough to fire him."

"I did fire him."

" I will be interviewing two female doctors tomorrow afternoon."

" Good for you."

" No one liked him."

" His attitude was too cocky."

" I bet he was shocked that he got fired."

" He was."

" But I am glad the board had enough of his behaviors."

We sat down to eat. We talked about how Snake got to hold his baby girl.

" She is a beautiful little girl."

I know I never met Snake before but he was very respectful and you could tell he loves his wife.

"Linda I hope one of these women will work well with us."

" Our hospital is small and we need someone who is nice, respectful, and gets along with everyone."

" I hope so as well."

We finished eating and cleaned the table off, washed the dishes and then made a fresh pot of coffee. We carried our cups into the living room sitting down and watched the news. We watched a movie and then went to bed.

I was furious. "They should not have fired me I yelled at my brother."

" David you are too cocky."

" You should behave in a professional manner, which you did not do."

" That woman is too good to be with a biker."

" David let me remind you that biker saved our little sister."

" He took her to the hospital, he got her the help she needed."

" And he contacted our family that she was rescued."

"His MC works with the police department."

" They are not bikers that are evil like some."

" They do not sale woman as prostitutes, or buy and sale guns or drugs."

" They keep children and women protected."

" And they do what they police can't do."

" They have kept this town safe."

"David, I think you should leave."

" It is time you moved on."

" Go to a bigger city."

" I think I will move to california or Florida."

" They are always looking for Doctors."

" David you are a good doctor."

" You just have a smug attitude."

" You need to work on that."

" I will put my applications in at the Florida Hospitals today."

A week later David was packing when I walked into the door.

"Are you leaving I asked."

" Yes, I am."

" I had a video interview with a hospital in Lakeland Florida."

" I was hired."

" I start in two weeks. I am leaving today."

I helped him carry his things to his car. I waved goodbye to David.

"Call me and let me know you made it safe I said."

I let out a sigh of relief. My brother was gone. I hate David. He he was nothing but trouble. I finally have my house to myself. I was going to party hardy. I walked back into the house and shut the door. I opened a beer and sighed. Peace. No David to fight with about his loud music and bringing whores in and out of the house. This is a beautiful thing.

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