You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 21; Grace Is Given A Clean Bill Of Health

We just left the doctors office and both Snake and I are smiling.

I have a clean bill of health and can now resume sexual relations with Snake. I can also now take Angel to the club house and set up the fight with that bitch that slapped me at the party. I have felt the need to hit the gym again.

We arrived at the clubhouse and Snake lifted me down from the truck and unhooked Angeles car seat. After shutting the door he took my hand and we walked to the porch. After walking in we were circled by the members who could not see Angel. One of the members, who's woman is pregnant lifted Angel out of the seat and held her.

"She is so beautiful he said."

" He looked at me and said, we just found out we are having a girl in two months."

" They will grow up together and be good friends."

Just then that bitch walked over to Snake. She didn't see me standing there.

"Snake it is good to see you back in the club."
" But, I don't see a wife on your shirt tail."

I heard Snake growl.

"Get the fuck away from me Rhonda."

I turned and walked to Snakes side putting my arm around him.

"Rhonda you just don't seem to get the message do you?"

"By the way, I have not forgotten our date in the ring."

I watched her face go pale.

"Oh, did you think I forgot?"

" No, I just thought that it was a joke and Snake would not let you fight."

I threw my head back and laughed.

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

" Because you are so short."

" Well you might just want to rethink that."

" Rhonda I do not ever tell Grace when she can fight or who she can fight."

" You have one week to get ready Rhonda."

"But I don't know how to fight."

" That is not my problem."

" You will get in that ring or you will be thrown into it."

" The choice is yours."

" You have disrespected me more than once."

" First you dared to put your hands on me."

" Second you continue to approach my husband and that is not permitted."

"Be ready in one week."

" Or I will drag you by your hair and throw you into that ring myself."

" And don't think I can't or won't do it."

" You are going to be punished for your continued disrespect of the rules."

" Now, I would suggest you take your skinny ass back to the whores table where it belongs."

I watched as she walked over to the whores table and sat down. I grinned at her as she sat and glared at me. I grabbed Snakes cut and pulled him down toward me and kissed him.

"I then looked at a prospect and told him to bring me a cup of coffee with two creams. And it better be freshly made I told him."

I then pulled out a chair and sat down at the VIP table.I noticed that Angel was being passed around the members who made a big fuss over her. I noticed that as soon as Gunner walked in walked right over to the member holding her and lifted her into his arms. I saw Angel grab his beard and pull.

We started laughing at him as he yelped and tried to get her tiny little hands off his beard. Angel appeared to have a strong grip on his beard and didn't want to let go.

"She has a strong grip he yelled."

We were laughing our asses off as he continued to try to loosen her grip.

Finally he was able to get Angel to let go and he handed her to me. I sat holding Angel and when she fell asleep I put her in her car seat. We all sat talking in quiet voices and I listened to Snake and Max talk about the BBQ we were invited to at Jammers clubhouse in St. Marys, Ohio next month.

"Snake looked at me and said that Diane has volunteered to stay at the house and take care of Angel that weekend."

" By then Angel will be a few months old. I think it will be nice to attend the BBQ and meet Jammers club members I said."

" I am glad to hear that Grace."

" I don't want to go without you."

I walked to the kitchen and warmed up Angel's bottle. I lifted Angel from the car sheet and changed her diaper. I put it in a plastic bag and told the prospect to throw it in the trash. I then lifted her in my arms and started to feed her. After she finished the bottle she fell back to sleep.

"Snake looked at the clock and told Max that he was taking his woman and baby home."

We stood up and Snake lifted Angel's car seat off the table and took my hand.

"We will see you all later he said."

" I said goodbye as we walked out the door."

We arrived at the house and once inside Snake carried Angel up stairs and laid her in her bed. He carried the monitor down the steps and sat it on the table next to his chair. I was sitting on the couch next to him watching Law & Order.

"I looked at the clock and told Snake I was going to bed."

" I will be up in a few minutes he said."

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