You Took What Is His Series: Book 2: Snake

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Chapter 23: Snake is caught

I had just opened my car door when I saw Snake walk out of the restaurant and kiss the Tana. I gasped he turned and looked at me.

"Snake, that's Grace,"

" I thought she was missing."

" I am back Tana, and I am his wife but not for long."

I got into my car and started backing up. I heard him yelling my name.

"Fuck he said."

I turned and looked at Tana.

"You never intended on claiming me did you?"

" No. Never."

" That's why you keep me at the cabin. A secret."

" What about our child."

" She is the oldest and will become president right?"

" No, she is not the oldest."

" I have a daughter named Angel."

" And even if your child was the oldest your children from me will never become a member of the club."

"You are a bastard Snake."

" You tell me you love Grace."

" Wait, that was Grace?"

" Yes, that is Grace."

" Don't bother seeing me again Snake."

" I am taking my daughter and leaving town I am going back home."

" I knew Grace is my cousin."

We didn't know each other that well.

"Isn't that just great."

" My daughter and Grace's are half sisters."

My phone was ringing.

"It was Diane."

" Grace that woman is not a whore."

" She is your cousin Tana."

" Snake is having sex with my cousin."

" Not only that. They have a one month old daughter."

"He lied to me Diane."

" He is with her right now."

" I saw them kissing."

" I will not put up with that."

" He thinks he can have me and fuck my cousin."

" Not happening."

" I will let him fuck her Diane."

" But I will not let him divorce me."

" I also will no longer have sex with him."

"I am going to make his life hell."

" He should never have done that shit to me."

" He continues to lie to me."

" He is going to pay for that and more."

I hung the phone up on Diane.

"I called my cousin B.J. I told him I need him."

" I told him what Snake had done."

" I told him I want to make Snake pay for what he has done."

"I told B.J. that Snake got our cousin pregnant and they have a one month old daughter."

" I told him he said that he was not seeing her but I caught them together."

B.J. laughed.

"Snake will wish he had not continued to lie to you let alone sleep with Tana and get her pregnant."

I arrived at the house. I got out and walked in. I showed Raylan the receipts and pictures. The one of them kissing. Raylan is computer smart. She uploaded everything and printed it all out. She made enough copies to post all over the club walls.

We set up where I would ask Snake when he was going to give Grace her new wedding rings. If he says he doesn't know what I am talking about Grace will go from table to table and set the pictures in front of the club members.

I will then throw everything on the table in front of Snake. Oh, so you bought a wedding ring set for my cousin who you have been fucking and got pregnant. And I know she has a one month old daughter. I then will say. That is you holding my cousins had walking into the jewelry store. That is the receipt of what you bought that day. And this is you kissing her isn't it?

I am then going to look at Snake and tell him. I refuse to give you a divorce. I am the one you cheated on and continues to cheat on. I am going to make my cousin's life hell along with yours.

You will regret doing this shit to me. I will make sure that my cousin pays. I plan to go back to our home town. It is my right to hurt her per family law. Our family law. I am no longer going to be the nice person.

"Pack a suitcase Raylan."

" You, Angle, and I are going to visit my family."

" Time to make Tana pay."

" No more nice girl."

" I left a message for Max to tell Snake I will be back in a week."

" I was going home to visit my family."

I read what Grace said and yelled shit.

"She is going home to get her revenge."

I know how her family is. She has the evidence to hurt even kill Tana and her child. Dam Snake.

" He is not going to like this."

I saw Snake walk in and sit down.

"Snake she knows everything."

" She told me to tell you she is going home and will be back in a week."

I slowly looked at Max.

"She is only going home for one reason."

" She knows Tana is headed home."

" She has her proof of what Tana and you have done behind her back."

"She would not hurt Tana or the baby."

" Why else do you think she is headed home."

" That family does not play."

" Most likely she will send that baby to another country."

" As for Tana."

" I would hate to be her."

" She will leave Tana for you to still fuck but after she finishes with her you won't want to touch her."

"No, Grace is not like that."

" You have fucked Grace over one to ,any times."

" You don't think she would find out and do something about it?"

And Grace will have it video taped and she will send it to you.

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