You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 20: Back At Snakes House

We arrived back at Snakes house. "I called Raylan and told her that Snake was sending some prospect to her house to pack my things."

" She yelled I am going to follow them there."

" I am so happy for you and Snake."

We arrived back at the house and Snake helped me out of the car. Diane lifted Angel from the car seat and carried her into the house. Once we entered the house I sat down in a chair.

"I will feed Angel and change her for you Diane told me."

" Thank you, Diane."

By the time she finished feeding and changing Angel the prospects had arrived and was carrying my things into the house. Snake brought the bassinet over and stood it next to my chair. Diane lay Angle in it and she slept.

Everything else was carried up to our bedroom and placed against the wall. They all stopped to look at Angel before leaving. I heard Diane in the kitchen and soon she called us into eat.

Snake helped me out of the chair and I walked to the kitchen and sat down. We had tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. It was good and it the spot.

"I will do the dishes and then I need to head home."

I will see you all tomorrow she said kissing and hugging us before she kissed Angel and walked out the door.

"I need a shower I told Snake."

"Let me lock up and then I will carry Angel and help you up the stairs."

I watched as he walked us to a room next to ours.

"This is Angels bedroom."

I gasped. "Everything I wanted for Angel was in that bedroom."

" Oh, Snake it is beautiful."

He laid Angel in her bed and picked up the baby monitor before we walked to our room.

I grabbed a long t-shirt and underpants before walking into the bathroom. When I finished I turned the light out and walked over to my side of the bed. I climbed in and lay on my side facing Snake. He leaned down and kissed me before he shut the light off.

I was asleep soon after that. I slept thru the night because Snake made it a habit to get up at night and take care of Angel. When I woke up and walked down the stairs Diane was finishing cooking breakfast while Snake was feeding Angel.

"Good morning sweetheart Diane said."

" I hope you slept well?"

" I did. Thank you, Snake for taking care of Angle for me."

" I loved it."

" You needed your sleep."

" How are you feeling?"

"I feel a lot better than I did yesterday."

"The doctor called and scheduled for you to go in next week to get your stitches out."

" I told her we would be there."

" What are you going to do today Snake?"

" I am staying home today."

" I am going to work here in the office until you are discharged by the doctor."

"And I am going to help you with the baby and make sure you get your rest Diane said looking at me."

Raylan called and said she will come over later to keep you company.

After an hour Raylan walked in the door.

"She sat down on the chair and asked how I was feeling."

" Better I said."

" I have been sleeping off and on."

"I have an appointment next week to have my stitches removed."

"I can't wait for that to happen."

" I hate them."

We talked for about an hour before she said she had to leave.

"She was going to talk to Max."

" Good luck."

" I hope you can settle your differences."

" I may have another reason for going to the club."

"And what would that be?"

" I might like Jammer."

" Really?"

" He is cute."

" And you know I love men with curly hair and tall."

" How long has this been going on?"

" Since you came home."

" I kind of go there and irritate the hell out of him."

I started laughing.


" Because he ignores me."

" I know he likes me."

" I see him watching me sometimes out of the side of my eyes."

" I can't wait to watch this."

" She winked at me and said see you later."

I watched her walk out of the room and then I looked back over at the TV. I must have dozed off because Snake was shaking me away.

"Grace it is time for supper."

I stood up and walked to the kitchen. I saw down as Diane sat a plate of beef & noodles, mashed potatoes, and green beans in front of me along with a cup of coffee.

I finished eating and said "I would help with dishes but Diane told me not go back and lay on the couch."

I was laying there when Snake walked in and lifted my head. He sat down and I laid my head on his lap.

He was playing with my hair. When Diane walked in and sat down in the chair across from us. We all watched a movie and when it ended Diane stood up kissed and hugged us and Angel before she walked out the door.

An hour later we walked up the stairs and put Angel in her bed. We went to our room got changed and went to bed ourselves. This was our routine for the next six weeks.

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