You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 22: Grace's Surprise

I am in the middle of setting up a surprise birthday party for Grace. She has made cakes and given presents to the club members and now I want to give her a birthday party and cookout. She deserves one. The Valkyrie are helping with the cooking and baking the cake.

Grace loves chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream. My mom will be bringing Angle back here around 9:00 and Grace and I will stay the night at the clubhouse. I want everything to be perfect for her. I even have her gift hidden away. I got her the bike she has always wanted.

I ordered the whores to continue to stay away from me. And I want Grace to have a good time. She may be a mother but she is still able to party every now and then. I also plan on having my woman in bed tonight. I will do things to her I just dreamed about and have not done with her yet.

I turned the TV off and made sure the doors and windows were locked before heading upstairs. I walked in to see Grace laying on the bed naked. My cock sprang to attention. We have not made love for six weeks. I shut the light off leaving the bedside lamps on.

I took my shirt off and threw it. I then kicked my boots off and walked over to the bed. I grabbed her ankle and pulled her toward me. I reached down and rubbed my fingers along her slit before I stuck one finger inside her while rubbing her clit.

I heard her moan. I leaned down and proceeded to suck and lick her until she went over the edge. I had undressed and placed my cock at her entrance. I slowly pushed inside her. She grabbed my ass and pushed herself on my cock and wrapped her legs around me.

I refused to move fast and she moaned and begged me to move faster and then I hit her G-spot over and over until she clenched around my cock and sucked me dry. I rolled over still inside her and she lay on top of me. Soon she was riding me and I gripped her hips and shoved myself as far inside as I could get.

That night I made love to her with her gripping the headboard as I pounded in and out of her. I had her screaming my name over and over that night. For the first time Angel slept until morning.

In the morning we took a shower making love again. That's why it took longer than normal. We dressed then went to bath Angel and change her clothes. While I cooked breakfast Snake fed Angel. I kissed Snake goodbye as he was going to the club to work at the garage.

Later that day I put Angel in the car and went grocery shopping. I was in line when I looked out the window and frowned. I saw Snake walking with a woman into the jewelry store.

"I took a picture of them."

I sat in the car and text Snake.

"How are things going at the garage I asked him?"

" Busy. I will be late getting home."

I stopped talking to him. I drove home and carried Angel into the house.

"I forward the picture to Diane and said,"

" Snake is on my shit list."

" I don't know who this woman is but you might want to find out."

"I called Raylan and sent it to her too."

I heard a knock on the door. I saw an angry Raylan standing there. She walked in and looked at me.

"Does he know you saw him with that woman?"

" Not yet."

" Then don't tell him."

" Why not."

She took my phone from me.

"She sent the text to Max. Just who is this woman. I saw them today walk into the jewelry store together?"

" Is this the whore he had sex with?"

" I won't leave but I won't have him in my bed again."

" Tell him I will do my duty as his wife and second in command of the club but, I will never trust him again."

I looked closer at the picture. I gasped.

"What, Raylan asked?"

" That is my cousin Tana."

I read what Raylan wrote.

"Now let's move your things out of his bedroom to your own."

We walked up the stairs and I moved my things with Raylan's help across from Angel's bedroom.

"I was hurting. He was holding my cousin's hand. If he wants her so be it."

I decided he was not going to have sex with me again. I don't know if that whore is giving him STD's. I received a text from Max.

"Please listen to Snake before you do something you will regret."

" I won't regret anything."

" I am not the one doing the lying."

" And that whore is my cousin Tana."

"He is in a fucking jewlery store with Tana, my cousin who he had sex with, holding her hand."

" He is the one that should regret lying."

" I told him not to take that whore with him."

" What I don't understand is why he is holding her hand."

I called the jewelry store and talked to the sales woman.

"What can I help you with Grace?"

" I want the truth and don't lie to me."

" If you do, I will come down there and drag you out of that store by your hair."

" I saw Snake with my cousin enter your store today."

" I want to know what he bought her?"

"Grace, I don't want any trouble."

" You won't have any if you tell me the truth."

" I am on my way there."

"Raylan was going to watch Angel for me. I drove to the store and walked in. I looked at the sales woman. She shoved two receipts toward me.

"Show me the necklace he bought."

It was a heart. I saw what he had engraved on it on the receipt.

"I want copies of those."

I took a picture of it.

" Who is the other one for?"

I saw her swallow.

"It is a wedding ring set."

" Show me."

I took a picture of it too. I took the copies of the receipt and stepped out of the shop.

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