You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 2: Pain & Fear

"Dad, Hawk yelled again breaking chairs in his club."

" I can't take it, Please find Rain."

" Eagle and Dove miss their mother as much as I do."

" What is she going through?"

" I know that Snake and I have our differences."

" He has hated me ever since I listened to Candy."

" That bitch sister of Snake's has ruined a lot of men's lives."

" I also know that Snake has no love for his sister."

" Snake even threatened to cut her tongue out over three years ago."

"Why, why would he take Rain?"

" Why now."

" I thought he would have done something when we hid Grace from him."

" He disappeared after that."

" Some said Snake went on a killing spree."

" Others said he was in prison".

" And then again rumors have spread about how cold and evil Snake had become."

" I started to become suspicious of Candy a year later when I heard her laugh about Snake losing the love of his life."

"Snake called his sister the she-devil."

" Snake said that Candy was the spawn from hell."

" He was right."

" I had at first thought that she was treated like she was not wanted because she was born a girl."

" But found out a year after that she was the apple of her daddy's eye."

" Candy could kill someone in front of her daddy and he would have high five her for it."

" Her mom and dad thought that Candy could do no wrong."

" They did not seem to care that she went through men as some people go through money."

"It had been said that Candy had gotten pregnant by her daddy's VP but who the hell knows for sure."

" With all the problems she has caused I don't believe that Snake wants to talk to her."

" He could care less about her so what does Snake really want from him?"

"Dad, you know that if he wanted to get even with me about Candy he would have done that a long time ago."

" He can care less about Candy."

" He hates her just as much as we do."

" I just cannot figure out what the hell he wants."

" Well, maybe we should call Hardcore and let him know that Snake wants to talk to Candy."

" Or at least tell Snake that Hardcore has his bitch ass sister."

"Why not do both, dad said to me looking at mom."

" That way Snake knows where his sister is."

" If he wants her bad enough he can go to Hardcore's club and talk to her."

" I just want Rain back safe and sound."

" If he hurts one piece of hair on her head he is dead."

I was pacing back and forth. "Hawk please set down."

" You are driving me crazy."

"Dad, I can't sit down."

" I want to be out there looking for Rain."

" But, you won't let me."

" You insist that I let everyone else look for her."

" That is because you need to take care of your children."

" Now! sit down."

I walked over and sat at the table. I need to be doing something.

"No, if I know you, you will go to every bar and clubhouse within an hour's drive and demand to know where Snake is."

"And if they know where Rain is."

" That is not going to happen."

Just then the door opened and Jim walked in.

"Is there any talk on the streets?"

I thought back to when I first saw Rain. She was just as beautiful then as she is now. I need her.

"Hawk, what you need to do is calm down."

" Rain knows that you will not stop looking for her."

" She also knows that if Snake hurts her you will not hesitate to kill him."

"What she is depending on right now is that you keep your children safe and protected."

" To hold them, and love them while she cannot be here to do that."

I sighed. "Dad, I will be upstairs with the twins."

" Let me know if you hear anything."

I walked to the twins' bedroom. I walked in and shut the door. I walked over to the crib and noticed that Dove was awake. I lifted her out of the crib and changed her.

I then walked over to the small refrigerator and took two bottles out. I heated her body in the bottle warmer. I then picked it up and sat in the rocking chair. As I fed her I rocked her. I told her that we hoped that her mommy would be home soon. But until she was, that daddy would take care of her.

After Dove finished her bottle, I burped her and rocked her back to sleep. As I placed her back into the crib I lifted Eagle out. Changed and fed him and rocked him back to sleep. I sat in the dark watching over my children. I was thinking about how Rain must feel right now. Wanting to hold her babies. Soon, my love. Soon you will be holding our children close to your heart again.

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