You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 19: Grace Wakes Up

I was sitting next to her bed. I go every day. I sit for an hour or two. I stood up and kissed her forehead. I saw her finger move. I had to leave before she woke up. I was walking out the door when a nurse told me she will wake up soon. I hope so I said and walked down the hallway.

I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Snake talking to a nurse at the door. I didn't say anything. I have to be dreaming. He can't be real. I closed my eyes again and drifted to sleep. I woke up to find Raylen sitting in the rocking chair holding a baby. I frowned.

Who's baby is she holding I wondered. I groaned. I saw her reach over and push a button. The nurse walked in and took my pulse.

"You are finally awake."

" You have been asleep for four days."

"Your husband would come and sit for a few hours holding the baby, then your cousin would come and sit."

" Raylan."

" I am so glad you are a wake Grace."

The nurse rolled the bed up so Grace could hold Angel.

"I put Angel into her arms."

" This is your beautiful daughter Angel."

I looked down at Angel and smiled.

"She has Snakes eyes."

" Beautiful green eyes."

" But she looks like you."

" Is it true that Snake comes to see me?"

" Yes, it is true."

"But now that you are awake he most likely will not come."

"He loves you Grace. "

"I know he does."

" I just can't talk to him right now."

" It hurts Raylan."

" I hurt him worse."

" I didn't give him a chance to talk to me."

" Well, there is still time."

" Raylan, please call Snake."

" Tell him I want to see him."

" Alright."

" I walked out into the hall and called Snake."

"Snake she wants to see you."

" Are you sure?"

" She asked me to call you."

" I will be there as soon as I can."

I arrived at the hospital and walked to her room. Raylan stood up from the chair and "said she was going home."

I watched her walk out of the door. I walked over and sat in the chair.

"Snake, I'm sorry."

" What are you sorry about Grace?"

" I'm sorry that I left you."

" I was mad that you had sex with that whore."

" But I would have understood that if you had told me."

" I was gone for almost two years."

" What really upset me was you lied about it."

"I 'm sorry about lying."

" But, if you can lie to me about that, did you lie about loving me?"

" No, I have loved you since we were teenagers."

" I love you now."

" I will always love you."

" Can you forgive me Grace?"

" I can forgive you Snake."

" But don't ever lie to me again."

"I love you Grace."

" When you are released you are coming home where you belong."

" With me."

" Sleeping in our bed."

" Living in our house. "

"We are going to raise our daughter together."

" And do not argue with me."

" I was not going to."

I leaned down and kissed her.

"I can't wait to have you come home Grace."

" It has been so lonely there without you."

" I stopped staying there."

" I started staying at the clubhouse."

" I hate sleeping without you."

"I missed you so much Snake."

" Oh, honey I missed you even more."

I took Angel from Grace and held her.

"She really is a very beautiful baby."

I want her and Grace home with me. Where I know they are safe. Just then my mother walked in.

"Hello, Diane."

" I came to see how you were and to meet my granddaughter."

She walked over to Snake and took Angel from him.

"Grace she is beautiful."

" She will sure give the boys a run for their money when she is older."

"Just like her mother did to me"

Snake said smiling at me.

"She did put you threw the ropes didn't she?"

" Well, I thought you were dating Cheryl."

" You were with her all the time."

" Nope."

" The minute I laid eyes on you at school that was it."

"You didn't show it very well."

" Every time I had to sit near you in class you seemed to hate it."

" No, I didn't."

" I was happy you were sitting next to me."

" I had to stop myself from grabbing your hand and holding it."

"Snake I meant to ask you but never did."

" Why were you beating the hell out of Doug that day at school?"

" Because I heard him tell his friends he was going to get you drunk at the party and then have sex with you."

"That was never going to happen, not on my watch."

" You belonged to me and he was not going to touch what was not his."

" I had to make him and every other boy in school know not to touch you."

" He was the example of what I would do."

"Grace we were meant to be together."

" And we will always be together."

" Raising our children."

" Running the club."

" Oh, and you missed someone's birthday."

" I will make him a cake when I get out of the hospital."

" No you won't not until the doctor releases you to go back to normal activities."

"You tell him I did not forget about him."

" I will make his cake."

" I will let him know."

I looked up as the new doctor assigned to me walked in. Her name was Dr. Julie.

"Hello, Dr. Julie."

" Hello Grace."

" This is my husband, Snake and his mother Diane."

" Pleased to meet you."

"I came with good news."

" What is it?"

" You can go home today."

" I can?"

" Yes, you can."

" I will take her and the baby in my car."

" I have a car seat."

" Good."

" Now, let's get you dressed."

I looked at Grace and told her I had brought her a dress and sandals. Along with a bra and under pants.

I was helped out of the bed due to my stitches and Diane helped me to dress. When I walked out the Dr. was pushing a wheelchair into my room. I sat down with Snakes. help. Angel was put into my arms. Then the nurse pushed me down the hallway to the elevator.

When we got outside Snake helped me into the car while Diane put Angel into the car seat. We were going home.

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